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    Bell Pepper

    green, red, orange or yellow??
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    The English name was apparently derived directly from the Spanish name "cucaracha" some 400 years ago
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    R.I.P. Carlos Sanchez (a.k.a. Juan Valdez)

    The face of Colombian coffee growers in more than 40 years of TV commercials, he in fact worked farming coffee before turning to acting and the arts in general. He was 83. There would be only one appropriate place to bury his remains.
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    R.I.P. "Mean Gene" Okerlund

    The master of mock earnestness in his interviews of pro wrestlers has left the ring at age 76
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    Will Gulbis Leave Adidas?

    ……...and will Nike grab this bird by the wing to increase its market penetration in Latvia? Is this why they let Federer go, to free up some cash?
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    The Chicago Hot Dog

    I can almost understand all the salad and relish and pickles and peppers and tomato and other crap they pile on this monstrosity (I can't, actually), but can somebody explain why the finishing touch is supposed to be a sprinkle of celery salt? Are hot dogs and pickles not already salty enough...
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    Tiger vs. Phil??

    Anyone plan to pay the $19.95 (hey, it's cleaper than a big octagon fight, and lasts a lot longer) on Friday to watch Tiger and Phil go head to head in Vegas? Stringertom? Dgold? Will there be caddies in evening dresses? Convenient locales to place a bet.
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    I Like the Match Tiebreak

    Would love to see more of it, especially in 5 set singles matches that proceed at such a glacial pace. Doubt we'll see that, but it injects some urgency and drama into a scoring system that leads to plenty of channel surfing for the home viewer and trips to the food court at the actual venue...
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    Will their sponsorship of the ATP Tour Finals influence your next tire purchase decision?
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    Rejecting the Just-Used Ball??

    Tennis pros always seem reluctant to hit a second serve with the ball just used, if it happens to come back their way, pushing it instead towards a ball boy and taking a different ball. This may be ill guided behavior. As squash players all know, striking a compressible ball causes it to warm...
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    The Doubles Touch

    Who started this contrivance of doubles partners physically reconnecting before every point?? Was it the Bryans recapitulating their in-utero experience, or was there a team doing it before we had Bob and MIke? Do you do it yourself when you play doubles?
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    I liked Dimitrov, but this takes the (------)

    (sorry, shortage of consumer goods often in Bulgaria)
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    Should Gulbis Tank to Isner?

    A victory by EG puts at risk tomorrow his record of having never lost in a final. But a victory can also springboard him towards a year of multiple slam titles next year. The big man is back. What should he do??
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    Zverev classier than Fed???!!!

    A warm and engaging handshake exchange between Zverev and Djok at the end of their semi, a mopey Fed barely acknowledging Coric when their match ended.
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    Enough "False Dawn" Already!

    Must posters continue to flaunt their lack of creativity??
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    FS: Prince Textreme Tour 100T, 4 3/8

    Item: Textreme Tour 100T Grip: 4 3/8 Quantity: 1 Head size: 100 sq. in. Condition: 9.5/10 Time used: about 2 hours General Description: no marks or scratches at all that I can see, used with overgrip, strung with WeissCannon Silverstring. Love the racquet, had picked up some green...
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    Does "Hydrogen" Ever Cut Prices?

    Damn, I love the Halloween vibe of some of their stuff, but I just won't pay 90 dollars for a tennis shirt.
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    Is Prime Rib Overrated?

    And deceptive as well -- USDA doesn't even require that it come from meat graded as "prime." I find it lacking in flavor and it's curious that people tend to overwhelm it with horseradish or something similar.
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    Yes, today is the day
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    Will chair matches for $375

    Just want the USTA to know matches WILL be officiated and they can save a few bucks as well.
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    Coaching Penalty Absurd

    Coaches are always gesturing to the player or even talking to them during the match. Yet I can't recall seeing anyone called for it. Ridiculous to see it called here. If you have a rule, it has to be applied consistently.
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    Wilander Likes Sriracha on His Burgers

    I've never found Mats' opinions of much interest, but I know some of you hang on his every banal pronouncement, so here's how he treats his meat
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    An Isner First??

    The big guy appears headed to having played a 5 setter with no tiebreakers. Has he ever done this before? I can barely recall him playing a 3 setter with no tiebreaker.
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    Serena the Ballerina

    Good heavens, whose idea was that dress??!!
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    What Happened to the Salt and Pepper?

    As chefs have become the rock stars of our era, many seem to have embraced their celebrity and decided their food is not to be altered by mere customers. Had dinner at yet another contemporary American restaurant last night, a casual but trendy joint, those little shakers gone from the tables...
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    Animal Crackers Have Rights, Too

    Under pressure from PETA, Nabisco has redesigned the little animal crackers box so it will no longer feature pictures of the animals in circus cages. They will henceforth be depicted roaming wild. Not yet clear if actually eating the animal shaped crackers will become a focus of protest.
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    Today is National Relaxation Day

    Observed every August 15, unfortunate for most people that it falls this year on a Wednesday. How will you spend it? I plan to sit on the patio with a cooler full of beverages and work on my book, "An Unauthorized Biography of dgold44."
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    Does vaccination PREVENT autism??

    Probably not, but in the latest study of the issue, the Kaiser-Permanente group looked at 80,000 children and found that those whose mothers received diptheria-perussis-tetanus vaccinations during pregnancy, the autism rate was 1.5 percent, while it was 1.8 percent for those whose mothers did...
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    for all intensive purposes

    Three people used this expression talking to me this week! Please, people, it's for all intents and purposes.
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    Academy Awards Will Pander

    New Oscar category next year, for "Popular Film," to evidently please people who think big box office deserves some sort of recognition beyond merely fabulous profits. Sort of like presenting a James Beard award to McDonalds.