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  1. CHOcobo

    SW's most telling statement

    She seems to not like anything called against her, right or wrong her attitude is bad towards them all. She only got a 17k fine for this?....that's sexism. If if did that they would of fine me 20k.
  2. CHOcobo

    Djokovic has only won 3 titles this season.... ;)

    Only three? No way......that's sexism.
  3. CHOcobo

    To Chris - The new 10 series of Volk's

    Do you know if there will be a TW review for the v sense 10 mid?
  4. CHOcobo

    Is Klip really natural gut?

    I think its gut and i think its an awesome gut. After stringing this up with poly cross it made sense it has better durability than multi/poly combo. I love it! With the right poly cross I think this is all everyone should play with; good from every aspect and especially soft on the arm. I'm...
  5. CHOcobo

    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    Want: Kirschbaum Pro Line II 130 black Have: Signum Pro Tornado 123 (cut from reel) k.choth at
  6. CHOcobo

    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    I have: Signum Pro Tornado 123 (391.5 ft. used up from a 660 ft. reel) Want: Signum Pro Hyperion 124 (cut out from reel or sets) k.choth at Thanks
  7. CHOcobo

    FS: Many Dunlop Frames (AG 100, 4D 100 & 200T, Bio 100, L2, L3)

    Hello All, I have many Dunlop frames and looking to sell most of them. See below for listings and email for pictures/info. My interest in brand is slowly shifting and L2 and L3 grip don’t work for me anymore. If you buy more than one cost will be lower but I am hoping to sell in bulk (the more...
  8. CHOcobo

    WTB: Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 Tour L3

    Are you interested in buying a pair? I have a pair in L3 both excellent condition. pm me or email k.choth at
  9. CHOcobo

    Rome 2017 final: Novak Djokovic vs Alexander Zverev

    It just means he's in a weak era.
  10. CHOcobo

    Rome 2017 final: Novak Djokovic vs Alexander Zverev

    That drop shot from Djokovic was the worse drop shot I ever seen from a top Pro. lol
  11. CHOcobo

    Scam Alert "Garry Nerville"

    other names/email associated to Garry Nerville, Tammy Atkins Julius Wayne
  12. CHOcobo

    Great Seller: Gennady Burakovsky

    Just bought a racket from Gennady Burakovsky ( Everything went smoothly. Highly recommended seller.
  13. CHOcobo

    ***Dunlop Aerogel 1hundred (AG100) club***

    I'm still with the Bio 100.
  14. CHOcobo

    Want: Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Tour L2 or L4 | FT: 4D200T

    Hi All, I'm looking to buy a Biomimetic 200 Tour in L2 or L4, preferably 8.0+/10. A pair would be nice. I'm also wanting to trade my pair of 4D 200 tour (both L2) in 9.0+/10 for the pair of Bio 200 tour. Thanks, request pictures to k.choth at
  15. CHOcobo

    FS: 2x Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Tour (4 3/8)

    Is racket 2 still available?
  16. CHOcobo

    How do you rate Federer's chances at AO 17?

    Before the tournament, none. Now a lot better. I still don't think he can win; I just hope to see a Fedal match. It could be historical especially Nadal being beyond his prime.
  17. CHOcobo

    Wanted: Dunlop Aerogel 4D 100 racquets with 4 3/8" grips

    I have a pair in excellent condition, but in L2's grip sizes. If you want them pm me.
  18. CHOcobo

    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    I have: reel - Thunder Blast 16g (white) reel - Tornado 123 (black) 1 set - Victory Acelon Wildfire 17g (natural color) 1 set - Beast XP 16 (green) 1 set - Tornado 129 (black) 2 sets - Isospeed Tournament Plus (white) Want to trade a combination of above for: Klip Legend Natural Gut 15L...
  19. CHOcobo

    The Official Angell Users Club

    Does anyone know the twist weight of the TC90?
  20. CHOcobo

    The best insoles

    Currenly using Sole softec ultra heat moldable. My feet loves them. I can hit for long time before that foot pain comes in. Best insole for me so far in my experience. Stuff looks good. Where can I buy other than their site? Their "Shop Now" is down.
  21. CHOcobo

    Any future info on Dunlop racquets.

    They should of kept their nature based technologies with similar specs and style. I loved the Bio series. I regret not buying a Bio 200 tour.
  22. CHOcobo

    Faced with a REAL weak era (2016), I don't see how it's possible to say 2008-2015 was weak

    If we dont come to an agreement, all eras are weak since the start of tennis.
  23. CHOcobo

    > Dunlop Users Association >

    I pm'ed you. This is a horrible setup for anyone sensitive to TE. Other than TE this is the best setup i've tried so far. Currently testing gut/poly and multi/poly; both great for TE so far, just testing on durability. All these three setup have excellent spin, especially gut/poly and...
  24. CHOcobo

    Best Poly for Mains in Hybrid Setup

    If you want to maximize spin you should try switching your cross and main; put gut in main and a round poly in the cross. I'm experiementing with gut/poly too right now and also looking for a poly cross that'll give good spin (as well as control, and best durability). 55 gut main and 53 lb poly...
  25. CHOcobo

    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    More to add what I have: Hextreme Pure 125 (1 set) Hextreme 125 (1 set) Beast XP 132 (1 set) Also want: 1.25 Kevlar
  26. CHOcobo

    Re-pressurizing gently used balls?

    You can see the presure gauge from here right in the middle and the soft tubing on the right where I use my bicycle pump to pump air into.
  27. CHOcobo

    Re-pressurizing gently used balls?

    I made a small tube to fit and pressurize 13 balls. It takes about 12 weeks to inflate a completely flat ball (starting at 30 psig). Over time the rubber soften up and a new ball is better even at 25psig. I did 25 psig because i thought it would last longer. It does last long in one hitting...
  28. CHOcobo

    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    Also Have - thunder blast 16g white (reel) Also want - yonex poly tour pro (yptp) 16g & 17g
  29. CHOcobo

    First experience with gut/poly

    Thanks guys. I know that the gut mains with poly cross is better for spin due to the low friction. I did my studies enough to the point where i need to just try it. It just helps me to know that others are experiencing the same thing for first (it was the only purpose of this thread...
  30. CHOcobo

    First experience with gut/poly

    Hi All, Would like some feedback on my experience with gut/poly for the first time. Normal string setup: 1) Tornado 123/SPPP 128 @ mid 50's lb. 2) Tornado 123/OGSM 17 @ also around mid 50's lb. Gut/Poly setup: Klip Legend 15L/Cyber Flash 17 @ 55/51 lb. Reason for switching to gut/poly: I'm...