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    Hey Murray haters remember when..

    You guys said Djokovic was the favourite for title When you said Murray wasn't the best player on grass because he never had a Wimbledon title When you said Murray would never win Wimbledon because of his playstyle and that he couldn't compete with Federer, Nadal, Djokovic in this era...
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    B-b-b-but I thought Serve and Volley was dead lol

    That was some beautiful tennis from Sergiy from start to finish. Not once did he doubt his gameplan and with his brilliant execution it paid off when he saved the Set point down 5-6 in the 4th . By no means am I saying that S&V is back and a viable option in winning Wimbledon as that is a long...
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    You be the judge (What did Federer say to Murray??) Federer didn't look to pleased to be getting his behind kicked. I like how Murray shrugged it off with a smile he knows not to stoop to such levels and let his tennis do the talking.
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    Nadal surpassing #16 looks very possible

    After todays match, Nadal has showed that when on his game he can't be beat especially on clay. We all know that the French is already wrapped up for him and Wimbledon also unless Federer shows up but I don't fancy his chances. I could even throw in US open since Nadal would likely regain his...
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    Predict Federer's BP conversion in the final

    As the title says. I think he will have a GOAT performance and do something like 2/29 in 3 sets of tennis.
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    Who is your dark horse of FO 2011??

    As the title says. Who do you see sneaking their way through the draw and possibly causing upsets? :twisted: My pick was Del potro but then I realised he's in Novak's quarter of the draw. So I think his run will come to an end at 3rd round. I'd say Dolgopolov and Ferrer can cause some trouble.
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    Roddick vs Ljubicic *Indian wells Final*

    Who is your pick to win the title out of the underdogs :)
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    Nadal......will you marry me

    Before people jump to conclusions :twisted: This is a something I found during the Nadal vs lacko match.
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    Federer singing

    A clip of federer I found with his swiss team. I think Federer had a little too much to drink :) skip to 0.58
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    Federer AO 07' vs Nadal AO 09'

    Who do you think would prevail if they were to play a match at AO???
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    Federer's forehand can take a head off lol

    Nice clip from their encounter from last year's wimbledon
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    I'm better than ever Now that Federer has completed his career slam he now aims for his 6th wimbledon title. It looks like he's feeling quite confident and the pressure is off he says and that he can handle 5 setters better. He also...
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    Could this be Federer's one and only chance??

    The biggest upset in tennis history soderling beating nadal at french open :shock: i spat out my food when i heard this. Congrats to soderling ftw Now... Federer this is what you have been waiting for in the past 5 years and now it has come true nadal is out djokovic is out and you are the...
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    Anyone know where i can find he Federer vs Roddick highlights?

    They were previously posted on YouTube but when i went on it it said it had been deleted due to copyrights by Australia Anyone know where else?
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    I feel sorry for Gasquet

    This is now the second time that he has been 2 sets to love up on his opponent in a grand slam and let it slip first it was andy murray at wimbledon now it was gonzo, for sure i thought he was winning it straight sets but he cracked again i just start thinking that he will never win a grand...
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    Who do you think has the toughest draw out of the top 4 players?

    I say Federer he plays seppi ranked 34 in the first round then carlose moya in the second and then safin in third :shock:
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    Murray developing a nalbandian type backhand

    I think since Wimbledon Murray has proved to us that he can play with the big dogs but i think that his backhand is quite underrated as some people see him as just a pusher with decent groundstrokes but if you watch the match against nadal at the US Open semi's 2008...
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    Federer's passing shot???

    It seems that through out the whole year his passing shots have been non existent i can't remember the last time he hit one especially with his backhand which has been quite weak he seems to just slice the ball instead of hitting a topspin But seriously does anyone remember the last time he...
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    ATP master series need grass courts

    I think that the grass court itself is a fading factor in tennis today the season is so short a player can enter like one tourny before wimbledon also i think that there are players disappearing that where good on grass now its only nadal federer which is bad because wimbledon was the first...