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  1. KineticChain

    Supercomputer creating the best player imaginable

    i hate it when that happens when the snake guy comes out of the ground during my masterclass approach to net. but sureshs seemed unfazed which just goes to show you the hype is warranted
  2. KineticChain

    Federer - GOAT counter-arguments

    reborted and deleded
  3. KineticChain

    Djokovic thinks he’s Tesla

    what if tesla was just a preincarnation of novak. just researching wireless transmission of power so he could transmit power to the ball after it was hit aka cheating
  4. KineticChain

    Roger Federer no longer part of 'GOAT' race: Nikola Pilic

    nikola who? are we paying street bums now to get involved in the goat debate? breaking tennis news, i just slipped the carwash guy a $1 to say gilles simon is goating. time to make a thread
  5. KineticChain

    How to stop hiccups

    watch majorcan moonballer matches. kills hiccups by putting u to sleep
  6. KineticChain

    Check your tails TW!

    i come here to TT to get away from the daily news of death, destruction, destabilization only to find something far more abhorrent
  7. KineticChain

    Chess legend Magnus Carlsen prefers Nadal over Federer

    magnus getting a lump of coal this xmas
  8. KineticChain

    Merry Christmas!

    santa claws will spare you this year
  9. KineticChain

    Merry Christmas!

    it is now time for u to say the following: "merry christmas". please do so now
  10. KineticChain

    Merry Christmas!

    this is santa in germany
  11. KineticChain

    Your Most Interesting Tennis Story? Has to be true!

    I saw Nadal at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a ****** and bother him and ask him for photos or anything. He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?” I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept...
  12. KineticChain

    The "Big 2.5" better watch out, as Lord GOATray is back on the warpath.

    undy beat daniel "GOAT HUNTER" evans? this i do not believe
  13. KineticChain

    What does a "heavy ball" mean?

    some people put lead in the ball to give that heavy ball feel. kind of like when you put lead on the racket for a heavier swing.
  14. KineticChain

    Somebody help an idiot please?

    upload to imgur. right click on the image, click "copy image address" click on the "insert image" on TT forum text box. paste link in there. the "copy link" feature on imgur (which i'm guessing you used) doesn't give you a direct link to the image, only to the webpage "post" that contains your...
  15. KineticChain

    How Nick Krygios has spent the pandemic

    did he get a tattoo of his face
  16. KineticChain

    A Musk-See Video

    joey B supports elon
  17. KineticChain

    Interesting Djokovic interview about physicality at AO

    its real. u can tell by the pixels.
  18. KineticChain

    Mayweather vs Logan Paul

    lol wth. logan is a walking capitalism. not gonna lie though, i will probably watch a free stream. is hoping that the outcome not being staged too unrealistic? anything other than mayweather uppercutting that ****** into aokigahara forest would be unrealistic
  19. KineticChain

    Merry Christmas!

    no worries, it's funny that the normies have to post in the deplorables xmas thread only because it was the 1st up this year
  20. KineticChain

    Murray is indeed the GOAT.

    i will give him that. he does have a commendable neck
  21. KineticChain

    Merry Christmas!

    oh thats always how i conduct my christmas threads. usually its the wholesome christmas threads that pop up 1st, but @Capulin Zurdo was a busy christmas bee this year and necrobumped this one from 2016. have a merry Merry Christmas thread, @Vcore89
  22. KineticChain

    Where the RF hats at?

    so i just started a kickstarter for the all new RF hat. just need $420,000 to get things rolling. here is the concept its got ...a fan to keep ur head cool, and to fly u up to majorcan backhand moonballs
  23. KineticChain

    Let there be Light!

    we could put a large mirror into orbit so its always reflecting light onto the dark side of earth. that would be a fun covid project
  24. KineticChain

    Let there be Light!

    yea.... 8 minutes fresh... thats what Big Solar wants u to think.. Big Solar scamming us for millennia
  25. KineticChain

    Merry Christmas!

    santa looks different this year. must be the covid