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    Alpha Accuswing 2

    I've exchanged emails with alibaba and they will not ship to USA. Having a couple of racquets (unstrung, no grip) that I know the exact swing weight of, I can tell you the "Stringway sw advisor system" works (see section SW Calculator) All you need is an accurate scale, small surface supports...
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    Babolat Star 5 or Prince 5000

    Regarding the Star 5 Read post #17 in this thread closely and consider the implications for both long term ownership, and the ability to resell should you want to a few years from now
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    ***Stringway Machine Users Club***

    I am a proud member of the Stringway Users Club. I recognize that Fred (Technatic) posting on the boards might seem (to those who are not fully on board with Stringway's approach) like self promotion. I say any company/individual who is offering to manufacture a piece for a machine built and...
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    I want to buy a stringing machine which one is the best and why?

    Based on the info that you are a novice I will offer the following: 1st) there is no universally accepted #1 stringing machine 2nd) read and watch ALL threads included here (Stringing Techniques/Machines Sticky) good luck
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    I don't want to overstate, but Gut/Poly will cure all your life problems.

    Try Wilson Revolve (not spin) as a cross. I have been impressed with the longevity (combined w Lux 1.25 gut in mains) I have access to a Babolat RDC, a Stringlab2 or a JET tension Analyzer to check string bed tension. I have seen minimal changes since the initial 5% drop. Currently down just 7...
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    FS: (2) Dunlop Biomimetic F3.0 Tour L3

    Pictures are available, pm or email me Price drop to $80 delivered
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    FS: (2) Dunlop Biomimetic 200Tour L3

    Lowered price $80/pair delivered within 48 states
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    FS: a pair of Boris Becker Melbourne (L4)

    Price drop $80 for pair (shipped to lower 48 states)
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    Debut of New Racquet Finder

    Just my $.02, the racquet finder "tool" is very much appreciated, particularly for it's info on older racquets. Looking forward to it's resurrection.
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    posted wo comment

    because I wanted to share with others who are interested in all things "stringing" low tech stringing Marco
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    WTB: Yonex VCore Tour G L3 (310)

    WTB: a Yonex VCore Tour G (310) L3 or L2 (Orange version 16 x 20 string pattern) pm or email gios DOT torino AT verizon DOT net thanks Marco
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    Luxilon gut sale?

    Lux Gut no longer a TW item and it appears that it has been discontinued. Once again me and the "marketplace" are in disagreement.
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    WTB: ---- Angell TC95 ----

    RA ? String pattern ?
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    The Angell TC 90 thread

    So this post has me considering trying an extended length but I am unsure as to if I would need to adjust balance point (310mm). Ie if on a 27" my spec is 320 static weight, 310mm balance point (which I fine tune with TW Tungsten Putty), would I still go with the 310 balance point ?
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    WTB: Angell TC 90 V3

    still looking for this
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    Someone referenced post(s) on the Kev/Zx high tension differential set up when used in a mid size frame. I tried the search feature but must be using wrong key words. Thread and post numbers ?
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    The Angell TC 90 thread

    I was curious about lower RA (and somewhat tighter string pattern and a box beam) so I purchased a blacked out Pro Staff 90 (pro stock ?) Specs (with lead tape added) 345g static weight, 312 swing weight, unstrung flex (on Babolat RDC) of 55. Very "buttery" feel. I missed the access to easy...
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    The Angell TC 90 thread

    I don't normally create threads here on Talk Tennis. My thought in starting this one was that I would, every now and then, add a comment on the TC 90. (Most likely after winning a match :) Don't be afraid of the 90 head size ! As a reference, inside dimensions for the original PS 6.1 (16/18)...
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    The Angell TC 90 thread

    I am aware that there is a long running, extended thread on Angell racquets BUT there is not enough talk about the TC 90. I made the switch to the TC 90 about a year ago after spending 10 months fiddling with Pro Staff 6.1 (the original) and various Dunlop/Slazenger derivatives. For too long I...
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    For Sale: 1 Stand Mounted Ektelon H String machine 7/10

    Eketelon H has been sold thanks e**y
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    wanted: Angell TC 100 V3 L3 Grip shape B

    WTB: Angell TC 100 V3 100 L3 grip shape B. Prefer Synthetic grip but can work with leather 300g weight, 325mm balance point PM me or email gios DOT torino AT verizon DOT net thanks Marco
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    In the last two weeks I have turned two players onto the Kev/Zx hybrid (with pre stretch and differential). In both cases I asked for feedback with the promise I would restring with whatever their favorite set up prior was. They both really liked it, no restringing. Then a guest at my house, a D...
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    Synthetic gut Mains / Polyester Crosses Club

    I was a syn gut mains poly cross player for about 18 months. I felt it was a poor man's champion's choice. I used a thin gauge (1.2) round poly in the cross. I preferred a 16 (1.3) gauge syn gut over a 17 (1.25) syn gut in the mains. For a firm feel try Pro Supex Spiral Flex. For a ,more "fat"...
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    For Sale: 1 Stand Mounted Ektelon H String machine 7/10

    Revised price is $450, buyer pays all shipping cost
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    Stringway Stringing Machines: Stay Away from this Company

    for an alternative view of this story PM me (the seller of the used EM450) short version I now own two Stringway machines, a ML 200 and a ML 100
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    TC 90 V3 is a sweet stick. I played a TC95 63 ra for 6 months, and I have lower ra racquets in my collection as well (including a blacked out pro stock Pro Staff 90 the measures out at 54 ra) They sit unused.
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    For Sale: 1 Stand Mounted Ektelon H String machine 7/10

    I will split shipping and throw in some partial reels of string I would like to find a new home for this war horse !
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    WTB: Angell TC 90 V3

    WTB: Angell TC90 V3 (only) 27" long, 320/310 Type B grip w leather preferred but I may be able to work with other options racquet must be clean without chips I have TC 95 16/19 or 18/20 to trade or can be a cash deal PM or email ( giosDOTtorinoATverizonDOTnet ) thanks Marco
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    57# mains 41# crosses This is in a mid size frame (90) 16 x 18 pattern The tie off for the cross is on the 16th cross and very close to 8th main. Normally I use a starting clamp to give me a grip to pull knots. With Zyex, I can't do that. I'll try a parnell knot next time.
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    I recently made the switch to Kev/Zx hybrid, coming from syn gut/poly (which I had been using for 2 plus years). I use a Babolat RDC to check dynamic tension coming off the stringer, then check it periodically. This way I figured out what DT reading was my "sweet spot". I felt I had the poor...