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    forcing myself to play agressive

    First of all, Playing aggressively doesn't mean hitting harder. It means to be aware of what is going on on the court and to take proper action. Also, don't let the ball play you, you should play the ball. Good advice that I heard was "Play to win, instead of playing not to lose". If you are...
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    Players with the MOST INFLUENCE to later generations

    Influence in tennis not always related to technique. Just give it a little more thought. Take Agassi's case, for example. He dropped to # 141 in the world , and came back upto #1 player in the world. Now he's one of the fittest, best, and oldest player in the world. Don't you think this...
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    Well, in a sense that's true. But not every elemet will come naturally to a person. For example, I had to be consistently told to get into backscratch motion earlier. Some people tend to drop their left arm too fast, other people tend not to use their legs. I can't really recall any coach...
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    Whose service return is the best ?

    it's relative. Federer, Agassi, Hewitt, Safin, they all have one of the better returns in the game. But they choose to do it in different ways. I think Federer gets a lot of ball back. He can sort of float it back to start the point and use his movement and speed to transit to offense. He...
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    Safin second serve?

    Everyone hits a flat serve here and there. Safin is a no exeception. Have you ever seen Marat hitting 130mph down the middle on deuce serve? That's a flat serve right there. if you want to be unnecessarily technically correct, it's much flatter serve.
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    Safin was showing off in the finals

    I think before you go and work on your stroke, you need to work on your logical thinking and reasoning. How is Safin speaking Spanish "showing off"? One guy speaks Portuguese, which is very similar to Spanish, and the other guys speak Spanish very very well. Is there a reason why they should...
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    Who is our best player on the boards..??

    My son's name is Jaden Gil, and I married Steffi Graf....Is that enough?
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    Is it ever ok to supinate on serve?

    pronation is what happens at the moment of contact. It doesn't necessarily correlate with where you finish the racket. Think of pitchers, they pronate when they throw yet the still finish across their body.
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    Safin second serve?

    even flat serves have some spin on it. To be absolutely technically correct, Safin usually tries flatten or slice his 1st serve. Occasionally he may try to kick his serve out wide on ad side for first serve.
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    Safin second serve?

    i don't know what percentage of 1st serve he hits flat. Most pros including marat try to mix their 1st serve up. They will hit flat down the middle, slide into the body, hit slice outwide. It can also depend on what's working for him on a given day. If he is hitting that flat down the middle...
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    Federer Shouldn't Have Changed Something that Worked

    no offense, but you shoud give more thought before you post something like this. what you are saying is equivalent to "whenever a player doesn't win a tournament, s/he should change the coach" Give me a break. Tony Roche coached Ivan Lendl and Lendl did better that fine during his career...
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    Safin second serve?

    Everyone hits flat serves at one point or another on first serve. Marat certainly hits flat ones on 1st serve
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    returning low balls

    These are tough balls to handle. I think the most important thing is to recognize this ball as soon as possible, and then get up there as quickly as possible. Bend your knees, and stay down throughout the shot.
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    Federer's defeat was arranged ?

    Safin is very much capable of beating Federer, and vice versa. Safin won that match, Federer didn't lose it.
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    Safin second serve?

    his 2nd serve is mostly kick serve. He doesn't really go for his 2nd serve like Sampras or Roddick does.
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    Safin knows the secret to beat Federer?!

    I think everyone has an idea / a strategy on how to beat Federer. But the problem is not everyone can execute that strategy to an extent where they can hurt Federer. At least from what I saw, it looked like Safin was successfully attacking Federer on his backhand side. And he was able to...
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    Serve Toss

    good advice. But at the beginning it's ok to vary your toss (not too extreme), to get the feel of putting proper spin on the ball. As you develop good motion and spin serves, then you can try to minimize the differences in your toss.
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    Federer's defeat was arranged ?

    we all know some baseball games were fixed. Some soccer teams arrange victory-defeat so that they can advance together to World Cup or something like that. HOWEVER, to even think of these two guys arranged victory is utterly absurd. It doesn't matter what kind of theory or reason you come up...
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    Is it cool to celebrate your opponent's fault? Shar./Ws.

    not every one is Stefan Edberg. Even soccer is supposed to be gentleman's sport, and they dispise tackle from behind, yet when they score, they do all sorts of things. I watched a little bit of Serena and Sharapova, they seemed to be really pumped, and I don't really recall them yelling out...
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    Is it ever ok to supinate on serve?

    I think some people suspinate on slice serve. Anyways, I think it only helps to think about pronation or wrist snap to fine tune your serve. I remember in "You cannot be serious", John Mac talked about a coach who seemed to have answers to everything. And when John mac asked him how to get...
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    Agassi VS Federer live ...

    looks like Federer is finding his range, and his about be on. I think Agassi is playing a little out of his comfortzone..
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    Andre could beat Federer

    It's not just the power on serve than Agassi does. Federer tops on about 128mph, Agassi gets it upto 125 when going for flat. What seperates them in serve department is 1)disguise 2)variety 3)Accuracy. Agassi's 2nd serves is mostly kicker, whereas Federer can hit kick or slice with comfort...
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    Agassi VS Federer live ...

    hweeew.... Some great shot making displayed in early match...I am rooting for agassi.
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    safin's grip

    it's just white finishing tape. Or it could be whilte electric tape. You can find this in some hardware store.
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    Agassis's and other Pros racquet weight...

    I think tennis magazine had coverage on this thing. I think they said Agassi's stick weight around 13 0z. Johny Mac uses 13 oz stick as well. I think average weight of male pros' frame is slightly below 13 oz. it's not a totally good idea to have a racket heavy enough to slow your swing...
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    For sale Prince Precision Response Ti 3/8

    I have one Prince Precision Response TI, grip size 3/8. I found this in one store in late august. I only played with it for 5~6 hours. So it's still in very very good condition. I am selling it for 65 dollar including shipping. Email me at
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    For sale Prostaff Classic 6.1 MP 3/8

    I am selling one Prostaff Classic 6.1 MP, grip size 3/8 I used it for about 1 year or so. It's still in good condition. I am selling it for 55 dollar, including shipping.
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    One Handed Backhand Grips

    when you hit the ball, the string has to be vertical to the ground. What your freind meant was that, when you simply hold the racket in your hand, the string should be pararellel to the ground. It sounds like an eastern backhand grip. you can do search on for grip guide. Tommy...
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    Anyone else like Takao Suzuki

    Gambil doesn't really have much variety. Most of times, he just tries to go through the guy. He can't really mix it up besides throwing a few s-v here and there. And I think using two hands on both sides hurts him because he doesn't move that well. I don't think Federer is going to lose...
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    Emulating Pro's Strokes

    You can't copy or emulate someone else's swing. Everyone, boy or girl, will have their natural swing path as s/he starts to learn how to hit the ball. Any good coach will have to work within THAT framework. Therefore, if you taught anyone to swing like Federer, it would not be idea. But what you...