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    What is Djokovic telling Nadal?

    What is being discussed here? Looks like Rafa is definitely listening at this moment in the picture
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    Jason Jung TTW GOAT defeated Tiafoe

    Wow huge win.for him. Should get him back close to breaking top 100 with that win. Beating querrey next will be a tall order tho Congrats!!!
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    Canadian doubles discussion

    Some stupid questions on candian doubles and who has the advantage at a pro level. All theoretical of course and means absolutely nothing. I guess in a one set match, since obviously if they played 3/5 the doubles team could have an advantage due to fatigue. Assume if they played 10 times who...
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    Uncle Toni’s speech and analysis if AO final

    Here is a picture of Toni talking about the AO final at RN Academy afterwards. Was anyone there? Is there a transcript or video? Curious to know what he said since he is in Nadal’s camp. (Technically not I know since this is his new job)
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    Serena vs Brooklyn Decker/Andy Roddick

    Checkout this lipsync battle preview later this week with Brooklyn Decker vs Serena. Should be a good one. Roddick looks crazy here!
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    Why does everyone say Murray is retiring?

    In his presser he left the door open for so much. He said he could get another operation, he said he hopes he will be back(after RBA match) m, he said he wants to play more etc. He left a ton of hedges. I know it sounds like he has trouble just walking let alone playing tennis but it sounds...
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    Jack Sock Nike shoe and clothing line

    So sock lost again but it looks like he doesnt lose any points since I think he lost last yr as well in 1R. Is Nike really gonna double down and give him an apparel line and shoe(Go Jack) when they wouldnt even give Federer 100M for 10 years? Very odd or maybe they want to suppory US players.
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    Which player studies the most film and uses advanced analytics

    Which player out there does the most film and analytics work(Ive heard on a few podcasts one w wertheim and courier that there are third parties that provide this) that some players use. I assume most wont know unless they are with some people on the tour or on tour itself. But I know some on...
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    Why is sportsmanship listed in Sock’s wiki?

    Is Jack Sock known for great sportsmanship? Why is it listed on his wikipedia page? He also has philanthropy listed? He played in one event where he had all expenses paid including a PJ to and from to Indian Wells. Do other guys have this listed? “...
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    Can we come up with a new nickname for Sock?

    Am sure we can start a good one at least on these boards. Im at a loss of ideas tho but calling him by his name just feels wrong.
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    The real reason Federer is skipping Saudi exo

    Here is the real reason Fed is skipping. He looks exactly like billiionaire prince alaweed who mbs jailed for 3 months earlier this year! (In like 25 yrs of course)
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    How many Wild Cards will Sock receive next year?

    If Sock loses to Thiem he will still have less than 600 points. That would put him in qualies for most 500+ tournaments. How many wild cards would he receive? Is he popular on tour? (I know DY wasnt but he recieved a ton of WCs) He had that snafu with the appearance fee but that was just one...
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    Wimbledon New Tie break rules

    Thoughts on the new 12-12 rules in the fifth set? Seems like this should be named after Isner. I would probably had preferred just the 6-6 rule and maybe make it a super tie break. Sorry know its old
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    Is injured Nadal better than healthy Nadal?

    Where is the evidence that a healthy Nadal is better. Everytime he has won he is injured. A healthy Nadal probably will take points off and try and not fight to get back into a match, his mentality will be completely different. Does anyone have the grand slams and master splits between injured...
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    Fed coaching Sasha

    Federer coaching Zverev. Link is IG its legit. Ok he just gave him three Grand Slams on that advice
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    No coaching Full Sequester on Rain Delays

    For all those no coaching proponents would you be up for a full sequester on rain delays. Because coaching does happen during delays and has changed the course of the match most famously Wimbeldon 08(altho Nadal claims in his book it didnt matter) and also the 91 FO when Jose Higueras told...
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    Why cant the coach be thrown out? Why punish the player

    So if a coach is caught coaching the only way for the ump to punish them is to punish the player why cant the ump just throw the coach out of the stands instead, just throw out the whole box. Isnt that so much better especially in the recent case because moratagulu said he was coaching but...
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    What was in the white box Jelena gave Djokovic?

    It was reported that during the match Jelena was able to give Djokovic a small white box Nole wouldnt answer questions as to what was in it. Does anyone know what could be there and has this ever happened? Is this within rules? My first guess would be his contacts lenses
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    Federer last US Open 2008 last French 2009

    So Federer will really end his career as has having won a French more recently than the US Open? I find that interesting. Of course in x years of whatever mew generation looks at this they wont remember the two Djokovic match points and also the del potro loss(altho he really had no chance in...
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    Rematch Stan vs Krygios “Kokkinakis banged.. “

    The rematch of the Kokkinakkis banged your GF match is on again and in Canada as well!! Draws are definitely rigged. This match should be televised with boom mics everywhere. In the end yeah it will prob be boring and civilized.
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    Why is it ok to ask your coach to use a challenge?

    If it is strictly no coaching then why do they allow a player to ask their box to challenge. I feel that they should allow coaching(bw sets) or not at all with all these challenges, signs,facial expressions, one way text messages to a device in their bag etc. I mean there is probably no way to...
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    The book on beating zverev

    So zverev suffers a ton vs pushers?? Is that the way to beat him? slice from both sides, lobs and just push the ball? Would he lose to santoro everytime? I guess it makes sense since his brother plays the same way and he probably has a subconcious mental block when playing him going back to...
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    What are the ways Wimbledon is different

    Does anyone have a full list of how Wimbledon is different from the other three slams? Ones I could think of -Attire needs to be all white -Seeding has historically been adjusted more than the other slams. Altho the other slams can do the same -Qualifiers are not played on site -Doubles is best...
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    Federer was only getting 7MM/yr from nike?

    Ive seen this in various sources if that is true we definitely cannot hate on him for going to quiqlo. Im not sure if he was just so vastly underpaid or that is the state of tennis. If tennis was a US only sport Id say the Nike contract is fair but other than that I think Fed was getting...
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    Jason Jung vs Paire

    Lets start a thread of TTW poster Jason Jung vs Paire. Does anyone have any idea on how he made it back as an LL? Did he have to rush back into the country? Turn the car around? etc? LL stories are always interesting. Especially ones where they almost miss the deadline to be back at the...
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    Feliciano Lopez Grand Slam record

    So if Lopez doesnt get hurt between now and next week he will have the consecutive grand slam record over Federer? Is that correct?
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    Stroke of genius John Werthiem

    Has anyone read this book centered around the 2008 Wimbledon final? would like to get TTW and all our lovely thoughts on this. Ive read all the top rated amazon reviews but dunno if I should spend to time to read. Does he mention that the 5th set was basically played in the dark? Or that...
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    Is Roger the only person to have...

    Is Roger the only person to have defended all his clay points two years in a row? Amazing stat.
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    Carlos Costa controls the weather for Nadal!

    Any chance Carlos Costa immediately started cloud seeding and made it rain over RG grounds once he went down a set? But seriously RG needs a roof and lights!
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    Cecchinato Match fixing?

    So this guy was found “guilty” of match fixing? So it appears there are second chances for first time offenders.