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  1. Jules

    Slowest racquet head speed (since 1985)

    I was just wondering. Who had the slowest average racquet head speed in "recent" times? Top 100 minimum. I'm by no means an expert on pre 90s tennis, but I coundn't think of anyone with a slower racquet head speed than the great Mecir. Take it...
  2. Jules

    Rosen88 a set up against Monfils in Stockholm

    If my memory is not failing me completely Patrik Rosenholm, who has just won first set against Monfils in Stockholm, is Rosen88 on these boards. Would be fun if he could take the win. Don't remember seeing him post in a while though.
  3. Jules

    Is Frederico Gil's racquet oversize?

    Hi guys! As the title says, is this racquet oversize or are my eyes playing tricks on me? It's obviously the BLX Blade PJ, but to me the racquet looks bigger than 98 sq. in.
  4. Jules

    Thomas Enqvist with Donnay

    Just found this pic from Chengdu on the Champions Tour that I wanted to share...
  5. Jules

    Video of Gasquet vs. Nadal from 1999

    Roland Garros on Facebook just (re)posted this youtube video of Gasquet vs. Nadal from a french junior tournament in the late 90s. It shows the last game of their match. Somewhat poor quality, but good enough that I thought it worth sharing here. Funny to see how good they were at such a young...
  6. Jules

    Wanted: Prince Ozone Tour MP (16x18) / Exo3 Tour (16x18)

    Not looking anymore. Thanks, Jules
  7. Jules

    Rios' POG headsize (1993)?

    Found this video of Rios as a junior playing with the POG. I knew he played with Prince before Yonex, and in my mind I always pictured him playing with the POG mid. However, to me this looks like he's playing with the POG OS. What do you guys think?
  8. Jules

    What racquet is this? (Jimmy Connors)

    Ok, so I stumbled upon this picture on his facebook page, and I just can't figure out what Prince model this is. It has started to annoy me, so I'm now throwing it out to you guys...thanks.
  9. Jules

    Ivanisevic with Youtek Radical MP

    Just thought I'd mention that Goran switched to what appears to be a legit Head Youtek Radical MP. Def bigger headsize (compared to PC600), no stencil, not capped, and with the white grommets...Of course you can never no what is underneath the paint, but I see no reason why it shouldn't be the...
  10. Jules

    Muster with Babolat

    Just stumbled upon this photo, and being a Muster fan myself thought I would share it... Apparently Muster has changed to the AeroPro Drive GT for his upcoming comeback match against Ernest Gulbis in Wienna.
  11. Jules

    Agassi serve experiment anno 1993...?

    Hi guys! I just stumbled upon this video on youtube of Agassi against Sampras in Wimbledon 1993 and couldn't help but notice Agassi's Mariano Puerta'esque service motion: It is pretty different from both his 1988 service motion against...
  12. Jules

    Wozniacki also playing with the new Babolat

    Following the thread on Rafa playing with the new Babolat paint job, here is a link to Caro playing with the same. The video is also an interview (although in danish) about the newly established Wozniacki Tennis Academy in Denmark. Here it goes: :)
  13. Jules

    Most wins against the 1# ranked player?

    ...The title says it all...I was wondering which male player present or past has had the most wins against the world's top ranked player?
  14. Jules

    Swingweight on the tw site...

    I was just wondering if any of you guys know if the SW info on rackets on the TW site is the swingweight of the racket with or without the strings? It seems to me that it would be most logical if it is the swingweight of the racket with the strings in it, since the weight given i strung...
  15. Jules

    Tursunov's wilson really his old head in disguise?

    Am I the only one who thinks that the shape of his new kfactor 95 looks pretty much like maybe a head pro tour 630...could be the angle though! Any views on this?
  16. Jules

    What is the best way to measure greatness?

    What do you think is the best indicator of greatness? Does Connors' 100+ tournament victories weight heavier than Agassi's 8 Grand Slam titles?
  17. Jules

    Why doesn't Davydenko shave his head?

    I'm tortured every time i have to look at his thinning hair when he's playing...not that it's any of my business, bu he guy should shave it like Agassi, it would give him a more vital look! I once saw a picture of him clean shaven and it actually looked pretty good. He's a married man, and...
  18. Jules

    Finger/hand injury - any advices would be much appreciated

    HELP: Finger/hand injury - any advice would be much appreciated A couple of years back i started develop some pain around the first joint on my right index finger when I am hitting forehand (semi-western grip). The pain is however not IN the joint itself, the pain comes because of the...
  19. Jules

    Head Nano Ti-Pro Tour

    Does anyone know if the Head Nano Ti-Pro Tour is any good and plays anywhere near the old pt 630?
  20. Jules

    Almagro's Dunlop

    Just wondering if anyone knows if Nicolas Almagro's Dunlop really is the new aerogel 500 tour or just another pj?
  21. Jules

    Would you buy and read Agassi's memoirs? - The Poll

    Well, being the Agassi-fan that I am, I will gladly do the poll that seemingly nobody else wanna do:-D
  22. Jules

    Muster racquet history?

    I just wondered if anyone knows the racquet history of Thomas Muster? I believe he used the head pt630 for the bigger part of his carriere, sometimes with a kneissl tom's reach machine pj (It was a pj right?)...but wat did he use before that and does anyone know what he's using now? I think...
  23. Jules

    International orders?

    Hi everyone:) I just wanted to hear if any of you have experiences with international ordes from TW? I am thinking of shipment expences and local taxes inparticular. Since I'm from Denmark particularly orders from EU contries have my interest...I'm not sure whether or not it is a good...