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  1. Raining hopes

    Federer vs Djokovic 2012 WB , and 2014-15 WB

    Please don't make this thread about which version was better , we have had 1000 threads about it. But I think it is unmistakably evident Federer's 2012 style and 2014-15 styles are way too different. Was watching some highlights of 2012 encounter. The first and foremost thing is that Federer...
  2. Raining hopes

    2004-07 Federer will have the same career as Dimitrov if he played in 2014 onwards

    Thank God he got better and peaked in 2014-15 else his previous versions won't even get to a slam final in this strong era.
  3. Raining hopes

    The best Djokovic on Grass may not have arrived yet

    He really has a chance of combining all of his best elements this year. He is showing hints of every component, They don't need to be as good as before but if he can bring together each of them he will be beyond formidable. That is he can really be more "whole" than ever at this year's WB...
  4. Raining hopes

    Djokovic 2016 SF vs Djokovic 2019 AO F

    Which impressed you more ?
  5. Raining hopes

    Novak Djokovic : Path to Godhood NCYGS no. 2

    Will he do it ? The Best of all time is coming to take what was his from the Great Spaniard Who will dare stand in hi path ? No more old Gods who can raise their swords like 2011 RG . Will the greatest clay player ever defend his throne ?
  6. Raining hopes

    Adjustments to not always mean improvement

    For a fortnight every one had been talking about Nadal's serve and attack. I kept telling myself that this adjustment was made because Rafa was no longer able to play the physical game. But I could see one major flaw : Nadal is not as natural an attacker as Federer or Djokovic.I kept telling...
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    Everything ends, this did too.

    At 5-5 in 4th set tiebreaker , Federer who always appeared effortless starts to grunt. It is apparent that the old man is trying really hard. He is tentative and it's showing. He tries to put in as much as he could, a loud uncharacteristic grunt accompanies his shots. And even after that the...
  8. Raining hopes

    Take a bow Lacoste

    Not a single bad outfit for Novak since the change, loving Lacoste's association with his return to the top. Nike is dire in comparison, Uniqlo too plain
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    Chris Kermode issue :Nadal was not consulted

    The council should have consulted with him at least. Source : metro
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    The best tennis quotes

    I didn't collect these it's from a thread from 2005 , Martina Hingis to Lindsay Davenport, after winning the coin toss, and being given the choice to serve or let her opponent serve first. "Do you want me to hold, or break you first?" "Experience is a great advantage. The problem is that...
  11. Raining hopes

    Nadal's dropshots in 2018

    In the channel(Rg-WB )swing , he really used it quite well and used it very often . Along with going for the kill with his BH, I think this change really helped him to do well in April -july stretch. What else should the great Bull add/change in his game to keep up with his age ?
  12. Raining hopes

    I am now officially team Thiem

    This man's work ethic inspires me. Watched some of his videos on his channel, he appears to be a very down to earth individual too.Not to mention I will die to hit my single hander BH like that. His FH and movement are made for clay. So what do you see him achieving in 2019 ? RG may not be...
  13. Raining hopes

    Your worst possible tennis related nightmare ?

    That is what will truly make you lose belief and interest in the sports as a whole or what are you most afraid of in a tennis related scenario. For me if it ever comes to light that either of Federer or Djokovic were doping at any point of their career Slams becoming bo3. Too much...
  14. Raining hopes

    The one time the twinner really hurt Federer

    TBH , it was pretty well hit lob from Safin. And he was there at the net ready for any kind of response.But I always thought that had Federer gone for a FH, there was a small chance that Safin wouldn't have done enough on the reply. Also dislike the way how some remembers this as Safin...
  15. Raining hopes

    The Novak collection.

    Let's collect Novak's gems here,not necessarily the matches he won Against Stepanek at USO 2007 Against Ferrer in Australian Open 2013 Against Rafa at Hamburg 2008 Against Monfils in 2011 Continued..
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    How is Stan The Man doing these days ?

    Any updates ?
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    The 5 tennis moments you will always remember..

    For me 1. Fred jumps into the air as Roddick's forehand goes long, Vijay Amritraj screams in the background "And Federer has it ! Federer has it !!" 2. Djokovic stands with his arms raised , having just outlasted Nadal in a punishing rally . The commentator chimes in " It has only pushed...
  18. Raining hopes

    Peak Fraudery

    1. In 2011 Nadal suddenly didn't play as well on clay ,grass ,HC and in RG,USO,WB as he did just the year before. No it wasn't the competition or peak Djokovic, he just declined. But 2008 Federer was PEAK. I am telling you 2008 was his ABSOLUTE peak. The competition got better and Peak Nadal...
  19. Raining hopes

    2005 Federer vs 2006 Federer

    Am I the only one who maintains that as a player Federer was better in 2005 than 2006 ? Even results wise only the only difference was that Fraud chose to showboat on match point against Safin and injured himself in indoor season(was on crutches just a week before YEC) I daresay his highest...
  20. Raining hopes

    2008 RG Nadal vs Nadal of 2010s

    Well this is actually interesting, for me 2008 RG is the best ever level for any player , let alone Nadal. I have never seen anyone play like that but am I being Nostalgic only? As it seems many people don't think so. So if 2008 Nadal were to meet 2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2017,2018(all...
  21. Raining hopes

    Anyone had a unexplained /paranormal experience ?

    No we won't call you a wacko. For me,From another thread
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    For those who don't remember , this is what Peak Roddick FH looked like

    And how Peak Roddick played Overrating aside, I had never seen this one and I have only seen some highlights, Pretty impressed. Going to watch it if I find it, if someone can help me with that thank you in advance.
  23. Raining hopes

    Why Nadal owes his RG success to Federer

    Fraud is actually The tennis God himself , he just wanted to enjoy playing tennis as a mere mortal so he took the form of swiss boy. But since he was already invincible(well duh, he is a god) he thought his identity would be too easy to guess. He then fell into deep thought. Once thinking, he...
  24. Raining hopes

    The first set of Djokovic Federer 2011 USO

    Probably the best set of tennis I have seen , killer ball striking . The same year's final had an had a very good 3rd set but this one is my choice.
  25. Raining hopes

    When you hear their names, which image/version of the tennis player pops up first in your mind ?

    Basically asking which paricular version you associate with them instinctively. For example Federer in 2005 WB outfit or 2009 WB( the one with the golden collar edges) , come to mind when I hear his name at a place I don't expect to. Nadal is forever etched in my brain as the pirate pant...
  26. Raining hopes

    When people take Tennis forums too seriously

    Hilarity of epic proportions ensues Here's MTF's (The dark distant and strange cousin of TTW) master Yoda expressing his disappointment of his return appeal being rejected. Another one from same genious , the guy who dreamt of making every country "Appreciate Djokovic more"
  27. Raining hopes

    DC Fans Tell me the best animated movies to watch.

    Watched Death of Superman(2018) Absolutely blown away . Beautiful and emotional . Supes is just too great a character and his godlike nature here wasn't such a obstacle to the story, in fact it made everything all more poignant. Recommended to anyone who likes anything with DC in it. Also...
  28. Raining hopes

    Any new update about Murray ?

    He may or may not be an ATG but the Tour just doesn't feel the same without him.
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    AO 2009 F : Federer vs Nadal

    This is probably my 5th thread about this match but that's because it is so damn good. I recently have just started to play tennis and that brings a whole new appreciation for this match. The Federer FH is just a thing a of beauty, he just was playing so so well. Still breaks me to know he...