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    Tennis Record site, out of business?

    Here's the answer to your mystery. Your male opponent is S-rated in his second match. Therefore, he didn't actually have a DNTRP yet (you don't get one until after your second match). Therefore, all this match did was set a rating for him relative to the DNTRP for the other three players and the...
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    Tennis Record site, out of business?

    4.81 was your opponent's pre-match DNTRP. His match rating was 4.37.
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    Official changes format DURING a match??? Is this allowed?

    I agree with official #2. I would have told official #1 that I'm not changing the format mid match and that if he/she has a problem, send the tournament director over.
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    Neighborhood Rules

    Hold them both in the same hand for the serve. LOL.
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    Neighborhood Rules

    The battle with reality?
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    Why the 3.0 level is the “Island of misfit toys”.

    For people who actually play league tennis, the NTRP algorithm does a decent job of normalizing the levels around the country. For players who are not NTRP league players, it's a crap shoot.
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    Foot fault in league match -- captain's job?

    The difference is that out balls are out for the whole match. Starting to call FFs in the match tb is more analogous to the players having an explicit or implicit gentlemen's agreement to play everything within 6 in of the lines as in and then the roving umpires start calling the lines close at...
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    Foot fault in league match -- captain's job?

    I felt really bad for Serena, but there are some differences there. First, they are pros. Pros should expect to play to the letter of the law on every point. If I or my teammates were playing for a million dollars at 4.0 sectionals, I'd tell them to make for Gaddamn sure that they aren't foot...
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    Tennis is far more than ratings. It is also about pairings against styles.

    I'm going to file this thread under "Thank you, Captain Obvious".
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    Foot fault in league match -- captain's job?

    The thing that drives me nuts about foot faults and roving umpires is when the umpire comes to watch a match tb after split sets and then starts calling FFs at like 7-7 in the match tb. If you're going to do it, fine, I get that it's part of the rules, but check for it early in the first set so...
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    Foot fault in league match -- captain's job?

    Is she stepping over the line or just swinging. I've seen people stand at the center hash and hit like 3/4 arm angle serves where the racket head is clearly across the hash at contact, but the feet are on the correct side, which allows them to hit serves down the T that are actually angling away...
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    Tennis Record site, out of business?

    I doubt the USTA cares all that much about UTR scraping data, especially since UTR is actively promoting the sport in the US, and the USTA can only benefit from that. The problem the USTA has with sites like TR and TLS is that they are attempting to mimic the USTA rating and deliberately...
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    Foot fault in league match -- captain's job?

    I had a guy on my team several years ago who foot faulted pretty badly. He wasn't S&V'ing, but he had a pretty good serve for a 4.0. I just filmed a couple of his serves on my phone and showed him and mentioned it after the match. He had no idea he was doing it. I think most people don't and...
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    hit someone in the head, feel bad

    When they apologize, I usually say it's ok, but try to hit me in the strings next time. I actively try to get in the flight path of overheads to make a shot. I try to position myself around midcourt where I think it's most likely the ball will be ankle high or so based on where the lob is and...
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    7.0 mixed dubs: poaching on your partner's weak serve

    I play 8.0, not 7.0, but I always cheat to the middle and leave a lane in the alley until my opponents actually hit it there effectively and repeatedly. Even if the opponents try to hit the alley once or twice to "keep you honest", how many times do they go to the well during an entire match...
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    Ever seen a heavyweight Brawl on the court?

    Unless it's the Bears kicker, in which case, it's going to hit you in the shin.
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    Ever seen a heavyweight Brawl on the court?

    The closest I came was during a match when I first started playing USTA in NJ about 15 years ago. I was playing for a captain who was about 60 with bad knees, but a great guy, kind of grandfatherly. There was a court playing nearby that wasn't part of the USTA match, and they were middle aged...
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    Captains being discouraged from stacking in plus flights

    You should be allowed to fill your lineup bottom to top with people playing up, but I mean, now you're talking about a 4.5+ lineup where at least 5 or 6 guys are 4.0? This is either a 2 team league where they were struggling just to get a cannon fodder 2nd team in order to have a league so that...
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    Does this count as a fault?

    How about this (I did this in sectionals last year - was not considered a fault)? I tossed the ball right into the sun and started my service motion but aborted it when I looked up and was blinded and let the ball bounce without swinging at it. I definitely had started my service motion with the...
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    TLS Rating vs Tennisrecords

    Their ratings have gotten more and more inaccurate over the years. For the Middle States 4.0 40+ mens team that went to nationals, they predicted there would be 1 bump. There were 8.
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    Dual rated people (4.0/4.5): Always the lowest?

    It took a couple matches to adjust to the speed of the game at that level. I would see the opponent's shot and run to a spot to hit the ball but then have to wait for it to get there to swing. Playing RH, all of those balls would be sitters that I would attack, but I didn't have a power game (I...
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    Dual rated people (4.0/4.5): Always the lowest?

    I did that one summer when I had tennis elbow. I had already signed up for a big local singles league. I had already signed up in a 4.0-4.5 equivalent division (it didn't use actual USTA ratings at the time) when I injured my elbow. Instead of trying to get a refund to drop out or something, I...
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    Predicting the 40 & Over 4.0 men's Nationals

    Yes. But just being a teaching pro doesn't really mean anything. There are teaching pros in this area who are 4.0s and teaching pros who are 5.5s. The other people from Atlanta on here have claimed that his history is shady and that people have been complaining about it for years, so I'll take...
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    Dual rated people (4.0/4.5): Always the lowest?

    People who say that actually don't have ratings at all. If you have a rating, it is one or the other, not both. And, yes, people who say that are generally the lower of the two.
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    Captains being discouraged from stacking in plus flights

    I disagree. If a team is playing in a 4.5+ league and doesn't have a 5.0 player and is playing 4.0s in their lineup, then, yes, they should have to "sacrifice" a 4.5 on line 1 instead of being allowed to play a 4.0 patsy who is definitely going to be double bageled. Such a team is not a...
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    Captains being discouraged from stacking in plus flights

    I would not oppose a rule that says, in general, lower-rated players playing up have to fill in the bottom lines first (i.e. 3D then 2D the 1D for doubles or 2S then 1S for singles).
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    My set with a former D1 Female player (video)

    You look like you could handle 4.0 just fine. Keep working at it, you'll get there.
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    Why is the USTA so hated on here?

    Hated or criticized? It's criticized a lot for what's wrong with it, but I doubt many people would say they "hate" the USTA. In a lot of cases, you just hear the criticisms because they are more interesting debate topics on a message board.
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    40+ and 55+ allow players to keep their ratings too long.

    OK, gotcha. I guess this goes back to the bet you won that they never paid up?
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    Court weighting in the round robin at nationals.

    It's a set system: 1S: 6 2S: 5 1D: 6 2D: 5 3D: 3