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    Best of 5 sets?

    I just got done playing a best of 5 set singles match for fun, and I came back from a 0-2 set deficit to win in 5 sets. Really fun, maybe I'll petition the USTA to make all USTA matches best of 5 sets :). Has anyone ever done this? I never have before today. I found the match dynamics to...
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    Anything I can do to protect my thumb?

    I have a small but annoying issue. Every time I play tennis my racket grip rubs against the inside of my thumb, making it dry and eventually leads to cracked skin on my thumb. I try to moisturize it as much as I can, but I play 3-4 times a week and I can never get it to fully heal and it just...
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    What happens in this situation?

    This happened a few months ago, but I am not sure if we resolved the situation correctly, so I am just wondering. I was playing a USTA League doubles match, and we won the 1st set on a late break. In that set, opponent Player A was receiving on the deuce side, and opponent Player B was...
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    SAP Open to close

    Well this sucks - You would think that there are more tennis fans in the Bay Area than Memphis, and that players would rather come here over Memphis, but I guess not.