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    Add topspn for safe buying

    We often 'volley' back-and-forth in the big Angell thread. I noticed awhile back that he bought two TC95 18x20s in my exact specs and grip size. Somehow I knew they would be mine, lol. He didn't even list them but finally caved to my purchase requests. He's a no-nonsense communicator who is...
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    haqq777 is a class act!

    Traded Angell grommets with haqq777. The whole transaction was the definition of smooth, and he even sent me a complimentary set of strings. Amazing guy and communicator. Thank you!
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    rburrows = Great Buyer!

    He was reasonable with negotiation, clear in communication, understanding with the details, and prompt with payment. Transaction couldn't have been smoother.
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    FS: Vantage TC95 16x19 (4 1/2)

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Vantage (pre-Angell) TC95, 16x19, 320g, 10pts. hl, 63RA, Grip Size / Size: 4 1/2 (B shape) Quantity: 1 Head Size (if a racquet): 95 Condition (x out of 10): 8.5-9/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): Traded my son's TT...
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    FS: 2x Angell TC95 16x19 (4 1/2)

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): TC95, 310g, 9pts.hl, 300sw, 16x19, 63RA, v.2 (black/gray) Grip Size / Size: 4 1/2 (B Shape) Quantity: 2 Head Size (if a racquet): 95" Condition (x out of 10): 8-8.5/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): Bought both from...
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    FS: Prince Textreme Tour 100P (4 3/8)

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Prince Textreme Tour 100P Grip Size / Size: 4 3/8 Quantity: 1 Head Size (if a racquet): 100 Condition (x out of 10): 8.5/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): Bought from a friend (who hit it maybe 5 hours) for my son, who...
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    FS: Angell TC97 18x20 (4 1/2)

    Item Description: Angell TC97 18x20 v.3 (2018) Grip Size / Size: 4 1/2 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 97" Condition: 9.5/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 3 hours *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): Pristine condition. Only blemishes are...
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    Angell TC95 4 1/2

    Item Description: Angell TC95 310g 9hl 63 RA (v2) unknown year (bought new/unhit from forum poster) Grip Size / Size: 4 1/2 (Angell leather) Quantity: 1 Head Size: 95 Condition (x out of 10): 8.5-9/10 conservatively *Specific Time Used: Less than 10 hours *General Description: Bought this...
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    Wanted: Angell K7 4 1/2 Grip

    Preferably in condition 8/10 or better, but I'd be interested in any. Thanks!
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    FS: Prince Textreme Tour 100T (4 1/4)

    Racquet: Textreme Tour 100T Item Description: Prince/Textreme Grip Size: 4 1/4 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 100 Condition: Bought for my son five months ago from TW's 'Used' inventory in 'B' condition. It's in the exact same condition, restrung twice: 8/10. *Specific Time Used: 5 months (once a...
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    FS: 2X Volkl V-Sense V1 Pros (4 1/2)

    Racquet: V1 Pro Item Description: Volkl V-Sense V1 Pro Grip Size: 4 1/2 (Attiva Pallets) Quantity: 2 Head Size: 99.5 Condition (x out of 10): 8.5-9.0 *Specific Time Used: 2-3 months *General Description: Only bumper rash and few nicks very top of frames at 12:00. Note that both pallets have been...
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    New Balance MC1296 v.2 (Size 11; 2E)

    Item Description: New Balance MC 1296 v.2 (Navy/bright cherry) Quantity: 1 Size: 11 (2E) Condition: 9 *Specific Time Used: 6 hours *General Description: Played on hardcourts for 6 hours with no notable wear except for a little dirt on the bottoms. Struggling with foot pain and trying to find the...
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    FS: Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9.5 (size 10.5)

    Item Description: Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9.5 Quantity: 1 Size: 10.5 Condition: 9 *Specific Time Used: 4 hours *General Description: Only noticeable wear is thin layer of dirt from 4 hours on hardcourts. Nearly pristine shoes; they're a 1/2 size too small for me, and I'm struggling with a new foot...
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    FS: 2 Yonex Duel G 310s

    Racquet: Yonex Item Description: Duel G 310 Grip Size: 4 1/2 Quantity: 2 Head Size: 97 Condition (x out of 10): 8/10; 9/10 *Specific Time Used: Bought one used and one new. I hit the used frame approx. 5 hours and the newer frame 1 hour. *General Description: Racquet 1 (8/10): just minor bumper...
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    FS: 2 Yonex DR 98 (4 3/8)

    Racquet: Yonex Item Description: DR 98 Grip Size: 4 3/8 Quantity: 2 Head Size: 98 Condition (x out of 10): 8/10; 8.5/10 *Specific Time Used: A few months (8/10) and 1 month (8.5/10) *General Description: One has typical wear on the bumper for an 8/10 frame, with a few nominal scratches on the...
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    Smooth transaction with El Diablo

    Great racquet (just as advertised), great price, great seller = great experience.
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    FS: 2 Boris Becker Delta Core Londons

    Racquet: Boris Becker Delta Core London Grip Size: 4 3/8 Quantity: 2 Head Size: 98 Condition: 8/10 *Specific Time Used: Bought both secondhand, so not sure of total time, but both show average to moderate use. Personally, I've hit one of the frames for about 4 hours; the other I have not hit...
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    FS: Head Graphene XT Prestige Pro (4 3/8)

    Racquet: Head Item Description: Graphene XT Prestige Pro Grip Size: 4 3/8 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 98 Condition: 8.5-9/10 *Specific Time Used: I bought it very lightly used and hit it for one set of doubles. Great frame but too polarized for me. *General Description: I bought this from another...
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    Ten_nuts is an honest seller

    Racquet price was more than fair. Communication was direct and clear. Shipping was very prompt. I'd purchase from him again, without a doubt.
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    LeftyTigger=Great Buyer

    Sold a racquet to LeftyTigger, and the whole transaction was very smooth: prompt payment, excellent communication, and very fair. Great experience!
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    FS: Wilson Blade 98 (2015) 18x20 (4 1/2)

    Racquet: Wilson Item Description: Blade 98 2015 18x20 Grip Size: 4 1/2 Quantity: 1 Head Size: Condition (x out of 10): 9.5/10 *Specific Time Used: 3 hours/3 sets of doubles *General Description: Like new, with just a hint of a scratch on the head guard, but you have to look hard to find it...
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    Chris and Andy: Babolat PCT vs Blade 98 2015

    I hit the PCT for a few years after picking up a few secondhand from separate owners. Amazingly, the frames were a gram apart (342 and 343g strung; 7pts and 8pts. hl). I loved this frame and played well with it, but I much prefer my frames around the 330-335g range and balanced around 5-6pts hl...
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    Excellent transaction with pvar

    Payment was very prompt, communication was very clear, and the exchange was very smooth. I would sell to pvar again in a heartbeat!
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    FS: 2 Boris Becker Londons, 4 1/2

    Racquet: London Item Description: Boris Becker Grip Size: 4 1/2 (4); Attiva pallets on both; BB leather grips on both Quantity: 2 Head Size: 98 Condition (x out of 10): 8/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): Sparingly, 3-4 months (received used as a gift)...
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    FS: 2 Babolat Pure Control Tours, 4 1/2

    Racquet: Pure Control Tour Item Description: Babolat (2014) Grip Size: 4 1/2 (4) Skin Feel grips on both Quantity: 2 Head Size: 98 Condition (x out of 10): 7.5-8 (for both) *Specific Time Used: Approx. 11 months *General Description: Typical bumper rash, paint peeling (from lead removal), few...
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    Grommets: BB London

    Hello, Will you be getting any more grommets for the BB London? Thanks for looking into this.
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    Boris Becker London Grommets

    If anyone could spare a set or two, contact me (Pneumated1 at gee mail dot com). Thanks!
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    Doulers: Five Star Seller

    I just received a frame from Doulers, promptly shipped, well-packaged, and in excellent condition. He cut me an incredible deal on this one. Doulers is an exceptionally fair transactor. I'd buy from him again in a heartbeat.
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    Bmr: A Great Buyer

    Payment was very prompt, and communication has been excellent. Bmr is a very personable guy and a delight to do business with. Sell to him with confidence!
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    royfrombigd is a first-class seller

    The merchandise arrived today as advertised and well packaged. He shipped out promptly and communicated effectively throughout the transaction. Don't hesitate to buy from royfrombigd!