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  1. jaggy

    Best TTW forumer rivalries

    @dgold44 and women. Rapist supporter
  2. jaggy

    Music Game

    Can can-Bad Manners
  3. jaggy

    Yet another word game

    Boost your ego while donning green and pink and watching your own video
  4. jaggy

    Official Sureshs tribute thread

    Some funny comments recently but let's remember that Judy Murray is the only woman worthy.
  5. jaggy

    Random thread of good jokes, aggie jokes, yo mama jokes, or what have you..

    My wife accused me of being a transvestite! I was so outraged...I packed her things and left.
  6. jaggy

    Yet another word game

    Destination should be Cincy thought our precious metal #44 before boarding a plane back to Sodom and Gomorrah.
  7. jaggy

    Music Game

    Sugar baby love-the Rubettes
  8. jaggy

    Music Game

    A spoonful of sugar-Julie Andrews
  9. jaggy

    Music Game

    Sugar, sugar-the Archies
  10. jaggy

    Music Game

    Sex dwarf-Soft Cell
  11. jaggy

    Re-Cast Classic movies with tennis players as Actors..

    murygoat beside Demi Moore in Ghost
  12. jaggy

    Official Sureshs tribute thread

    FTFY (no matter what he claims)
  13. jaggy

    Free will, is it real?

    My eyes are bad, I thought it said free wifi
  14. jaggy

    Muzziah Manor – followers of the Mettled Master of Magnanimity

    Tough one tomorrow, will be telling
  15. jaggy

    Check out these old greats on vid

    Strange clip here of Colin Dowdesswell talking but a brief glimpse of Vitas practicing.
  16. jaggy

    Best approach net ever ?

    Colin Dowdesswell (and I am serious, great chip and charger)
  17. jaggy

    Should this forum be called “ men’s college tennis talk “ ?

    There was a Hayley Carter thread.
  18. jaggy

    Music Game

    Every bomb you make-The Police on Spitting Image
  19. jaggy

    Music Game

    Casbah rock-The Undertones
  20. jaggy

    Yet another word game

    80 years ago a German with a short moustache was making outrageous claims.
  21. jaggy

    Official sureshs farewell thread

    Wishful thinking
  22. jaggy

    Music Game

    Goodbye girl-Squeeze
  23. jaggy

    Music Game

    Girl on the phone-The Jam
  24. jaggy

    Tiger Ratings

    Their offense seems pretty good, not so sure about defense yet we will see come play off time, I assume they are the sole ACC team involved.
  25. jaggy

    Useless information thread

    Naughty sprites once more taken over my TTW poasting