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  1. Alexh22

    Fed's RF97 buttcap

    He doesn’t use the garbage retail rf97 cap shaped like chisel. It was shaped like a regular Wilson cap back in the early 2000. It took wilson 20 years to finally correct their error. Bravo.
  2. Alexh22

    Ezone 98 elbow problems anyone?

    They can do well with Dr 98 or AI 98 any given day. But yonex killed both lines to make way for new products.
  3. Alexh22

    Most Pros are using stock racquets

    Top pros Don’t, head pros never. Djokovic and Murray sticks are never sold to the public ever.
  4. Alexh22

    Novak is deserving of an autograph frame.

    The speed pro was not a signature frame even with it painted on the frame. It was a misrepresentation. Djokovic uses an old PT346 Radical MP that he doesn’t endorse. Since head has been lying about it since day one there will never be a djokovic signature frame. However. Wilson H22 blade pros...
  5. Alexh22

    Tennis Pros on youtube, who do you find most helpful?

    Tennis spin and Andrew Gu
  6. Alexh22

    Yonex - changing grip size

    File it down or sell it. Yonex grips are half a size bigger. Had that same problem and had to sell it.
  7. Alexh22

    Not Made in China

    Well, my point is directly on how head is intentionally offering inferior graphene products to the public to maximize profit. This company literally does not allow the Chinese plant to touch their proven PT346 radical mold. On the other hand, China can produce Federer’s personal racquets...
  8. Alexh22

    Not Made in China

    Djokovic s radical mp is made in Austria. But they sell you speed made in China.
  9. Alexh22

    Spec change with new pro racket paintjob?

    Remember del Porto played his K95 pj until they all wore out many years after. He finally got into the burn pj and then the ps97 pj with the same old 95 underneath
  10. Alexh22

    Ezone 98 elbow problems anyone?

    It is not the string. I demoed the 2020 ez 98 and had to stop due to hand / forearm pain. I had to go back to my dr and AI. Yonex has the stiff vcore line why making the ez so stiff is beyond me. I think it is just how the new ez98 is designed. Ra doesn’t tell the full story. It is a stiffer...
  11. Alexh22

    Where the RF hats at?

    Lol on the hype. Of course they are sold out. They did not have enough stock. Less than ten boxes per store. Uniqlo messes this one up as usual.
  12. Alexh22

    Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13

    They have tried years to arrive at this point. Not a lot they can do on this platform. The prostaff 97 is a low power stick but decent enough. Did you try the rf97 ?
  13. Alexh22

    Crack, paint or nothing to worry about?

    Is this a head graphene racquet ? If so it is only a matter of time.
  14. Alexh22

    SoleCourt is too wide! Using 2 insoles??? Need helps!!!

    These are super loose indeed. I used a thicker pair of insoles. But as already mentioned the heel got pushed up which is less secure. Would not buy again.
  15. Alexh22

    Wilson pro blade and other “ lab” sticks

    The mold, shape, drill pattern and material are completely different. There a plenty of info on blade pros I suggest you read them. Don’t rely on specs on paper.
  16. Alexh22

    Wilson pro blade and other “ lab” sticks

    The blade pro is a H22 type racquet. Much easier to play and to generate power.
  17. Alexh22

    Which is better, graphene prestige mp, or graphene XT prestige mp?

    The graphenes are quite hollow and stiff. I liked the youtek which had a lot more feel.
  18. Alexh22

    My racquet room

    This is a massive win. How much do you think they are worth in total ?
  19. Alexh22

    RF Cap is back

    But they likely will as they have done it over and over again.
  20. Alexh22

    Yonex Grip thickness, trying to reduce size

    You can sand down the handle but be very very slow and careful.
  21. Alexh22

    RF Cap is back

    They d better have the logo. The Uniqlo ones sucked until they have the R F. But it is the super rich Japanese owner who makes decisions that haven’t made any sense yet. how much are these ? $30 ?
  22. Alexh22

    New Yonex Vcore (for 2020 or 2021 ?)

    I was comparing the DR 98 vs 2020 ezone 98.
  23. Alexh22

    Pro staff 97 - reputation as a stiff racquet??

    If you find ps97 stiff then the rf97 is even more so. Lower the tension.
  24. Alexh22

    New Yonex Vcore (for 2020 or 2021 ?)

    I played the new blue ezone side by side with my dr and it felt noticeably stiffer and unpredictable. The so called revamp is a big fail for yonex. The DR and AI were perfect.
  25. Alexh22

    Patrick McEnroe Is Bored

    Would love Snoop to start with some wild ones with drama. Nothing Wimbledon tho.
  26. Alexh22

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Yonex POLYTOUR REV string!

    Could someone comment on how this compares to the strike ? Is it firmer ? More spin ?
  27. Alexh22

    New Yonex Vcore (for 2020 or 2021 ?)

    They killed AI and DR for these two new gens that are like wooden boards: no feel, no consistency. They also need to bring back the true Vcore 95 D. They can even do a limited run but they already put Wawrinka on VCP.... well. Too late for that.
  28. Alexh22

    Iga Moves on from Prince!

    But Iga plz do not sign with head cuz that way we will never see anything similar to your racquet available to the public.
  29. Alexh22

    Thiem and Medvedevs Rackets

    I meant the tf 305 atp before the dynacore came out. I have it also the PS 6.1 95 and they look very similar but the 305 atp is 18x19. Indeed. His stick is weighted up based on the info you provided.