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  1. KluddKalle

    Racquet advice - Head Gravity Tour/Pro

    So, I’ve been playing for a few years with Babolat Pure control Tour. Am thinking about upgrading to a Gravity Pro for something a little more forgiving. My only concern is the SW of above 330gr, PCT has a rather low at 316gr which is nice. I’m also used to the 2:nd gen Pure Strike which have a...
  2. KluddKalle

    Matching Pure Strike with Pure Control tour

    Hi! I’ve got a customisation question: I have played with my Pure strikes (16x19 2014-version) for a few years now. I’m happy with them. I made a journey to them, through a bunch of other racquets, from the 2009 pure storm gt. This summer I got my hands on a Pure control tour and I love it! I’m...
  3. KluddKalle

    Hybrid question

    Hi! What do you think about this string setup in a Pure Strike 16x19 (2014): Polystar Energy 17 + Wilson syn gut power 17. Energy in the mains. Probably somewhere around 22kgs. Tried Energy this summer and loved it. But I have sensitive wrists and elbows so I'm not sure if I should go full...
  4. KluddKalle

    Installed weight of strings

    Hi! Just restrung my Pure Strikes with different strings, one with Cyclone 17 and one with Origin 17. And the difference in weight (total per racquet) is 10g. They are matched in weight so I was a bit surprised about the difference in feel between the two. Is this normal? That installed weight...
  5. KluddKalle

    MSV GO MAX, anyone tried it?

    Tried searching but found nothing. I found this string at a great price at the moment, anyone that can recommend it? What string does it compare to? Thanks!
  6. KluddKalle

    Hybrid with Origin and Cyclone, tension recommendation

    Hi! I have a set of origin 17 and I'm thinking about using it in a hybrid with cyclone. Any advice on tension (maybe different for each string?)? Or is it a waste to use this string for this purpose? I use the Pure Strike 16x19 and usually string full bed cyclone tour at 22-23 kg and cyclone a...
  7. KluddKalle

    Recommend me a similar string to Polystar Energy

    Loved the feel of Polystar Energy but have read that it drops in tension really fast. Is there a similar string but with better tension maintenance? It needs to be a fairly comfortable string. And I don't mind if it's more spin oriented. :)
  8. KluddKalle

    Why no customer reviews on TWE?

    I always go to check the US website for customer reviews, but it would be great to see the same reviews (and be able to write my own) on the european site.
  9. KluddKalle

    Anyone playing with RS (Soderlings) strings? New string coming.

    Been curious about RS lyon but haven't tried it. Saw this a moment ago and it definitely got my attention. Hopefully it's comfortable as well...
  10. KluddKalle

    Pure Strike 16x19 vs the 100

    Hi! I'm playing currently with the Pure Strike 100. I've customized them a bit (handle and at 3 and 9) so the weight is somewhere just below 330 grams. I like this racquet alot but I'm wondering if maybe the 16x19 may be a better choice? For one I wouldn't have to customize it as much and I'm...
  11. KluddKalle

    Pure strike 6 pack bag

    Anyone use this bag and can give som advice? I'm thinking about getting one (have an older Bab team bag 6 pack) but from videos and images I get the sense that the middle pocket is really large and therefore the remaining pockets are won't give much room for the rest of my stuff. I usually...
  12. KluddKalle

    Forgot how to play tennis - what to do?

    So I've been on a real slump these past two months. Was on a roll this winter not loosing a single match between December and February in my league (about 9-10 wins in a row I believe). But now it's the complete opposite, can't seem to win matches no matter what I do. It feels like I forgot how...
  13. KluddKalle

    Have one set of Origin, what to do?

    So I recently got a set of Origin 16 but can't decide what to do with it. I have two PD 2012 that I play my matches with. I also have two Pure Storm GT that I use when I feel like it when training. All four racquets are strung with a hybrid of Savage and Sensation. The PD at 25kg/55lbs and the...
  14. KluddKalle

    String tension recommendation

    Hi! I've decided to try a new string. Have been using a hybrid setup for the past few years or so. Currently in a Pure drive gt 2013 I use Luxilon savage and Wilson sensation, both at 55lbs. I've bought a couple of sets of Tour Bite soft and am wondering if I could keep the same tension or if...
  15. KluddKalle

    Am I alone in doing this?

    I'm curious if there are others that do what I do during matches - keep detailed score in your phone. I use an app called Tennis score tracker (and a different one, called tennis math for my android. But I rarely use it anymore) and at each end turn I just input the point by point score of the...
  16. KluddKalle

    Singles sticks on US courts?

    Hi! Don't really know where this question fits in, but I have to ask. In all the videos of tennis posted here on TT (recorded by TT-members of themselves playing) I never ever see the singles sticks holding up the net. TW doesn't have them on their court either. Could someone explain why this...
  17. KluddKalle

    Babolat spiraltek and other synthetic guts

    I'm thinking about trying this string, anyone here played with it? I'm also tempted to try Prince syn gut with duraflex. Anyone that can make a comparison? I used to play syn gut all the time until my stringer stopped selling it. On his recommendation I started using polys. This was maybe 5...
  18. KluddKalle

    Any long time users of Zepp or any other sensors?

    Hi! I'm thinking about maybe someday getting a tennis sensor. Preferably I would like the Babolat play, but since I have all the frames I need the price is too high. Also I want to have the sensor on all rackets I play with, so three pure drive play will be....lets just say waay to much. So...
  19. KluddKalle

    Switching from Pure Storm GT to Pure Drive GT

    Hi! Recently I have been having minor arm/wrist problems. Not TE (or at least that's what I'm hoping). I'm not sure why my problems have occured. I haven't been playing more than usual, I haven't switched raquets or strings. But, my plan is to take measures before it possibly gets worse...