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    WTA equipment changes 2021

    Yes, very interesting tooic about Copil racquet, I can’t wait to read what he is using after all he is no 1 in atp..
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    WTA equipment changes 2021

    1. Does anyone know why Pliskova has no Babolat logo? Was she dropped? 2. Iga moves to Tecnifibre 3. Bencic back to previous Yonex EZone model - green one 4. Vekic possibly moved to new Vcore model but I need better quality pics to confirm this one. Any other changes?
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    Swiatek...countdown to racquet change

    Kasatkina now without any stencil :)
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    Iga Moves on from Prince!

    It is a Rebound line which was promoted by Kasatkina. So one possibility is she is testing other racquet now and the other is she has already her RS chosen and repainted.
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    Prime Hewitt beats prime Djokovic on HC.

    In fact prime Hewitt is worse player than prime Djokovic in general but really bad matchup for Novak same as Nalbandian. Djokovic mostly pushes the ball back and waits for UEs which won’t happen against these two. It would be similar match to him against Medvedev. So, these two players are worse...
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    Let's be honest, Djokovic was screwed worst this season

    How can anyone still say the DQ was unfair? Sorry tennis is not basketball and hopefully will never become. Who can be guilty for hitting the judge besides the person hitting?
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    Djokovic has lost 4 of his last 8 matches

    Everyone has right to create a thread. You create many dumb threads and still live so why hating and attacking someone for doing the same thing you do?
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    Djokovic has lost 4 of his last 8 matches

    No better excuse for Novak so let’s attack the user congrats :D
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    Is Thiem best player on tour now ?

    The problem with Thiem is he plays worse than usual against big3 even if he managed to win many times. Today he played way worse than in first 2 matches
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    Djokovic has an endurance problem!

    Yes, we know he lost on purpose to mislead other players :D Also the line judge disqualified him yesterday. And he has covid. And bad day. We all know it.
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    Novak Djokovic Round Robin 2 Match Press Conference | London 2020

    Actually Med killed Djokovic with his own game. Was pushing back all balls deep in the court and served really well. That's why he started to hurry and hit UEs. That's all.
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    Medvedev will demolish Djokovic

    Let’s just wait for Novak fans to prove us Djokovic lost because he is injured or line jugdes were againts him or he had bad luck or something :D
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    Does anyone know if limited Osaka version is going to be back or not?
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    Swiatek...countdown to racquet change

    How do you imagine she is sponsored by Prince and at the same time playing without their stencil? Her coach also stated their are looking for a racquet contract because she doesn’t have one. Also she is not included on their website or social media. They just put their pic and this is all. She...
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    Swiatek...countdown to racquet change

    She is not sponsored by Prince so it means nothing.
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    After watching Federer battling Davydenko at the Australian Open in 2010 I've come to a different conclusion

    So all that we should base Federer form is your subjective view. Wow, really great perspective. So, let’s change the point of view for mine. from what I see, he declained a lot so your topic is pointless. Thanks.
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    Closest current racquet to a Yonex DR98

    how 20 mm Blade might be similar to 19-24-24 racquet?
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    ATP players' council around Roger Federer wants to redistribute the prize money: "Take it from the poor and give it to the rich"!

    Actually you are completely wrong. When players were paid less the level was much better in both WTA and ATP. Now you can be player like Kyrgios or Bouchard who make few good results and you are financially sufficient for the rest of your life.
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    By Wimbledon next year, Fed will be without his slam and weeks nr 1 records.

    Yes especially Djokovic is an ultimate champion of beating Carreno Busta, congrats
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    Djokovic calls ATP finals pinnacle of the season

    The fact is GS are far more important ;)
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    Djokovic calls ATP finals pinnacle of the season

    Let’s see what he says if he fails to win it :)
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    Swiatek...countdown to racquet change

    yes i think they will produce it just for you and your inagination
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    Iga Świątek’s next Racquet Poll

    Iga is testing a Tecnifibre’s racquet...
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    Tsitsipas on Natural Gut

    The case is you mix I and nobody in one sentence. If I stop eating meat the cows still will be slaughtered :D Everybody can say that. For me it is irrational. It is like saying I don’t eat meat while wearing leather shoes, belt and wollen jacket...
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    Tsitsipas on Natural Gut

    It is like saying cows are not slaughtered solely because I eat meat. It is because others eat. actually I agree with him that it is moronic to protect animals in one case and use them in another
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    G360+ Radical 2021

    Stiff and not much stability - they mentioned it in the review. Or do you think there is a conspiracy? :D Most graphene 360 racquets had medicore reviews...
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    What was the best tennis season?

    ATP 2009 and for WTA loved 2007/2008/2012
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    Marcos Giron's Customized Yonex VCORE 95

    Sorry but such racquet is out of amateur technique unless you are something like NTRP 5-6. Unless you claim you are better than pros...
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    I wish that Djokovic won the Grand Slam in 2015

    It was just a display of what happens to Djokovic when he plays A class opponent and not Murray. It also happened in Rio and in other matches when his rival is not hitting 50 UEs...
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    Babolat losing ground?

    The problem with such statistics is Wilson is American brand so no wonder they are running many sponsorships for top players in US. But in ATP ranking we have no American in TOP20 so ...