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  1. s_andrean

    Post your best 'action shot' of you playing tennis

    I had this photo taken in the middle of a tournament match and I'd love to see any cool shots you guys have of you playing.
  2. s_andrean

    What is your favourite racquet design of all time?

    So what would it be?
  3. s_andrean

    I'm starting a racquet company - how would you design your perfect racquet?

    I have (excitingly) successfully pitched for investment to start a tenniswear, accessories and racquet brand based in London and the investor wants to start prototyping and production relatively promptly. A little info - we are doing simple but high quality active and casualwear wardrobe...
  4. s_andrean

    Critique my ground game

    I'm getting back into tennis after a few years out and have my first tournament in a decade in 2 weeks. Here's me hitting with a 6.5 NRTP player, I don't have a rating of any sort as I haven't played in ages. Any and all feedback welcome!
  5. s_andrean

    Make my 134mph serve better.

    It's not a clickbait title, I promise. I've got a reputation at my tennis club for having an amusingly fast serve but I'm alas only serving at about 20% consistency, on a good day. The obvious advice I've had over the years is 'slow the bloody thing down', but I'm a) stubborn and b) sure there...
  6. s_andrean

    4.5/5.0 on Vacation in LA from 4th-10th October looking for a game

    As the title suggests I'm in your sunny city from London, UK on the above dates, if you're around for a couple of sets and maybe a beer after let me know, I'm really keen to play some tennis while out there. Thanks Stef
  7. s_andrean

    Texans! NRTP 5.0/5.5 from England is driving through your state 24th-29th August

    I'm starting off in Houston and am driving around the state heading to Dallas and on from there, I'd love to play some tennis on the way, so if you'd like me to stop by your town/city Thanks, Stefano
  8. s_andrean

    Prostaff 90s are arriving tomorrow - string help please

    I've ordered 3 Prostaff 90s, they are due in the post tomorrow - I've got that kid in a candy store feeling but I do need some guidance on strings. Does anybody else here use them? I know a lot of people have migrated to the RF97. I use the BlX 90s at the moment (cracked, hence new...
  9. s_andrean

    Want to move from the UK to the USA! Advice?

    Hey guys, I'm a 22 year old from London.. and I really want to move to the states! I'm a PTR uk qualified tennis coach, been coaching for a couple of years now, I'm just getting a bit sick of the people and the weather this country has. Anyone got any tips or advice? :)
  10. s_andrean

    Racquets for sale: PS ROK, i.prestige mid XL's, dunlop aerogel 200 & m-fil 200

    ROK: Grip 4, 9/10, used but shrink wrap on handle, couple of paint chips £40 i.Prestge mid XL x2 6.5/10, both grip 4, £80 for both Dunlop aerogel 200 grip 3 9/10: £45 Dunlop m-fil 200 grip 5 8/10: £40 All o.n.o Call me on 07710879806 or reply on here if interested.. :)
  11. s_andrean

    Getting my serve past the 130mph barrier!

    Hey guys! I've got a fairly fast serve at the moment, I had it recorded at 123mph at wimbledon last year on the serving machine.. but I want it to be able to get past 130mph! I think its something to do with the legs.. This is what my technique is like now...
  12. s_andrean

    Need to change my serving tecnique...

    Hey guys, just wanted some critique on my serve - i'm serving at about the 115-120 mark atm, fastest I've ever had officially recorded was 121mph.. Buttt my technique is giving me quite serious back pain, and I think I might be able to get a bit more power out of it, as I think I'm just using...
  13. s_andrean

    Anyone seen this video?

    I cacked myself laughing! Well, not literally.
  14. s_andrean

    I've decided I'm going to get a tattoo, I want you guys to help me design it.

    Ok, so i've decided I wanted to get a tattoo. I'm gonna get it just below the bottom of my neck , and I don't want it to be too big. As I like tennis so much, I guess I want a tattoo related to tennis in some way. Put forward your ideas, much appreciated. Stefano
  15. s_andrean

    Just bought 3 i.Prestige mid extralongs

    Had a quick knock with them aswell, they feel good (save the naff factory strings). Got an amazing deal too, they were only £50 ($100) each. Brand new. Anyone else played with these?
  16. s_andrean

    Anyone going wimbledon tomorrow?

    I'm only gonna get ground passes for tomorrow, but they said there's going to be a lot of play on the outside courts. Anyone else here going?
  17. s_andrean

    When do you think the next grand slam will be won by someone who isn't Federer/Nadal?

    I'm not sure whether this topic has been brought up yet, but it sprung to mind while reading a thread about some of the other young guns. When do you think federer/nadal are gonna not win a slam? I'm gonna say possibly wimbledon next year if federer is injured, if not then the us open...
  18. s_andrean

    Barricade V's

    Spoke to an Adidas rep today at the pro shop where I work, and they are due out either September/December this year (he said one of those 2, I forgot). No official designs are out of them yet, the rep hadn't even seen them. I'm gonna be playtesting them for my shop when availible though, so :D
  19. s_andrean

    Anyone here moved from the Tour 10 V.E mid to the DNX 10?

    Yea, i'm thinking of moving on from my trusty Tour 10's to the DNX 10 325. Anyone else done this and is there much difference?
  20. s_andrean

    Any players from London here?

    I'm taking about the London in England, so you know. Wouldn't mind finding new people to play with, I play about a 6.2 standard at a guess, i've beaten a 5.2 before, i'm a solid hitter. I go all over London most days, but would prefer north. Cheers in advance for your replies, Stefano
  21. s_andrean

    My serve

    Ok I thought as i've got a new video camera phone from japan, i'd try it out doing something useful, such as recording my serve. I think its ok as it is, but i'm just wondering what you guys think. In these videos i made slight alterations to the technique, with the last video being my preferred...
  22. s_andrean

    The best player never to get to the final of a grand slam?

    I think Henman would be the main contender for this award? Possibly taking the title for the one of the unluckiest aswell. Any others people can think of?
  23. s_andrean

    The Ego problems of some people on this board...

    Please guys.. so many threads are ruined/go off topic by people trying to defend themselves when it isn't really neccesary, can we just eat humble pie once in a while and avoid these arguements. Also please, we know you can use big pretentious, pedantic, and petulant words (you get the idea)...
  24. s_andrean

    New forum! Anyone going to the Masters at the Royal Albert Hall this December?

    Thought this would be a good thread to start on. I'm thinking about going to this again, i went last year for free in one of those boexes, thanks dunlop :D it'd be cool to meet some TW people up there.
  25. s_andrean

    Murray beats Ljubicic in the Madrid Masters

    6-4 3-6 6-3 Nice result for him. Lets hope both the Brits do well in this tournie. :)
  26. s_andrean

    Henman v Srichaphan

    Henman just won the first set 7-6, and is 1-0 in the second. I would really like him to get back to form and start winning some matches. Though i do like Srichaphan too... love the splits thingy he does.
  27. s_andrean

    Safin loses to world number 512

    I was hoping he was going to hit form in the IndY open, but i was wrong... "Marat Safin slumped to a 6-1 6-4 defeat at the hands of world number 512 Wesley Whitehouse of South Africa at the ATP Indianapolis Open." - BBC news I love the was Safin plays... but this is a massive blow to his...
  28. s_andrean

    Shipping to UK - taxes etc..

    To the people @ TW I love TW's range of product and shoes which are only availible in the US. The problem is I am put off by the taxes. Which products are taxed, and does the tax increaase by order size? Excuse my ignorance ....
  29. s_andrean

    How are you involved with tennis? Any claims to fame?

    I'm just curious as to what TW board members do in relation to tennis (i.e coach, string, play pro, work in tennis etc.) and if you've got any claim to fame with anything to do with tennis. I know this post is most probably in the wrong place, but oh well... For me, I do
  30. s_andrean

    4 matched, custom weighted and balanced Volkl Tour 10 V-engine

    These racquets belonged to a friend of mine, who had sponsorship by Volkl, and had these custom weighted and balanced to that of the Head i.Prestige (same specs as the Prestige Classic).I'm looking for about £50 ($90) for each of them, or £180 ($315) for all 4. All are in about 7/10...