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    Best back to back performance in SF and F of a slam

    Cilic's lone US open. Delpo US 2009 Nadal RG 2008 Fed Wim 2003 Djokovic AO 2008 Fed AO 2007 Djokovic AO 2012 Nadal AO 2009
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    How to stop the excessive take back on forehand

    Try and mimmick the forehand while holding your right elbow with your left hand. In order to have a compact takeback, you should always be able to do that.(touch your right elbow with left hand) Once you get a feeling of it, drop the left hand. :) This is the best advice I ever had on the...
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    Words of wisdom

    When a rainbow appears vividly in the sky, you can see its beautiful colors, yet you could not wear as clothing or put it on as an ornament. It arises through the conjunction of various factors, but there is nothing about it that can be grasped. Likewise, thoughts that arise in the mind have no...
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    Which country produces the most, best tennis players (ATP)?

    France by a large margin ! You cannot produce slam winners (it is an anomaly), but a great tennis country can produce many good professional players IMO.
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    What is Pat Cash's problem?

    Nadal beat Pat Cash when he was 14 years old, in 2001. If nadal is goat, it makes it seem less laughable I guess..
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    What is Pat Cash's problem?

    Nadal beat Pat Cash when he was 14 years old, in 2001. If nadal is goat, it makes it seem less laughable I guess..
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    What is Pat Cash's problem?

    Nadal beat Pat Cash when he was 14 years old in 2001... If Nadal is the Goat, this makes it less sad for him : p
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    What is Pat Cash's problem?

    Nadal beat Pat Cash when he was 14 years old in 2001... If Nadal is the Goat, it makes it seem less laughable I guess
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    Nadal turned away by restaurant says Chris Hoy

    Nadal, Brad Pitt, no matter in my mind and probably theirs. Why would they kick out another human being from his well-deserved (and probably booked) table ? Is Nadal really someone more deserving than the guy who farms or drives a truck for a living? I'm sure he does not think that way...
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    Olympics Singles SF- Juan Martin Del Potro vs Rafael Nadal

    Would you mind my using this sentence as my signature ? :D
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    Who is the GWOT (Greatest waste of talent) on the ATP?

    Stretching thing a bit... Mansour Bahrami! This guy was a self-taught player who never had a coach. He hold his first racquet at the age of 13, so late for a potential pro. He also spent some time as an illegal refugee in France, sleeping in the streets. Between 1978 and 1980, Iran forbid him...
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    Fitness of Federer

    +1 on Paganini. I had the opportunity to play with a young swiss guy last summer who was pretty good and had had trainings with Paganini. He told me it was the most intense thing ! Lots were complaining and wanting to give up. Paganini apparently said that out of all the guys he had to train...
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    The Dominic Thieminator Thread

    All I know is.. Tennis will not die anytime soon :) And I believe we can expect great, classic matches in the future out of Thiem, Zverev, Fritz, Kyrgios... Exciting prospects !
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    Most Humble member of the Great 3

    I wish David Ferrer was included in this thread. He is hands down the post humble genuine likeable guy amongst great tour players right now.
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    Came back from Rotterdam. Zverev is the real deal !

    Hi, This is my first thread here. I went to Rotterdam yesterday and saw the match between Zverev and Monfils. Even if Monfils was the better player overall, Zverez has convinced me that he will be a GREAT player someday. Here is why, IMO. His technique on both the forehand and backhand has no...
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    Federer injured - Won't play Rotterdam or Dubai

    Ouch, I was looking forward to go see him in Rotterdam
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    2015 Paris Masters QF - [1] Novak Djokovic vs [5] Tomas Berdych

    Djokovic's serve is so underrated.. His slice serve is so good
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    Money doesn't buy happiness: true or false?

    In my opinion, happiness comes from two things : -Physical comfort which is acquired through money -Mental comfort Between mental and physical comfort, the mental side is much more superior. If one's mind is calm, one can still overcome some physical discomforts whereas one really wealthy...
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    Djokovic said he was feeling fatigued

    Having watched the whole match, I suspect Djokovic had a bit of an heatstroke. He even decided to put on his hat in the middle of the fourth set... Nothing serious I guess
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    TW Yonex Vcore Tour G Reviews are out

    I'm currently playing with the Yonex V core tour G (310) with 4 gr. of lead at 10 and 2... What a great stick!
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    Is my kick serve better than Isners?(no video) Watch this...
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    Who was the greatest genius to ever live?

    +1 Martin Luther King Buddha
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    Nadal News 2.0

    Title/point defenses don't mean much, really. What matters for the YE #1 ranking is the ATP race ranking, it is as simple as that... And right now, Djokovic is ahead while Nadal should have been stacking up most of his points in the first clay tournaments as he usually does. The way I see it...
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    Surface Open Era Rankings

    Great idea!
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    Rochus accuses Nadal of doping during AO final...sorta

    I watched the whole game on french Eurosport, and Rochus was actually refering to an anti-inflammatory shot (not PEDs) when talking about Nadal leaving the court that day. This quote has been misinterpreted, I'm pretty sure of it. Nonetheless, Mr Rochus stated he did not like how Nadal...
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    My prediction- Rafael Rafa Nadal will tank AO 2014.

    Why would one think that a competitor like Nadal (or any guys whithin the top 10 for that matter) would tank a grand slam match while not injured nor sick?? I'm sure Nadal will give 100% like he always does, and so will Djokovic, Murray, Nadal, Del Potro, Wawrinka, Ferrer and many more...
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    Who will the next first time Slam winner?

    Whoops, didn't see your comment abut Gulbis, sry !
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    Who will the next first time Slam winner?

    Where is Gulbis ? :D
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    Davis Cup Quarterfinals 2013

    I'm enjoying this match :D