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  1. tennytive

    Stephen Rudzinski is an excellent buyer.

    Great communication, immediate payment, perfect transaction. Deal with confidence. A++
  2. tennytive

    Anyone else pre stretch their laces?

    I was replacing the laces in my T22 Lites but when I got to the top the laces barely stuck out enough to tie them. I always weave one ahead, being careful not to twist the laces as I go, and only pull by hand, never with a lace puller like I used to use with skates. I thought maybe I bought...
  3. tennytive

    Graphene Speed Pro, one piece or two?

    I have a brand new Speed Pro that one of my hitting partners just gave me to string. He told me it doesn't matter to him whether it's a one piece or two piece job. It's an 18 by 20 pattern that starts at the head. I would normally use a one piece if it was my racket, but since it's his and...
  4. tennytive

    Nike City Court VII Men's tennis shoes, size 10

    White, black, and red swoosh. Size 10. Condition is 9.49. I wore them around town to break in, then played one session (three sets) indoors, but my feet slid around too much and I got blisters. Haven't used them since, so they're in excellent condition, but not new. MSRP $60. Yours for $35...
  5. tennytive

    Badminton racket stringing experts to my rescue please.

    Playing badminton today, I looked at my racket after the point was over and noticed I broke my strings. How could that happen to 45 year old strings in a Wilson Zephyr steel shafted wooden racket left out in the garage for decades that must have cost $2.00 back in the 60's when my dad bought it...
  6. tennytive

    Prince 9 pack racket bag

    Item: Prince black and yellow 9 pack bag. 2 side pockets can hold 3 rackets, and huge middle compartment holds more rackets or all your other gear. Shoe pocket with zipper on bottom which I used for cans of balls instead. Lots of accessory pockets for keys, wallet, phone etc. Quantity: 1...
  7. tennytive

    Thank you ford oliver!

    I had posted in the dampener trading thread for the rare and elusive yellow tennis ball dampener. Almost forgot about it when ford oliver emailed me saying he had one and would send it off to me. He wouldn't even take anything in return, sent it on his dime out the goodness of his heart...
  8. tennytive

    Nike Heritage 86 Black Cap w/White Swoosh

    Looking for one of these lightweight caps in black with the smaller white swoosh. (Inch and a half) The words DRI FIT are embroidered in black on the left temple. Please let me know if you have one you are willing to part with. Thanks for looking.
  9. tennytive

    Blacked out POG 90 4 stripe, L4, 7/10, $55. CONUS

    Prince Graphite 90 four stripe model that's been "blacked out" (painted). Very good condition with no cracks or structural damage, only cosmetic scratches etc, (which can be painted over again.) :) Approximately 12.3 oz. and 8/9 pts HL. Head calfskin leather grip with new Yonex Supergrap over...
  10. tennytive

    MacEnroe paintings

    Did these for fun many years back. Were part of an "Art as Sport as Art" exhibit at the former Erie Street Gallery in the River North section of Chicago. The night of the artists' reception it snowed double digit inches, so only one friend I invited was able to attend. It was a fun event...
  11. tennytive

    The Sore Thumbs Club

    I'm a member. Saturday I thought I would replace the CAP grommets on one of my Prestige Pros. I figured it should take me 20 minutes tops if I took my time. It ended up taking well over an hour because of the stops, starts and do overs. First of all, the old ones did not want to come...
  12. tennytive

    A shot of whiskey every morning…

    and he lived to be 94! I've heard this anecdote several times, and wonder to myself if there is anything to it. According to "legend" the whiskey tasted more like rocket fuel, and was only taken once in the morning before eating anything. Does anyone subscribe to this or know of any...
  13. tennytive

    efete is a world class buyer!

    Thanks to efete, I was able to sell and ship two of my rackets all the way to Santiago Chile! He helped facilitate the international deal by using a shipping service in Miami to send him the rackets, allowing me to keep to my shipping to CONUS only policy. Communication was ongoing and...
  14. tennytive

    ardew is an excellent buyer!

    Smooth and pleasant transaction with ardew. Great communication, instant payment, and pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended. :)
  15. tennytive

    FS: 1987 POG Oversize 4 stripe, L4, 7.5/10 w/suede cover, $60 CONUS

    1987 4 stripe Prince Graphite Oversize made in China. Bumper shows expected wear, and there are minor markings along the frame in some areas. Esitimated condition is 7.5. Nylon 16g strings@66. Leather grip under Tourna tac OG. 12.5 oz strung, 8/9 points HL. Matching suede case and new grommets...
  16. tennytive

    F/S: POG Longbody 100 x 2 L4, L5, cut down to 27" with lead.

    I have 2 POG Longbody rackets for sale. Both cut down to 27" and lead added to each. Both come with new overgrips over leather. 1. L4 Prince leather grip. Lead @ 3, 9, and 12, best guess is 11 grams split between 3 and 9 as it came this way when I bought it. I added 2 grams at 12. Weighs just...
  17. tennytive

    This can't be right.

    Saw this in a CL ad. (Chicago) "Blackburne DS 107 "Double + Strung" After being outlawed for several years, the Blackburne DS is now "Approved" by the International Tennis Federation and United States Tennis Association for play by amateurs and professionals in all tournaments and...
  18. tennytive

    POG 110 OS 4 stripe, L4, 7.5/10, $50 to CONUS

    POG 4 stripe 110 (same as oversize) in 7.5 condition. Some cosmetic wear is evident from normal play/racket age, but no structural issues. Bumper and grommets replaced, butt cap replaced, old grip replaced with Head leather and new Tourna Grip OG. L4 grip size. 12.4 oz strung with Forten...
  19. tennytive

    geese_com is an excellent seller!

    I bought a racket from geese_com on Friday and had it in my hands on Monday! Great communication, lightning fast shipping and secure packaging. Racket arrived in great shape as described. Thanks again for a perfect transaction.
  20. tennytive

    F/S Prince Original Graphite 110, 4 stripe, L4 7/10 $50 CONUS

    1987 POG 110 bought from fellow TW member for my neighbor in summer of 2011. He played with it a while, then decided to go back to his Pro Staffs. Grip is 4 1/2 original leather with tourna-tac OG. Dunlop butt cap was cracked, so I replaced it with an Alpha cap I had on hand so he wouldn't have...
  21. tennytive

    Mixtery is a great seller!

    Racket as described. Excellent communication, clear pics. Fast shipping and well protected packing. As good as it gets. Thanks for a smooth and easy transaction.
  22. tennytive

    Bumper/Grommet set for POG 90?

    I see you have the Prince Graphite Original OS set, but I need one for the mid. Have any idea when those will be available again? Thanks.
  23. tennytive

    Gamma string savers

    These were in a bag of odds and ends when I bought my stringing machine. 100 white string savers along with a black pry up tool in the Gamma packaging. $5.00 shipped first class in padded enveloped to CONTUS. Thanks for looking.
  24. tennytive

    Awkward tie off hole for last cross

    I've run into the same problem with a couple rackets… Wilson n4, and a Prince Air O. The last cross ties off at 11B which practically intersects the outside main. This leaves almost no room to tie off without rubbing against that main. I attempted a pro knot which lies under the main, but I...
  25. tennytive

    Is cardboard the new plastic?

    Now that we have a bicycle made of cardboard, how long before we're playing tennis with cardboard rackets? What's next? Cardboard cars, boats, houses? If you buy one of these bicycles, does it ship in a cardboard box? Lots of great possibilities for this technology, but leave rackets...
  26. tennytive

    Losing a step…

    per decade… would that make any sense? How many years go by before you start to notice you're one step away from that ball you used to get to easily? When I was 22 I could run down any ball with no problem. Now, over 40 years later, I see the ball and think I can get to it only to fall short...
  27. tennytive

    You know you've done a perfect job when…

    Your customer picks up his racket and uses it to beat you 6-2, 6-1, 6-1 and does it without seeming to break a sweat. Worst beat down I can remember in a looong time, every thing that could possibly go his way did so. We've hit before and it was a lot more even. When we finished, I told...
  28. tennytive

    Second serve hits ball in service box. My point?

    Maybe this has been discussed already, but I couldn't find it. I'm serving. First serve is long and receiver lets the ball remain in his service box. I look at his partner to see if he's going to clear the ball but he leaves it there. Second serve hits the ball lying in the service box. We...
  29. tennytive

    U.S. Open

    When top pro golfers are made to look like rank amateurs, that has to be one of, if not the toughest, golf courses I've ever seen for a major tournament. Tee shots off the fairway. Second shots into the sand. Sand shots to five feet away from the cup. Two putt. Insane amount of short putts...
  30. tennytive

    My Jack Kramer Autograph "Racquetball" racket!

    This racket was too heavy for me anyway, so I decided to cut it down and see if it would work for racquetball. After carefully sawing it in two, I was able to fit a small dowel rod between the throat and handle for more stability. The ribbon covers up the cut perfectly. Used regular wood glue...