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    The Most Difficult And Exhausting Job: Teaching Your Kid To Drive

    Im gonna guess your kid hasnt driven a go kart or played many video games involving driving
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    Isner match

    throwing a pitch is a lot more damaging to your arm. its easier to throw out your arm with a small, relatively light ball than using a heavier racquet to hit it. If youve ever thrown a tennis ball hard you can tell its rougher on the shoulder.
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    Fastest ways to improve?

    get faster... by far the best way to get better/win more. speed kills in every sport
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    Muscles Needed for Rackethead Speed?

    id say core for every thing, and anything that helps you "snap" your forearm/wrist/hand through contact. Also do over head throws with a medicine ball (like a soccer throw-in) or swing a really big hammer for serves. Someone told me they know a javelin thrower who has a great serve so just...
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    Weight gain, muscle or fat

    are you stronger?
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    Need a good workout plan.

    unless you have a high blood pressure or something, the safest way and best way to lift the most weight is to take a breath before you begin the eccentric portion and HOLD the breath until you pass the "sticking" point of the concentric portion. not only will this let you produce more force...
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    Trying to cut weight. Can you rate my diet/workout plan?

    not really not that necessary and 3 is fine for any time.
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    My pre season routine : /

    so.... how will high rep lifting train fast twitch mucles? how will this "pat down" big muscles? all "pat down" could be is either lose fat or lose muscle.
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    What are some explosive exersises?

    even most people who think they know what they are doing are wrong, I would do something less technical. I would go with high pulls (clean minus the catch) or medicine ball throws (ball on the ground in front of you, heav it over your head and as far or high behind you as you can). I wouldnt...
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    body fat problem

    just because it takes longer doesnt mean it is worse... low-intensity, steady-state cardio burns a higher percentage of fat per calorie burned (correct me if i am wrong) and not everyone wants to push him or herself as hard as is necessary for HIIT.
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    Losing Weight, but not much body fat?

    not really... its just whatever works best for you. I know guys 5'8 and 175 who are incredible tennis players
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    Need Help Creating a 2 Day, Low Volume Weight Training Routine

    Whats "really heavy" Ive done some heavy weightlifting (powerlifting stuff like above and olympic stuff too) 3 or so days a week with tennis 5 or so days a week and i feel okay. But i think 2 days would work okay since i never felt like i got much stronger and always needed the entire weekend to...
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    War against those love handles

    you are pretty skinny as it is in my opinion. Im 6 foot and if i get down to 175 i look too skinny and whatnot. I wouldnt try to loose fat, id try to get some muscle first, then drop some fat. you are not 5.9% bodyfat, what ever test you took was wrong most likely
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    Need Help Creating a 2 Day, Low Volume Weight Training Routine

    since its just 2 days id probably go full body for both. Also, to maintain strength, lower-ish reps is usually best i think, which you already want to do. maybe something like - a type of squat - a type of upper body push - a type of upper body pull - a type of lower body pull (for lower...
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    Give me some tips on handling modern topspin

    make sure you hit the ball out in front of you, swing through, not across it and dont try to guide the ball.
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    My serve video, please comment

    explode UP, reach UP and snap down with your wrist. You seem to be falling into the court
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    Balls with no pace put me off my game. Why?

    People have trouble because it seems easy to stop moving your feet. Once you stop moving your feet your form goes to crap and you start missing. Also, it isnt easy for most people to generate their own pace on every single shot, and most people dont practice this so the miss early
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    Improving sprint speed

    they also have the best form/running flexibility and take the most strides in the least time. Many of them do not squat or do not squat often (bolt, for one) Leg strength is one part of the puzzle, flexibility and form are also very important.
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    will lifting weights slow me down?

    i dont think strength is as important in hitting big serves as much as good coordination of body parts. I know some tiny kids who can approach 100 on serves. Id say hit more serves to serve better.
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    will lifting weights slow me down?

    no response.... parallel is below 90 degrees. every squat should be at least to parallel. it probably is, although id never count out the power of placebo i agree, also most people's benching form is pretty bad on the shoulders anyway. I didnt realize for a while how important...
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    will lifting weights slow me down?

    my basis is ive never seen a credible scientific source recommend much, if at all, over 1g/lb bw of protein. Please tell me if you find something that says otherwise. Also, protein needs may be lower when in a calorie surplus than a calorie deficit since carbohydrates are protein sparing...
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    will lifting weights slow me down?

    ummmm HRT? an untrained person will have no trouble squatting that much... for a short time. make sure to add some type of upper body pull to that workout the last part is not true, no natural athlete should need to go over 1g/lb bw of protein I only said that because i do a lot of...
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    Arm-strengthening exercises

    biceps and pec strength doesnt seem to have much to with forehand power or consistency... id say forearm, shoulders, legs and core have a lot more to do with it. I mean del potro isnt quite "jacked" but he hits the hell out of the ball. And everyone has seen a scrawny guy blast a few shots at...
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    will lifting weights slow me down?

    quick question, why not go lower reps on power cleans? a 5RM will most likely happen because of a breakdown in form before anything else. also, core strength is very important in tennis, you may want to get a bit of that in there. ummmm what does that rep style have to do with bulk...
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    Arm-strengthening exercises

    how heavy is that? i didnt think pure drives were very heavy. Id hit with it more until you get used to it. Best way i can think to get better at using it.
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    Meth Head

    what you already assumed...
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    Meth Head

    why? you assume he doesnt know the word? and its not like its hidden. Rick Reilly's ESPN article today... "written with Pulitzer Prize winner J.R. Moehringer"
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    Meth Head

    its actually mentioned in another article that he wrote it with another author...
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    Agassi a meth much for ATP drug tests!..

    roid boys? who would that be? I dont see anyone on tour that looks more muscular than even a college football player at the very most.