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    YouTuber matchup Sam v Tim - NTRP 4.5 California vs Texas?

    Agreed, there's a lot to like about the way both of them play. I would second that the chip returns didn't seem to be particularly effective against him, but when you sliced as part of rallies that worked out. (Note: I didn't get to watch the whole thing). Thanks for posting, good video.
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    What is your motivation to play in 2019 ?

    Moderation in all things remains good advice. If you're trying to change everything about your game at once, you're going to have a terrible experience. You should focus on a few key things. There are so many variables in play during a tennis point that sometimes you can do everything correctly...
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    Anyone Else Love Playing Doubles?

    Absolutely. I've never had as much fun winning a singles match as a doubles match. There's something more rewarding for me to win with a partner. Doubles tends to have a quicker "pace of play", which can be terribly frustrating if you're off your game, but I prefer it to the sometimes glacial...
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    Important point, opponent makes a grunt/noise that sounds like out call and throws you off. Any rules?

    There is a rule. Note: This is different than 'talking' during a point. I don't always grunt during play, but I have noticed myself making noise when I go for a big shot. I've never had someone accuse me of sounding like I called it out, but that wouldn't typically fit the profile of the...
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    Switching Receiving Sides for Match Tiebreak: We Need to Keep Track of This

    This is where I'm going to fall with this discussion. I spend upwards of 3/4 my matches on the same side. My partner and I are playing where we are because it's the optimal positions for us as a team. I definitely wouldn't be willing to try switching for a third set tiebreaker because I think...
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    Official changes format DURING a match??? Is this allowed?

    Agreed. The format is outlined prior to the tournament, and if there's any deviation from that you should be informed by tournament staff. Frankly I would've talked to my opponent to try and do that anyway. We can agree on a score to report after we're done, but we're playing this out the way...
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    Losing slump.

    It's also a good physical release. By shrugging your shoulders you can "encourage" your muscles to relax if you've been subconsciously tightening them up.
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    Tennis Record site, out of business?

    Similar situation for me. It's now updated from 3.51 to 4.0006. They're obviously working through some issues :)
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    Tennis Record site, out of business?

    TennisRecord is an exceptionally well designed site with a lot of data mined from the USTA. If you wanted to get the same information from the hot mess that USTA runs you'd have to pull it down yourself, and that's no fun. I'm not sure I buy into the larger argument that sites like TR are...
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    Who changes the score card things on the side of the court?

    I see you're making a distinction here, but it's not a meaningful one for me. I know the score, and where it shows up is immaterial. Scorecards are normally used in tournament and league playoffs. If you don't play them, and you didn't play as a kid where they're used for all school matches I...
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    How long until line calls are automated for ordinary league play?

    Well, the problem with this discussion is that we're talking about a theoretical solution. I could envision a system with red/green LEDs on both sides that wouldn't need audio cues, and that would mitigate the concerns about sounds. Even if you wouldn't immediately notice it (and it seems...
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    Prize Money for Local Tournaments?

    One of the difficulties is striking the balance between your prizes and people who will play. You want to attract good talent, but as the prizes go up you can discourage players who worry they won't be able to compete. It's not as simple as increasing money to get more people. What the increase...
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    Any other USTA Captains do this?

    No hype video, and you call yourself a captain? Shameful.
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    Line Ball cheating

    On the subject of "call line balling" I find the best tactic is to alternate between calling clearly out balls in and clearly in balls out. This will mentally destabilize your opponent allowing you to take not only the victory on the court, but the prize as grand champion of tennis!
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    When is a Bad call a Bad call

    Too much text to risk it, I will have to assume not.
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    Court weighting in the round robin at nationals.

    In defense of the USTA, this is undoubtedly a large part of why they're so reluctant to make changes. People are creative, and no matter how much thought you put into something there will likely unexpected results. And with the way information is disseminated today that knowledge spreads faster...
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    How to pair doubles team?

    That was something I particularly enjoyed. Your report proved a point I had suspected about a couple people I'd played with. They have debated, sometimes contentiously, who makes up the better doubles team. The first partner is more of a conventional fit with me, but the second partner and I...
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    Court weighting in the round robin at nationals.

    The idea of "straight up" isn't something that the USTA mandates. I don't think they perceive it as a problem, nor do I. You could make a decent argument that the current format offers the widest offering of lineup strategy. While weighting introduces different options, as @schmke noted, it...
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    Court weighting in the round robin at nationals.

    Weighting is "fun" from a strategic sense, but in rating-limited formats it isn't logical to me.
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    Appealing a Grievance to Nationals?

    Don't waste your time and money. :rolleyes:
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    Gender Neutral NTRP

    I may be misunderstanding you here, but TennisLink does at least *some* check when people register for teams because it's looking at NTRP. I would expect it uses other basic filtering like gender, but it's the USTA...
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    TLS Rating vs Tennisrecords

    It's more effort than I'm willing to put in to do a comparison. The blunt tool I can think of would be using who was bumped up/down, checking their deviation from that minimal expectation, and seeing how it lines up. While I'm a defender of the aggregate value these sites provide, I'm well...
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    Gender Neutral NTRP

    Those aren't the people to worry about. Former college players are well aware of the options for organized tennis play, and there aren't that many of them (relatively). At any given time there are roughly 250,000 high schoolers participating in tennis in the US. Only 5% of them will go on to...
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    Gender Neutral NTRP

    Agreed. I think this is why pairing a mixed league with efforts to recruit younger, new players is a good starting point.
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    How to pair doubles team?

    I'd definitely want to know more about their return of serve before I ever constructed a lineup. That said with the information I have, I would put B&C #1 and A&D #2. A strong kick serve that's consistent is a bigger weapon in doubles than less accurate bombs. So I have to think B is actually...
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    Playing as "stronger" partner and opponents target your partner

    Great point. One of the challenging things about tennis is sometimes you can do everything "right" and still lose the point. It's even more deflating when you are struggling but can't get the win. I know for me that kind of positive feedback is the most meaningful. It has the added benefit of...
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    Southern Rule Change

    It's a tough call. You've got people like him who are negatively affected, and the USTA is throwing out potentially meaningful data points. The counter is that someone who wants to sandbag for league play only has the entry cost of a tournament as their roadblock. No impact to your team, just...
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    Why are there more 4.0s than 3.0s?

    I don't believe they've had 3.0 leagues for men in our area for several years. I imagine this would push new players to self-rate into the lowest available league. Otherwise they'll have to find a "pickup group", and that's harder for a "new" player. This is problematic for a few reasons, but as...
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    USTA players decreasing in number.

    Eek, if that isn't like a "tennis cardio" class I'm not sure what purpose the pro is providing with 12 people. Agreed. If they're good, I could see pulling off 6, but there'd still need to be some "active" component in between shots to keep it lively. I really get a lot out of drilling, but I'd...
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    2.5 Entering 4.0 Tournament!

    Was there a lower rating draw? If so, I'd like to see the tournament director guide them into that instead of playing wildly out of their skill level. I'm not sure what their authority is for "restricting" someone from playing too far out of reality.