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  1. Enga

    Some really eye opening numbers...

    More affirmation that he's the king on clay...
  2. Enga

    No one better than Novak Djokovic at his best: Andre Agassi

    I can't really agree with the statement that Djokovic at his best is the most complete player ever. The most complete baseliner, for sure. But he's the product of his times. He does not ever venture to the net ,and when he does it doesn't look good, relative to great net players. Agassi is more...
  3. Enga

    Federer Deep Cuts

    Even lesser known players had better groundgames back then. Today it's so dominated by lanky dudes who if they just barely try to go on the offense, they make an error, so they hit safe all the time and just try to win off serve. :P Federer was also so obviously stronger back then. An easy...
  4. Enga

    When did Federer officially become old?

    It was always expected in tennis to retire early. In other sports, men were expected to peak in their thirties, and decline in their forties. Tennis players suffered unique problems, like early wear and tear due to constant running and long tours, as well as a general decline in speed. But now...
  5. Enga

    Highest Bouncing Pro Player Serves??

    Federer has on occasion got the ball to bounce very high and kick off the court with weird bounces. Its the players who dont back off much on their second serve who can get a lot of height in their serve. Nadal also, I think. Could be that Nadal prefers to go for height rather than speed to make...
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    Can pro's get DQ'd for intentional harm that is done technically within the rules?

    Definitely, and by this point I believe full right to bear arms should be enacted
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    Is Sampras + Wawrinka = Federer

    Both Federer and Wawrinka are inspired by Sampras game, I think. All 1hbh, Federer used to do the toe point that Sampras' did during serve, and Wawrinka has said he wants to play a style like Sampras. They all use similar tactics, chip backhand returns, and like to come to net, but Wawrinka is a...
  8. Enga

    Why it is tougher to cheer for Djokovic

    Don't these stats simply reflect who spent the most time ranked #1, thus receiving the most #1 seeding at tournaments?
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    Does anyone else have vivid, enlightened dreams?

    The amount of dreams I get are directly proportional to how uncomfortable the position I'm sleeping in is. If I sleep with too much pressure on my face, my dreams always become me doing normal things, like walking around shopping, then the dreams slowly degrade into some sort of ghostly and...
  10. Enga

    Nick Kyrgios' brother was paid $40,000 to advertise for a gambling company

    Is there something wrong with it? I've never taken part in it myself but it gives some people a reason to be invested in the result. Especially with lesser known athletes. Integrity is something only the players need worry about IMO.
  11. Enga

    small possibility of age reverting invetions in the next 15-20 years

    My thinking-- more of a guess, is that the first immortal human has already been born. He may be 90 before immortality is unlocked, but the first nontheless. :p
  12. Enga

    Fox host says he hasn't washed his hands in 10 years!

    I wash my hands a lot as I spend most of my time at a computer. I dont like the idea of my keyboard being covered in ****e from me not washing my hands. My keyboard is also one of those mechanical ones, so every few months I pluck the keys off and clean em with dish soap.
  13. Enga

    Fast paced city or slow quiet one

    Where I live is one of the smaller cities in the Philippines, the Queen City in the South so it's called. The traffic here is worse than in the capital. Less population, but it's a smaller island with less developable land, with the city being mostly wedged between the coast and mountain ranges...
  14. Enga

    Why is federer's serve better than Djokovic's serve?

    I would guess the disguise and placement. I think he has the ability to change direction at a moment's notice, so if he sees his opponent inching a certain direction, he alters course last moment. He also goes for sharper angles than most.
  15. Enga

    Bell Pepper

    I like to use all 3 in the same meal to make it all colorful
  16. Enga

    Are you mentally weak ???

    I think that some things that can help lower stress is getting good sleep, which lowers cortisol hormone levels I've heard. I also try to consume food that helps keep my testosterone levels naturally high. Some days I feel anxious and other days I feel confident, so I dunno really what controls...
  17. Enga

    Top 10 rankings history 1990-2018

    At around 4:27, Rafter says "hello mate" and appears for a half second, then promptly disappears. By the way, how come the points inflate so much in 2009? Even during Sampras' peak, he never gained that huge of a gap between number #1 and #2. And even during the peak of Federer's dominance, his...
  18. Enga

    Prehistoric tennis with Laver

    The game changed a lot. Now, any idiot can hit a winner from anywhere on the court. Simply close your eyes, bend your wrist back, and slap the ball. The strings will do the work of keeping the ball in for you and the grip tape will keep you from twisting the racket in your hands and losing...
  19. Enga

    at what age do women stop looking at you

    As a half american half filipino living in Cebu, I catch stares or glances a lot. Been having it happen to me since I was a kid. I know what they *say*, it's supposedly because I'm handsome. But it's hard for me to think that way, when I lived in the US for the first half of my life no one...
  20. Enga

    How does a pro never develop a proper forehand shot?

    I think it's a good technique, engages the wrist, uses the hips, even gives it a reverse whip at the end. It's a perfect demonstration of proper forehand slice technique, something which most people fail miserably at. She can take the ball early, easily handling high bounces. It's perfect for...
  21. Enga

    Grigor Dimitrov suffering from Shoulder Tendinitis

    Could it be because of his serve mechanics? I noticed that his serve is very similar to Federer's, except that he keeps his elbow and racket low during the preparation. Maybe this causes him to use his shoulder too much?
  22. Enga

    Why did Nadal hit the ball so short if it gets hardly any kick on the AO surface?

    Just based on the observation of the highlights on Youtube, I get the impression Djokovic was much faster than Nadal that night. Nadal relies heavily on mixing it up with his forehand, and for that he needs some really good movement, circling the backhand and getting there early so he can take...
  23. Enga

    Roger Federer, Mental Midget.......?

    He just doesnt have that much discipline anymore. He just goes with what worked when he was younger, which is a style everyone figured out already. He needs to constantly remind himself to play in a different way. I think hes busy all the time thinking of things other than tennis because hes...
  24. Enga

    I have to admit, Novak is sexier than Nadal

    Some people prefer a baby face
  25. Enga

    Where do you point the blame for the mess tennis is in?

    The way things are now in ATP is how the WWE would have been if they only had Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and Undertaker competing for the world championships this whole time, instead of having the large cast of superstars it always had.
  26. Enga

    Where do you point the blame for the mess tennis is in?

    They should actually bring bo5 back to masters. Itll help younger less established players practice the format that really matters at the top of the game.
  27. Enga

    Nadal has a talent that no other player has, a talent to make you play bad - Tsitsipas

    Tsitsipas definitely didn't look like he had belief in himself out there, especially in the last set. Is that a side effect of him not knowing how to handle Nadal's playstyle? Or maybe he just doesn't have enough belief in himself? He beat a lot of good players, though it's true that none of...
  28. Enga

    Whose 1 handed backhand is better? Tsit or Fed?

    I see the Tsitsipas backhand as a style of backhand that can work perfectly on clay. Not sure about other surfaces.
  29. Enga

    Hype over Tsitsipas is same as hype over Chung last year..

    Tsitsipas won with punchers chance IMO. He had the serve firing and he brought many sets to the tiebreak. I think if he vs other tall power servers, he may have more a 50/50 chance. Federers supposed to be special because he is a player with an amazing serve and groundgame, but he made some...
  30. Enga

    Dan Evans, simply telling it like it is

    Singles- For people with a bad attitude, who cant adapt to a partner's playstyle, and use good teamwork and chemistry to their advantage. :unsure: