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  1. Shashwat

    Smooth trade with Josh Lustig

    His responses were prompt and racquet was just as described. Very smooth transaction.
  2. Shashwat

    FT yonex RDS 002 tour 3/8 for head rad

    I have a Microgel Radical MP.
  3. Shashwat

    FS/FT: Head Microgel Radical MP

    Hey I have a Head Microgel Radical MP for sale. Grip size is 4 1/4. It's in great condition, not a scratch on it. There is 3 grams of lead on 3 and 9. It's pretty much like new so i'll sell it for $80 shipped. I'm interested in trades.
  4. Shashwat

    Contest! Mens Final!

    Federer wins 6-4, 6-7, 7-5, 6-1 4 aces by Nadal.
  5. Shashwat

    Why do nice guys never get dates?

    Haha highschool? That's how girls are man. You can't be always nice to them, that get's mundane and soon you'll just become their best guy friend. You have to flirt, like excessively and be a dick joking around. It's not a big deal. But main thing mentioned already above is to flirt with...
  6. Shashwat

    Nadals stick

    Those shoes are badass. Nicee i want to wear some high tops gangster nikes while playing tennis.
  7. Shashwat

    Going to Indian. Tennis in India.

    Haha :) Well I think my cousins are planning a trip to Taj Mahal. So if we stop by in Delhi, i'll send you an email. And also, my cousin is a really close friend of the governer's son in Hyderabad I think. So got the political connections ;)
  8. Shashwat

    Going to Indian. Tennis in India.

    Ehhh messed up the title. India*
  9. Shashwat

    Going to Indian. Tennis in India.

    Hey i'm going to India this monday and will stay there till August 3rd. I'm going to be in Hyderabad with my fam. My cousins said they'll try to hook me up with some tennis but i'm not too sure. I know that's where Sania Mirza lives :). So i was just wondering how the system is there and if...
  10. Shashwat

    Fake Wilson [K]

    That looks like a K90, see how the beam is flat....
  11. Shashwat

    Just signed up for my first Tournament.. any tips?

    Just relax and play your game. My first tourney, first match i lost first set 1-6 because of the nervous-ness, and then won 7-5, 6-1. So don't worry too much, have fun and play your game.
  12. Shashwat

    F/S/T(3x) Babolat Pure Storm Tours

    Email sent.
  13. Shashwat

    [video]Div 1

    Where and when was this?
  14. Shashwat

    Hmmm should i get a K90 just to have a K90?

    Yeah that's what i was actually looking at. Is it a classic like the St.Vincent?
  15. Shashwat

    Hmmm should i get a K90 just to have a K90?

    Does anyone know specs of this Sampras racquet everyone is talking about?
  16. Shashwat

    Hmmm should i get a K90 just to have a K90?

    Well i mean for collection i guess. I can play with it. It's not a huge transition from my K95 and BR here said he would trade it for my K95 that collects dust.. I have 2 K95's and i'm getting rid of them so just thought i could buy a K90 since it is a pretty sweet racquet. Just have to play at...
  17. Shashwat

    Hmmm should i get a K90 just to have a K90?

    I used this frame for about a month a few months ago but i just don't think i'm good enough for it yet, it just limits my game in certain areas. I'm 4.0 to 4.5 (rated by a legit teaching pro), 15 and play high school tennis. My racquets are in my sig but i'm currently using a leaded up MG...
  18. Shashwat

    So, where's your $600 going?

    I'm going to get 300 and will probably spend it on clothes or lessons :-P.
  19. Shashwat

    Ordered some Demos... will post results soon.

    Hahah no offense taken. Yeah that's what i thought too and i'm currently using a leaded up MG Radical. It plays sweet but i'm also demoing, looking at PST and RDS002 Tour right now. K95 just feels too power/heavy and i really don't like the thick beam, although i like the stiffness.
  20. Shashwat

    Ordered some Demos... will post results soon.

    Have you tried a K95 yet? Seems like a good transition from a PS95 user. Just curious.
  21. Shashwat

    How are we judging rackets

    I've been bageled by a 5.5 player using a Head titanium crap racquet. :|
  22. Shashwat

    New Racquet Tech - It's coming!!!

    Where's the "Get a life!" poll option?
  23. Shashwat

    Serve Vid

    Nice serve. But i think you can add more pace to the ball. I haven't read previous posts but you have everything right until contact with the ball. You seem to hit it gently and take a step in. Jump into the ball and explode into it. And also, I noticed that you don't use your back and hips too...
  24. Shashwat

    FS/FT: K95 and Microgel Radical MP

    K95 4 1/4 6/10 - only cosmetically, frame is excellent Fresh string on there - Bab PHT $75 shipped MG rad MP 4 1/4 9/10 - a few scuffs on bumper guard. Pretty old strings - Gamma Durablast $120 shipped Trades: Interested in Babolat Pure Storm Tour in 4 1/4 or 4 3/8 only...
  25. Shashwat

    Best way to improve?

    Practice about 5 days a week with some friendly matchplay. Play atleast one tournament every 3-4 weeks. And also add in conditioning. That's what i did last summer. I improved a TON. Edit: When you are practicing, i mean practicing at a club at like a clinic or something with pro coaching.
  26. Shashwat

    Your Height/Weight

    5'10 131 I need to gain weight.
  27. Shashwat

    Wanted: Babolat Pure Storm Tour

    Really need one. And only buying from a seller with a ton of references on here because i can't risk to lose the money. Please email me. Thanks.
  28. Shashwat

    Hyogen's Magic Wand Search is finally over!!!

    Agree 100%. I'm glad i'm not a racquet freak.
  29. Shashwat

    Wanted: Babolat Pure Storm Tour

    4 1/4 or 4 3/8 for less than 100 shipped. Sorry i'm a high school student and can only pay up to that much. Looking for atleast 7/10 condition. I can trade it for a K95 in about 6/10 condition. Thank you
  30. Shashwat

    Help Please D=

    The same happened with me. I got better a lot over the summer and then just stopped. It is because once you get to the 4.0 level, it's a big jump from there to 4.5. Like you really have to get better. Without knowing you or knowing anything about your problem, i would say just go back and play a...