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    Distinctions and Differences: The observations of 3.0 bounding to 4.0

    This is the best thread ever. I wish video of your serve was automatically uploaded anytime someone claims a 100mph serve.
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    Chest/pectoral workouts bad for tennis?

    I think that working out with weights helps to prevent overuse injuries. Developing those chest/pectoral muscles, along with the shoulder and the rest of your arms, helps to prevent tennis elbow. You develop tennis elbow when there is too much strain on your tendons. Building the muscle...
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    Would you say anything to a sandbagger during the match?

    I hear about people dropping games purposely to preserve their rating on this board, but I have never seen it or heard about it in real life. I think the more likely explanation for these is that a new self rate will either be out of shape, out of practice, or a relative beginner, and thus will...
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    Would you say anything to a sandbagger during the match?

    So you lost 6-4, 6-7, 10-5 and you think your opponent was a sandbagger? Sounds like he is the right level. What more do you want from a USTA match other than a tough, close match? "Then magically his level dropped and even though I was getting tired and not playing as well" Don't you...
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    Have you ever injured someone/been injured from a struck tennis ball?

    I have this irrational fear when I am at the net and my partner is serving that I will get a hard flat errant serve right in the kidney.
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    Physically Challenged Opponents

    I think I will act like I am gimpy and/or pregnant in my next match, lol.
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    A moral dilemma

    Lol, his "schedule" when he is unemployed is opening up. You should just e-mail him the number for a local taxi service that he can use to go to and from the match. That will solve his transportation issues.
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    What the Hell Was That?

    Consider it a compliment if a server felt they had to resort to an underhanded serve in order to try to beat you. But as a returner, you have to be ready for anything. There is no rule that you have to hit a hard flat serve as your first serve, and then hit a high-percentage spinner as your...
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    We Need A Stiffer Penalty

    On a deep ball to your partner the net person should be backing up to around the service line so they can be in a better position to play the next ball if it happens to be a volley by the other team at the net. If the net person is at the service line, they should have a fairly good view of the...
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    Mistake on USTA website

    That only says that you can call your own shots out (if it is not a first serve), but you cannot call your own shots in.
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    Wind guidelines

    You may have to play a match in extreme wind sometime. It is good to practice in it so you can get used to it.
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    Double Bounce hitters

    How in the world is this annoying?
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    Etiquette for warming up

    Well I am slightly over 30. I have bouncy movement just fine. Does warming up really help? I almost think it is a purely mental thing. Here's what I don't understand. Where I play there are no timed matches, so people don't really put a limit on warmups. My captains will always tell the...
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    Etiquette for warming up

    I hate the short-court warming up. I feel like a 10 year old when I am forced to do that. In fact, I don't like warming up period. Stop wasting time and lets just start!
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    San Francisco Tennis Club Tourney's

    I'll take fog over smog!
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    What shot would you hit and why?

    If you are in trouble at or behind the baseline, you should do a down-the-line lob, not a cross-court lob, if the players on the other side are equal. Thanks to geometry, we know that on a cross-court lob, the ball will be at a reachable height for the net player sooner than it would be for a...
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    Redfoo playing USTA US Open Qualifying Tournament

    NorCal is claiming that he is playing in the NorCal tournament - I'd almost be willing to pay $100 to play against him, that would be entertaining. I'm not going to do it...
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    Sportsmanship example, who is right?

    I believe Jimmy Connors deliberately tanked the 4th set of a match at the US Open to give him a better chance of winning the 5th set, which he did. I know he is not the model of sportsmanship, but it is legitimate match strategy. But instead of deliberately making errors, why don't you go...
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    NTRP 0 to 5 in a year? Is that possible?

    Anyone can self rate at any level, so it is technically possible to go from never played before on March 1, 2013 to self-rating at 5.0 on March 1, 2014. However, it is virtually impossible to self-rate at the lowest level, 3.0 for the 2013 season and have a computer rating of 5.0 for the...
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    How would you react to this request?

    My god you guys pay a lot to play matches. All we have is a $26 flat fee to join a team, then we have to pay whatever fee it is to play matches at our home facility, but for the large majority of facilities that I am aware of in my area, there are no extra fees for court time other than the...
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    Opponent Complains....because you are "sick"?

    Ok I can understand this behavior a little. I'm kind of a germophobe, and if I see someone coughing into their hand all match, I am not going to shake their hand after the match, I will just tell him that I don't want to get sick. I've done that a few times before. Also, if i am sick, or...
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    Persistent Bad Calls, How to Handle?

    I see a lot of posts about bad line calls, but have you considered that you might be wrong in thinking that your shot was in? Line call issues are rare in matches that I have played. Sure, I may disagree with a line call or two, but I also accept the fact that I could be mistaken, after all, I...
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    Persistent Bad Calls, How to Handle?

    People keep making comments about line judges being rare, but I see it happen somewhat often. I've probably seen a line judge in a match around 15+ times. I've been called as a line judge maybe 5 times, mostly lower level women's matches, where I just happen to be around and they need a line...
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    Predominantly Singles Players: At what AGE Did you Hit The Wall???

    I don't think there is a limit if you take care of yourself with diet and exercise. I am mostly a singles player in my 30s and still feel fine for the most part, but when I eat and drink a lot and don't exercise, I definitely feel it (unlike in my 20s when I could eat and drink anything and not...
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    Mixed should generate strikes

    I don't know why Combo and Mixed don't count for people's ratings. For many people, they have more matches in Mixed + Combo than they do in Adult League, so if anything it would lead to a more accurate rating. But yes, I know of a few people who do that. They would just play Combo and Mixed...
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    Conclusive: 6-0 6-0 scores count for generating strikes

    I think I know of the same person you are talking about. I've seen him play just a bit. In my opinion, he's a good player, he would do fine at 4.5, but I didn't think he is worthy of a DQ, there are better 4.0s than him.
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    public park time etiquette

    In my opinion, it is bad form and rude to use a ball machine by yourself while people are waiting to play on a public court. You should have let them play, or play with them if they needed an extra person. Not to mention, if there are no barriers, you shouldn't use a ball machine when people...
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    What shot is most satisfying to you?

    A couple of days ago I had a friendly match with a friend, and on break point I hit a shot from behind the baseline right at him at the net, and it would have been an easy volley for him and plenty of court to work with as I was not in a good position. But my shot clipped the net cord and went...
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    To 4.5 Guys: "Get Out And Stay Out!!"

    4.0/4.0 vs. 4.5/3.5 is a different game. Maybe 4.5s shouldn't play 8.0 mixed, but it does eliminate playing opportunities for 4.5 men. I personally wouldn't care that much, but it would be hard for me to play Mixed if 9.0 was my only option. I practically had to beg to be on a 9.0 team, and we...
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    My thoughts on competitiveness

    I disagree with what you are saying. I am as competitive as they come, but if I have a close league match, I often offer to play again sometime, and then I have a new person to hit with.