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  1. Raul_SJ

    Latest Colonoscopy Guidelines

    Is Primary Care Doctor supposed to bring this up with you? Or do you need to bring it up? I have a good Primary Doctor but he never brings it up. He asks me whether I've got flu shots, etc, but nothing about Colonoscopy. :unsure: The American Cancer Society has published new guidelines on...
  2. Raul_SJ

    How to break habit of changing grips on volleys instead of staying with Continental grip?

    Ideally, you want the same grip on backhand and forehand volleys, if you want to advance to higher levels of play. But it is hard to break the habit.
  3. Raul_SJ

    Physics Question -- Throwing A Tennis Ball

    Lets assume distance from baseline to baseline is 80 feet. And there is a 10 foot back fence 20 feet behind the baseline. A six foot tall man standing at the baseline throws a tennis ball that lands at bottom of the fence. Total distance of throw = 100 feet. If his goal is to clear the 10...
  4. Raul_SJ

    Julian Edelman appreciation thread.

    I have always rooted against NE but must finally acknowledge his greatness. Never seen a guy dominate as much as him. Especially given his small size. Just totally uncoverable as a slot receiver. Believe he played at San Mateo college and then Kent State. As a QB! And he returns kicks too...
  5. Raul_SJ

    Printer cartridge costs more than the printer.

    I bought the Cannon MG 3620 inkjet printer for $39. it comes with black and color cartridge. Now I have run out of ink. The black cartridge alone costs $50. Better to just buy a new printer with black and color cartridges for $39. :unsure:
  6. Raul_SJ

    Serena foot faulting on match point.

    How many millions of times has Serena practiced her serve? Yet she shockingly foot faults on match point. Nullifies a game-winning ace. :(
  7. Raul_SJ

    Worst traffic in the country?

    This has to be one of the worst commutes in the country. 680 North from Milpitas/San Jose towards Pleasanton. 1 hour 20 minutes to travel 10 miles. That is the normal rush hour commute. There is absolutely no mass transit option. I think I can walk faster. :(
  8. Raul_SJ

    Film of NYC in 1911. Amazing image quality.

    Film of New York City in the year 1911. This film was taken by the Swedish company Svenska Biografteatern on a trip to America.
  9. Raul_SJ

    Looking for the name of a tennis channel.

    YouTube video clip was posted here a few months ago but forgot to bookmark the thread and forgot the Youtube channel name. Coach was a young black guy. About age 20-25... Palm trees in the background I think...
  10. Raul_SJ

    Incorporating J-Toss Into The Service Motion.

    There are three tossing arm techniques: 1. Tossing arm roughly parallel to baseline (Federer, Karolovic, Sampras). This motion promotes great shoulder coil. Tough to toss inside the court. 2. Tossing arm roughly diagonal to baseline (Serena, Raonic). Promotes good shoulder coil. Easier to...
  11. Raul_SJ

    Huge 5 story surfing waves hit SF

    @LeeD is out there riding these! Huge storm waves coming to SF beaches threaten ‘certain death’ :(
  12. Raul_SJ

    Jeff Salzenstein: How to serve up the T

    Interesting notes: Even though he is a pro, Jeff still misses 6 feet to the left. (Now I don't feel so bad). Bit puzzling that he's serving pretty much full speed. Would have thought he would slow it down since he was missing. Jeff never mentions hitting the left/right side of the ball to go...
  13. Raul_SJ

    Head Break Point Shorts. Discontinued?

    Has Head decided to discontinue these? They were the best shorts I've ever seen. Only available in XL.
  14. Raul_SJ

    What is the objection to State Run Media?

    Isn't the BBC an example of State Run Media? BBC is a respected news organization. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service broadcaster. Its headquarters are at Broadcasting House in Westminster, London and it is the world's oldest national broadcasting...
  15. Raul_SJ

    Post Black Friday Deals Here.

    This is probably the best deal for Fitbit fitness watch. Regular $199. On sale for $149 PLUS you get $30 back in Kohls cash to spend...
  16. Raul_SJ

    Standing Quad Stretch. Can't quite get my heel to butt.

    Accidentally posted to Tips. Please delete or move to Health/Fitness. I am able to grab my ankle and I don't feel any pain but can't get my heel to butt. Was told by Doctor that I have tight hamstrings. Guess tight hamstrings is why I cannot go all the way? Just keep doing this stretch...
  17. Raul_SJ

    Is the Yonex stand bag the only standing bag available?

    Yonex stand bag: Is there anything similar to this Head standing bag?
  18. Raul_SJ

    Fitness watch not tracking heart rate accurately.

    Fitbit Versa. $199 Heart rate reading was pretty accurate when I went jogging. 80 to 130 bpm. It was 130 bpm at the bottom of the hill. As I climbed I know for sure I was well over 140 but the reading was still 130. This was supposed to be one of the better watches. Are other fitness...
  19. Raul_SJ

    Megyn Kelly Show is no more.

    I knew the show was doomed from Day 1. Among other things, she is just too good-looking. Average person cannot relate to her. Women are jealous of her. _ :(
  20. Raul_SJ

    Head Nitro Pro Tour Shoe I think this model is no longer sold? What is the closest to it?
  21. Raul_SJ

    Does Happy Hour start before official 1 p.m. time?

    I came upon the happy hour page a few minutes before 1:00 and it was already running. Some items sold out by 1:05. Does it start before 1:00 sometimes?
  22. Raul_SJ

    Coach Kyril's drop feed forehand progression: What is the purpose of tucked in elbow?

    This is Coach Kyril's forehand drill progression. He starts with the elbow tucked in, then progresses to eventually letting the elbow go. But I am not really clear on why the tucked elbow helps. He talks about spin and snap. Keep the elbow tucked in tight and we're going to hit topspin...
  23. Raul_SJ

    Total Recall: These People Remember Every Minute Of Their Lives.

    How do they do it? I can't even remember what happened two days ago. :( "I wore these red shoes October 18, 2007." o_O
  24. Raul_SJ

    Fixing Slight Waiter's Tray On The Way Down To Racquet Drop

    I had someone stand behind me to watch my serve. Wanted to verify that I drop on edge from trophy. When I do the shadow swing he said it looks fine. I get to trophy and drop on edge from trophy to racquet drop. When I toss he said there is a slight opening up into Waiter's Tray. I get to...
  25. Raul_SJ

    Promising Immunotherapy Treatments For Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma

    Gary Gilliland, president and director of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, explains non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It's a cancer that's caused by cells in our own immune system called B cells that may acquire mutations and proliferate and become cancer and it can spread throughout your body...
  26. Raul_SJ

    Is the Head Djok standing bag (or something similar) still being sold?

    I want a standing bag with the metal legs.
  27. Raul_SJ

    Throwing The Racquet Drill

    Video says you want to throw the racquet perfectly edge over edge.
  28. Raul_SJ

    New laptop is slow.

    I got a brand new laptop. Proceeded to browse a TT thread with no images or videos. The thread opened and loaded fine. But when I scrolled up/down I still got the momentary hourglass. :( Specs: Lenovo X131E 11.6" Laptop With AMD Dual Core Processor, 4GB Memory, 320GB Hard Drive and Windows 10
  29. Raul_SJ

    How to escape this choke hold?

  30. Raul_SJ

    Not placing the volleys. Just getting it back.

    Even on the medium pace volleys, I often just get it back and don't think about placement. The good players seem to be be a split second quicker mentally and think about where they're gonna place the volley and then place right in the opening. Need to figure out a way to be mentally quicker.