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    How can umpires prove lack of effort?

    I recall a situation where Medvedev was down 0-6 in a tiebreak and had to hit a second serve. He swung as hard as he could to smash the ball directly into the floor about 2 feet away from himself. Similar situation where Davindadochkovic Fokinina (can't be bothered to look up the correct...
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    Why does Nadal try to change his game when playing Medvedev?

    When Nadal plays Medvedev he uses a lot of slice, S&V and net rushes. The thing that makes Nadal great is that he (other than Medvedev for some reason) uses the same tactic against every player; hit high topspins to the backhand, no? Get your opponent to adapt to you; never adapt to them. If...
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    Sinner will never win another title

    I'm sick of people hyping up young players for no good reason. Sinner is already 19 and what has he achieved? A single ATP 250 title. He has glaring weaknesses in his game (no volleys, no power, poor movement) and I'm pretty sure he has just a couple of years left before he starts to decline...
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    Prediction: Thiem will never win another title

    Some people are actually predicting this guy will one day be a Slam winner (by the way, the COVID Open doesn't count as a Slam, so Thiem is still slamless). However, I'd like to assert the notion that Thiem is already in terminal decline at a fast rate (can't even reach the final of the his...
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    Does Tsitsipas's game actually have ANY upside?

    Worst ever return, worst ever backhand slice, subpar topspin backhand, movement, volleys and second serve, mediocre serve, forehand and 1st serve. How the hell has this guy made it inside the top 10,000 let alone top 10?
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    More potential: Auger-Aliassime or Sinner

    They seem the same genre of player to me: similar height, pretty fast, pretty athletic, solid off both wings. Who has the bigger potential? (Personally, I can't see either of them ever winning more than an ATP 250).
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    Thiem is already declining

    Made multiple French Open finals in a row, now can't even make the Semi's. He was lucky to grab a Slam just as his Twilight years are setting in. I don't care if we're in the 'modern era' or not, 27 is still ANCIENT in tennis terms - do not let the exceptions to this rule that are the Big...
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    Why does Tsitsipas produce so many appalling mis-hits?

    Honestly, it seems like every 5th shot he hits goes into the stadium. I can understand why he'd hit so many off his elaborate, loopy backhand, but he has a mechanically simple Eastern forehand and produces just as many mis-hits off of that wing. Is it just an innate lack of...
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    Will there ever be a guy who wins 80 Slams?

    Do you think there is ever (in human history) likely to be a guy with the perfect career - that is, during his long peak from age 18 to 38, wins every single slam consecutively, to equal a total of 80 Slams (20 Calendar Slams in a row)? For a bonus, imagine if he'd win every Masters...
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    Bigger forehand: Khachanov or Berrettini?

    I get these 2 mixed up in my head a lot; tall, bearded guys with big forehands and unremarkable backhands. But whose forehand is bigger?
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    Medvedev will never win a Slam

    Typically over-hyped 'next-gen' guy with no results to back it up. People are actually predicting he will win Grand Slams!? I guess that's the usual short-attention span nature of people today - a guy achieves a modicum of success and everyone's all aboard the hype-train. Well, I prefer to take...
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    We will probably see players more dominant than Nadal/Federer/Djokovic IMMEDIATELY after they retire

    Remember when everyone said they'd never see a more dominant champion than Sampras in their lifetime? Then as soon as Sampras retired, Federer came along. It's not hard to fathom that after Nadal, Federer and Djokovic retire, another trio could immediately come along and dominate the next 70...
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    How extreme can you take the 'play to the tempo of the server' rule?

    If you're serving, can you play a dropshot from the baseline - forcing your opponent to run to the net. They're at the net, and within a second of the point ending, you serve for the next point giving them no time to run back to the baseline to recieve the serve. Technically, your opponent...
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    Thiem has overachieved at this French Open

    If you look at his clay season this year he was nowhere close to winning even a Masters. Losing to Lajovic in R2 of Monte Carlo, losing to Verdasco in R2 of Rome, losing to Djere in R1 of Rio - this isn't really the calibre of player you'd expect to find in the semifinals of the clay Slam. I...
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    Why can Thiem beat Nadal but not Verdasco?

    Doesn't make sense; Thiem can beat Nadal (4-8 h2h) but not Nadal Lite (0-4 h2h). What in the match-ups explains this?
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    A. Zverev is still better than everyone in his generation, and probably always will be

    Pains me to say it (because I think his game is so boring), but Zverev is still lightyears ahead of his generation (as well as everyone in the Dominic Thiem generation). Yes, others such as Tsitsipas and Thiem may occasionally look more explosive and have more high profile wins over big names...
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    Better groundstroke package: Cuevas or Kohlschreiber?

    These guys are very similar - very solid groundstrokes on both forehand and backhand side (but nothing you'd call an outright weapon), similar height, both have good serves for their height, both have clay as their probable best surface. Which one is more complete from the back of the court?
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    Half of the players with 3+ wins over Nadal on clay have a one-handed backhand

    Gaudio, Thiem, Djokovic and Fognini. On tour, one-handers have a slightly better winning percentage over Nadal on clay than two-handers do. It seems to be a total myth (perpetuated by Djokovic's relatively success over Nadal vs Federer's) that Nadal decimates one-handed backhands anymore than...
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    Bigger forehand: Verdasco or Sock?

    These guys are a similar size so their leverages are similar for a fairer comparison. Verdasco's technique is very similar to Nadal's; modern with a straight arm at contact for more leverage over the ball. Sock's contact point is very bent-up and contorted looking, but he compensates by having...
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    Biggest forehand + backhand combo out of: Wawrinka, Thiem & Almagro?

    All 3 of these guys currently (or used to) bash the hell out of the ball from both wings. Who has the highest power output when you combine forehand and backhand?
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    Physical limits of topspin?

    If you apply an extremely large amount of topspin to an object (let's say, billions of rpm), can you make it fall back to Earth faster than gravity would allow? For example, the speed of a bullet is apparently 1700mph. If you shot that bullet out of a gun that also somehow applied billions of...
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    Can pro's get DQ'd for intentional harm that is done technically within the rules?

    For example, if one guy is losing 0-6, 5-0, but then plays a point where he gets a sitter and his opponent is right at the net - can he decide to drill the ball at 500mph straight into his opponent's eyes hoping to blind him permanently to force a retirement from the match so that he can win...
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    Why Djokovic will never catch Nadal in the Slam race

    Simple, because Nadal has one Slam that he's GUARANTEED to win each year; the French Open. Of course, on top of this guaranteed Slam he may also win additional Slams. Basically, as long as Nadal has not retired, he wins (minimum) one Slam per year like clockwork. Simply by playing for 3 more...
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    Which of these would be considered the greater player?

    Player A: wins 1 Slam in his career, 0 other titles, never reaches past the 3rd round of any other Slam apart from the one he won, has a peak ranking of world number 9. Player B: plays in the same era as player A, reaches 60 consecutive Slam finals (but loses them all), wins 135 consecutive...
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    Who has the biggest backhand on the ATP tour at the moment?

    Who is it? My guess would be a tall 2-handed player with very long leverages, so I'm guessing Cilic, A. Zverev and Khachanov are in the mix for the biggest backhand on tour at the moment. Nadal too (being a natural righty and slightly muscular makes up for his limited leverage). Who gets your...
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    Tsitsipas has very limited potential

    If you break down his game - everything is either average or below average. Forehand in particular is spectacularly average. There is no power or penetration to it. I noticed that even the underweight midget De Minaur had a much bigger forehand than Tsitsipas - and Tsitsipas is much taller. His...
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    Compared to the average two-handed backhand, is Thiem's backhand a weakness against Nadal?

    Say you had to face Nadal on clay. Would you take a 'slightly above average generic ATP two-handed backhand' (let's say Troicki's, or Bedene's or Millman's) over Thiem's backhand?
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    Would you lose the point in this scenario?

    Let's take an extreme scenario. You hit a ball sky-high which enables you to run out of the courts and into the car park whilst the ball is still in the air. When it comes down, your ball lands in. Your opponent then smacks the ball out of the stadium but it hits you (in the car park) before it...
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    Would Thiem be able to beat Nadal more often if he had a two-handed backhand?

    The most impressive thing about Thiem's 3 clay wins against Nadal is the fact that he's done it as a righty with a powder-puff one-handed backhand. Remember, Nadal's entire existence is based around pummeling the one-handed backhands of right-handed players. If you swapped out Thiem's glaringly...
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    What's happened to Almagro?

    Not seen it mentioned anywhere that he's retired, or even injured. Yet he's missed the entire clay season this year. Anyone know what's going on?