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  1. ItalianStallion

    Unfamiliar Austrian made Racquet "AMF Head Ace Mid". Anyone heard of it?

    I bought this from a thrift store last week for $4.98. It reminds me of the Head Graphite Edge series from the early 1980's - in size and shape. I have not hit with it yet. Can anyone shed some light on this frame? I found another one on the big auction site, but it has different paint and...
  2. ItalianStallion

    I'm tired of loosing my Babolat Dampners!!!

    Before the rubber band folks chime in...I tried it and didn't like them. Anyone ever try this before on an "O" shaped dampner? I used a zip-tie (or cable tie) between the main string and the dampner and clipped off the end. I'm hoping this will keep it from flying off.
  3. ItalianStallion

    Any "World of Warships" Fans here?

    If anyone not familiar with it is a is a naval action-themed massively multiplayer online game - so far it's free and very addicting. Great for those days when the weather is not being cooperative for playing tennis. I like it because the controls are simple and it's not crazy fast like most...
  4. ItalianStallion

    Restoring a Wilson T-2000 to some sort of playing form...

    I'm a big JC fan...and always wanted to try out this racq... I was given a slightly rusted T-2000 by a friend last weekend which he found when helped a neighbor clean out his garage unfortunately - this is not the rare 'welded' version. The frame seems to be in great shape - some surface rust...
  5. ItalianStallion

    Tourna 600-ES Stringing Machine - anyone have experience with this model?

    Seems pretty reasonably priced - under $2K, but have not seen many reviews on it. Anyone use one before?
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  7. ItalianStallion

    PowerShares Series Tennis - anyone gone to one?

    I'm curious to know if it's as fan friendly as advertised. Can you bring stuff like a racquet or picture to get autographed? Has anyone tried the VIP Experience package and get to hit with them? What are the costs like? Thanks in advance to anyone that answers!
  8. ItalianStallion

    Questions about buying a used Babolat 3 Star Machine

    A local club is selling one. I'm looking to upgrade from my trusty old Klippermate machine of 11 years...what kind of questions should I ask the seller about the machine? Is $800 a good deal? Thanks!
  9. ItalianStallion

    Mats Wilander - a class act!

    Yesterday, Mats Wilander and his business partner Cameron Lickle stopped by a college in my neighborhood to do an exhibition with some local juniors and teaching pro's. I had a chance to see one of my tennis idols from the 1980's in person. They were both super nice and very entertaining to...
  10. ItalianStallion

    Head Graphite Director 720 - any information out there?

    I recently got this as a gift from a friend that found it at a local thrift store. It appears to be part of the Head Director series, but it the shape looks more like a conventional over-sized racquet to me. I remember the Directors from the 80's (Tournament, Comp, Graphite, and TXD's) being...
  11. ItalianStallion

    Need replacement bumper/grommet strip for Head Trisys 260 OS

    I bought a used Head Radical Trisys 260 OS - Made in Austria. It's about a 7/10 condition, structural sound, but it needs a new bumper guard and grommet strip. Does anyone know if any of the newer Radical OS grommets would work? such as the Ti.Radical/i.Radical, Liquid Metal, MicroGel, or...
  12. ItalianStallion

    Newport RI, Hall of Fame - My first visit

    It's my first time visiting the Hall of Fame Tournament at Newport. It's been a pretty good first day so far, despite the match delays from the rain yesterday. The courts were still very damp and the players weren't very happy about it. The bounces were very low compared to what I watched on...
  13. ItalianStallion

    Top 10 Reasons Federer Lost to Roddick

    Top 10 Reasons Federer Lost to Roddick 10.Afraid to stay in town much longer once Rafa Nadal found out he was copying his extreme topspin forehand 9. Despite the experts advice, he stubbornly refuses to switch to a 95 sq. in. frame 8. Spent too much time getting ready for "Dancing with...
  14. ItalianStallion

    Going to the Sony/Ericsson Open in Miami - Need Recommendations on a place to stay

    Hey guys, Looking for a nice clean hotel near Crandon Park for the Sony Ericsson in Miami. Can anyone recommend a good place to stay? Thanks!