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  1. Borat

    Ordering Grommets

    Would the Fischer M-Speed Mid grommets that are for sale on the TW website work for a previous generation M-sPeed pro no. 1? If so, do they come with a replacement bumperguard?
  2. Borat

    How long should my racquet last?

    Hey, long time away from the forum. Just a quick Q, I play with a fischer m-speed that gets almost all of my playing time, and I play every day during the 3 month high school varsity season and around twice a week during the off season. I have had my racquet for 1 year exactly, how long will it...
  3. Borat

    Low Power High Spin/Touch Poly

    Looking for a low power spin/touch poly. Any reccomendations?
  4. Borat

    Reccomendatios for Customization

    Hey, I'm still playing with the stock Fischer M-Speed Pro. No. 1 98 SL (11.8 oz) and was wondering if anyone had any lead tape suggestions? I am not getting enough stability or plow-through on ground strokes and not enough spin. Anyone give any suggestions of options where to add lead?
  5. Borat

    Racquet Weighting and Arm Injury Help

    Hey guys, This is my first time posting on this forum in a long, long time. I am still playing with a fischer m-speed pro. 1 98 SL standard weighting for the last year or so. It is a great long-lasting quality racquet and I hope that everyone would try out fischer sticks more often. Anyways...
  6. Borat

    Stringing my first

    I am about to string my M-Speed Pro. No. 1 98 on a silent partner swing dropweight. Any tips, common mistakes, things to look out for?
  7. Borat

    White Overgrip Most Resistant to Dirt?

    Which white overgrip is the most resistant to dirt and changing colors?
  8. Borat

    What are you strung with?

    What strings are you using right now, and how do you like them? - I was using Gamma Asterisk 16 @ 63 lbs. on a M-Speed Pro. No. 1 98 until I broke it this morning. I liked it, comfortable, and felt more poly-ish than most multi's. The move a lot though which sucks. Getting Pacific X-Force 18...
  9. Borat

    Silent Partner Swing Info?

    I had some questions about the SP Swing (seriously considering purchasing one in the next week). -I have heard a lot of good things....what are the downsides (besides the lack of fixed clamps). -How are the clamps that come with the machine, do they slip alot? -Does it come with any free...
  10. Borat

    Anyone used Pacific X-Force

    I was about to string with it? Any thoughts/feedback?
  11. Borat

    Getting a Dropweight, need help

    Which dropweight would you guys reccomemend and why? I am looking at the following so far: -Gamma X-2 -silent Partner Swing -Klippermate I dont know much about these, any info or feedback would be helpful.
  12. Borat

    How to accurately cut 1/2" lead tape to 1/4"

    I have tried with scisscors and a straight edge, but it is pretty innacurate. Any other ideas/ methods?
  13. Borat

    TW, are you planning a price drop on the N95's?

    Is there a price drop in the future? Thanks.
  14. Borat

    Baghdatis' specs?

    Has anyone confirmed whether he switched to the new fischer frames or just switched Pj's? What was he using before? What are his specs?
  15. Borat

    Gasquet Specs and Racquet

    Is he using the Instinct Tour or the Tour XL? What are his specs?
  16. Borat

    Top Secret Disaster Movie Trailer

    For those of you who saw Tranformers recently, you may remember the mysterious trailer that showed prior to the movie. For those of you who didn't see it, here is the down-low: J.J. Adams (LOST producer) is producing a new movie which has been given the codename "cloverfield". (real title not...
  17. Borat

    Frame Advice?

    Alright, I am 16 and have been playing for around 2 years, 3 days a week for around 2 hours in the winter and late fall, during the season (March through early June) Monday through Saturday match play or 3 hours heavy practice and every other sunday light practice, during the summer 5 days a...
  18. Borat

    Prostaff 6.1 Classic?

    I have heard good feedback on this stick, and I am interested in acquiring one. I looked and the specs, and the 72RA stiffness is really scaring me. I am not one to have serious arm problems, but still.... I am using a Fischer M-Speed right now, which is very flexy, 59RA I think. Anyways, I know...
  19. Borat

    Ultimate Pro Racquet Customization Thread

    In an effort to improve this forum I wanted to consolidate all known pro racquet specs and customizations. Please try to include the following if possible. Player Name: Racquet Brand/Model: Static weight: Balance: Swingweight: Picture of visible lead tape: Overwrap Type:
  20. Borat

    Sampras Nike Symbol Apparel

    Where can I find a hat with the mini tennis court with a nike symbol in the middle on it. Sampras had the symbol on a lot of his nike gear.
  21. Borat

    Pro Kennex Racquet Indetification Help?

    Hey, I was wondering about a frame I found recently. It says Pro Kennex Copper Ace 90, and is light teal (blue green) with some red and gray accents. It has gray grommets and headguard and a light tan leather grip stock. It seems like a high SW. Is this a ladies frame? Which model is this...
  22. Borat

    Can someone please help me out?

    Can anyone send me 15 inches of 1/4" lead tape (not self cut from 1/2") for 15 inches of 1/2" lead tape. Thanks.
  23. Borat

    JDeloach Appreciation Thread

    Hey guys, Just out of respect for Jeff, I figured I would start this thread. He has been the man to go to for reviews, on request he has hunted down frames to try out, just to help others. In the "New Vantage Prebuilts" thread, I couldn't believe when people bashed him for taking TW's buisness...
  24. Borat

    Leather Grip Experts Needed

    Wilson Leather, Pacific Leather, Babolat leather......which of these is the thinnest, and which has the best feel?
  25. Borat

    Wanted: Fischer Vacuum Pro Classic 98

    Looking for a Fischer Vacuum Pro Classic 98 in any grip, and any condition. Post in this thread, or Email me at if you have one to sell, or post your email here and I can contact you. Thanks.
  26. Borat

    Info on fischer Frames

    I want to buy an older Fischer stick in the near future. I have heard about the Vacuum Pro, and was wondering how it played. Any other good discontinued Fischer frames? Anyone have any pics of the Vacuum Pro? Anyone know wher eI can buy one?
  27. Borat

    Anyone heard anything on the new M-Speed Comp 95?

    Anyone got a hit in with it? Know the specs? Have pics? Thanks.
  28. Borat

    Need Dampener Help

    Hey, I have used the fischer dampener, and the Sampras "O" dampener on my M-Speed strung w/ ALU Power.....and they fly off. I have lost the fischer damp and like 3 "O" damps. I dont like how rubberbands flop around so much, any other options? I just want a damp that will stay on. Thanks.
  29. Borat

    TournaGrip II Full Review

    Hey guys, I hunted down some TG II at a sport store, and wanted to give you my thoughts. If you have questions, I would be glad to answer them. The color of TournaGrip II is NOT the same as Tournagrip Original. It is more like a very light sky blue. This didnt bother me much, but, some people...
  30. Borat

    What Kind of shoes is Gasquet wearing?

    They look pretty cool, what model are they?