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  1. SystemicAnomaly

    Milk Way is the best galaxy in the universe

    No particular reason. Possibly a bit biased. Just had to share this thought. .
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    Real Bounce vs HawkEye line calling

    Noticed that a Real Bounce system (not calculated) is being used for line call challenges at Hobart (AO Series) rather than HawkEye. Anyone have any details on Real Bounce? .
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    Season's Greetings... Feliz Natal

    Feliz Natal to those in Portugal, Brasil and everywhere else on the planet. .
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    Throwing Like a Girl... Fixes? Cures?

    First off. Many will find the phrase, "throw like a girl" to be derogatory or even offensive. But, even tho the gender gap has diminished quite a bit in many/most areas, overhead throwing mechanics continues to be one area where the gap persists. Girls who have been taught to throw at a young...
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    Separated at birth? Doppelganger?

    Are Luke Dunphy (Nolan Gould) of Modern Family and Austrian tennis phenom, Dominic Thiem, really the same person? Nolan Gould: CHALLENGE: Can anyone post a pic of Gould and Thiem together? I defy you to find one. .
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    Free will, is it real?

    It seems obvious to most of us that we have free will. I, for one, certainly feel like I have free will. But do I really? Is it an illusion? While I feel like I have free will, I am a firm believer in the concept of cause & effect. That is, all actions or effects are the result of a number of...
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    An ode to bacon

    (My apologies if this has been posted previously)
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    Problems with ATP site? This page isn’t working. I've not been able to access the ATP site for a while now. Don't recall any problems prior to August. Is this a problem only with Chromebook, the Chrome browser? Are other users having difficulties as well.
  9. SystemicAnomaly

    Roddick's tribute to Nadal...

    and other special crowd moments. Actually, Andy channels Rafa in a match against Roger. Love what ARod says at 1:06. (He's finally figured out the secret to beating Roger). (Apologies if this has been posted before. A Search came up empty)
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    Man From UNCLE = RIP

    Robert Vaughn, the Oscar-nominated actor whose many film roles were eclipsed by his hugely popular turn in television’s The Man From U.N.C.L.E. has passed away at the age of 83. While Napoleon Solo has...
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    RIP: Sir Neville Marriner

    Sadly, the music world lost one of its best this past Sunday. His name was synonymous with the Academy of St-Martin-in-the-Fields which he co-founded in 1959. Neville and the Academy recorded over 500 albums, more than any other chamber orchestra, I believe. He started his conducting career in...
  12. SystemicAnomaly

    Roger back up to #2. Rafa playing like #1?

    According to the Live ATP Rankings, Murray just lost 990 points and dropped to #3 putting Roger back at #2. And Rafa is looking like he's close to his #1 form again with his shot making below. Shades of Roger stealing an overhead winner from ARod.
  13. SystemicAnomaly

    McEnroe outranks Djokovic by substantial margin EDIT: Not there any longer. Check here:
  14. SystemicAnomaly

    Hewitt & Federer Reminisce (2015)

    Some great history & insight from Lleyton and Roger. Pretty entertaining as well...
  15. SystemicAnomaly

    Dustin Brown magic

    My apologies if this has already been posted:
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    Tennis physicist, Howard Brody - RIP Just came across a NY Times article that Howard Brody, particle physicist, had passed away last year. He´s done a considerable amount of work in the field of tennis physics since the...
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    Will Roger's SABR (Kamikaze ROS) be effective at USO?

    The SABR (aka the Kamikaze return) was very effective on the fast courts of Cincinnati. Will it continue to be as effective at the US Open? The courts there are relatively fast but, perhaps, not as fast as Cincy. However, given the hot weather (and other environmental conditions), some of the...
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    Another reason to drink milk?

    Heptadecanoic acid (C17:0), aka Margaric acid, is a health-friendly saturated fat found in dairy fat and several other sources. Circulating margaric acid has been associated with a significant reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease. Good sources include whole milk, high-fat yogurt...
  19. SystemicAnomaly

    Anyone here tried tDCS or TMS -- Transcranial Stimulation?

    Curious if any here have tried Transcranial Stimulation -- either tDCS or TMS? Just heard a bit of a program on public radio yesterday. Piqued my interest. Any positive results with either of these methods?
  20. SystemicAnomaly

    Is Natural News a credible source?

    There have been quite a few threads recently that have been touting the blog web site, Natural News, as an authority on alternative medicine and health. Not sure what to make of this blog site. Is it really credible? Is Mike Adams a champion of the...
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    Threatening call from the IRS

    "Hello, we have been trying to reach you. This call is officially a final notice from IRS, Internal Revenue Services. The reason of this call is to inform you that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against you. To get more information about this case file, please call immediately on our department...
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    Name that tune -- Gamma Glide Any clues as to the name/composer of the music used for this ad? .
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    NeuroPlasticity -- revitalizing the brain

    Similar stories yesterday on both NPR and The Doctors on brain plasticity. Dr Takao Hensch at Harvard U has been investigating the use of valproic acid, an anti-seizure drug, as a means to improve plasticity in the brains of adults. Restoring the sponge-like absorption of a young brain...
  24. SystemicAnomaly

    Nerve compression; impaired deltoid function

    Attn: Posture Guy & RogueFLIP I have been plagued with a serious issue and hope you guys don't mind chiming in with some input. I appear to have a significant (axilary?) nerve compression in the neck . No disc herniation but do have significant bone spur development in the C5-C6 area. No...
  25. SystemicAnomaly

    Yonex 308 shoes = extreme pronation?

    Just got a pair of Yonex 308s recently. My feet are normally pronated (with a medium arch). I've not yet used the shoes for tennis but have walked around in them a bit. I am finding that these shoes seem to pronate my feet too severely. Anyone else had this experience? If so, did you get...
  26. SystemicAnomaly

    Lleyton Hewitt: doubles specialist?

    If Lleyton, currently out of the top 100 again in singles, ever decides to retire, I would hope that he continues in doubs. Lleyton and fellow Aussie, Marinko Matosevic, put in a great performance last night at the SAP Open against the #1 doubles team (the Bryans, of course). Not going to give...
  27. SystemicAnomaly

    Current pic of Steffi & Andre

    aka Bjork & Slash
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    Wilson balls: Championship vs Grand Slam

    Which ball is better of these budget/recreational offerings from Wilson? Let me preface the rest of this post by stating that one of my favorite balls is the Wilson US Open ball (either XD or regular duty). The Wilson Championship balls are vastly inferior to the USO balls. The Championship...
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    Annoying banner ads

    Recently, I've been plagued with an annoying banner ad near the top of these forum pages. They cover that Talk Tennis path links and I cannot seem to be able tIo close them to get access to the links. I am using Google Chrome (and have not used any other browsers to see if the problem appears...
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    FH & BH loop swings = NOT circular

    Many coaches have advocated a groundstroke loop swing that is fairly round or circular in shape, particularly prior to contact. Some have taught the hand movement is circular while others have indicated that the racquet head movement is circular. While the racquet head trajectory is related to...