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    Is Yonex done with isometric shape?

    I am in the same boat of dismissing Yonex for YEARS because of the shape. I was young and stupid. I didn't even care to try them because they looked so weird. I recently demoed the vcore pro 310 and was BLOWN away. I felt like I couldn't miss the sweet spot. I seriously regret not trying Yonex...
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    Best shoes for foot problems?

    Don't overlook high quality socks. They made a huge difference for me.
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    Spinfire 2 ball machine - any users?

    I'm a fan of triniti. Better than old regular pressurized balls. But I do prefer tretorns, especially now in the cold.
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    Spinfire 2 ball machine - any users?

    My setup to walk on the court: External battery over shoulder Large ~10-12 racquet bag with 3 racquets, water bottle, and a bag of about 60 tretorns on my back Ball hopper with additonal ~50 balls in one hand Spinfire 2 V2 in other hand Actually I have no problems carrying the spinfire in one...
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    Best socks for tennis?

    I just discovered how much socks can make a difference in tennis. I figured this out when I ran out of my normal target brand performance socks and had to use my "special" socks I bought for a tough mudder (mud gear on amazon) and the difference was night and day. My feet felt amazing after 2...
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    Unsolicited Advice

    Just make sure you differentiate strategy from advice. Because it's always good to have a plan.
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    The Drop Shot

    I've been using my drop shot frequently against poorly hit groundstrokes that land around the service line. It's basically a free point on my approach. And if they get to it, it's a pretty easy volley to finish the point. It's a great punishment for bad shots.
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    Best dampener ever ?

    Those gel worm dampeners give the absolute most dampening (no other style is even close) if that's what your looking for. Not everyone wants that much though.
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    Spinfire Pro (v2) 2 Review

    I've been using my v2 A LOT in the past few weeks and haven't had any issues with multiple balls being fired. I've had a ball jam twice after tons and tons of use. I would contact them. They seem very helpful.
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    How hard is it to learn to string?

    I do really like the idea of trying all kinds of setups but I also am held back by my local tennis shop. They've always been good to me. Giving me discounts on racquets, apparel, and strings.
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    4.0 still full of pushers

    I have lately been practicing with a pusher and found it to be VERY beneficial to my game. It makes me more patient, consistent, and thoughtful in how I set points up as opposed to just a slugfest, which is always fun of course. It's also very good for my footwork and an excellent workout. I...
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    How hard is it to learn to string?

    I'm really on the fence about learning to string. Money really isn't the issue for me. I'd spend 3k on a machine if it did it all for me. I just don't want to spend the time doing it. I break strings at a rate of about a racquet a week, 2 weeks tops. I have a bunch of racquets, most are...
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    He should've backed up. If I hit a poor lob, I back up and prepare for the worst. It's honestly not fair to take up half the court and expect the other person to hit the overhead on the other side of the court.
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    Casual Tennis Etiquette?

    If you really want to get better at tennis you want to work on consistency. Hit cross court and get in long rallies. Hitting winners is fun but most recreational tennis points end in an error. There really is no etiquette if someone asks you to hit but trying to hit a winners left and right...
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    Adidas Crew Shirt Sizing

    I have a few Adidas shirts from at least 10-15 years ago and the new stuff definitely fits tighter around the arms and torso. It's not as comfortable to play tennis with the new stuff. Some new athleisure stuff works better for tennis for me. Brands like Vuori, Tasc, or Rhone all work great for...
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    Underhand serve etiquette in competitive recreational tennis

    Seems like a good tactic for someone standing really far back for your serves. It's legit to me as long as there's no funny business like not waiting for returner to get ready or doing it after a "botched" toss. I've done it a few times in my life and successful too. We usually have a good laugh...
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    Best pressureless balls

    I also want to add that Tretorns perform better than a new can of balls in the cold. Playing in temps around 50 degrees, I've noticed my tertorns bounce like its 80 degrees out whereas a new can of balls bounce like they've been used for 2 days.
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    Kick serve thoughts

    It's hard to critique the mechanics from that angle but the toss looks good to me. For me, my kick serve swing speed is just as fast or even faster than my first serve. The faster the racquet = more spin, more spin = better the margin of safety and also a more annoying kick. It took me a month...
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    Spinfire Pro 2 or Lobster Elite V

    Weight is very important and I'm pretty sure you can modify the spinfire to the external battery which is SUPER convenient. Not sure if you can do the same with the lobster.
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    Dunlop CX 200+? and extended length questions.

    I have not tried the cx200+ yet but I am seeking a replacement for my mfil 200+. I love extended racquets and while I typically love the feel of dunlop racquets, I wasn't too crazy about the feel of the cx200. I can say for sure the grip size on the cx200 is slightly bigger than my other...
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    Where to from Barricades?

    I bought a pair of diadora clay shoes for the indoor season. I've have yet to try them but they are VERY comfortable when I tried them on. If I like them I will certainly switch my hard court shoes to diadora because I can't stress enough how good they feel on my feet.
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    Dunlop FX 500

    I'm actually keeping my eye on this racquet. I've been a long time dunlop fan and I'm looking for a more modern racquet with that classic dunlop feel. That slender head shape is what always drew me to dunlop and a reason why I've stayed away from babolats. I wasn't a huge fan of the cx 200 and...
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    Keeping your cool on the court

    I just say to myself "serenity now". JK I just always think about how fun the sport is and that at the very least I don't have to do some kind of boring workout later. That actually gets me playing even better cause I focus on improving my workout with better footwork.
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    Your two preferred remote functions for basic tennis ball machine

    I have a spinfire and the most frequently used buttons are pause (BY FAR) and speed. But the problem is you also have to adjust spin and height when you change speed. I could not imagine using a ball machine without a remote. I got in the habit of limiting myself to about 5-15 hits on average to...
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    Synthetic or Multi that snaps back

    What!!? That's the best part! I love picking at my strings
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    Tacky overgrip

    IMO the only thing tackier than this would be flamingo print but I don't thing they make that. No idea how they perform though.
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    Who wears headbands and bandanas when playing

    I just started wearing a head band at home while I'm working out and no one is watching, including my wife. Actually, especially have to make sure my wife isn't watching. Hat on the court for sweat. Hat goes backwards if sun is not an issue cause I find the brim distracting. If headbands ever...
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    Shoes for plantar fasciitis

    As someone who has seen many times the consequences of OSA, I would take sore feet over sleep apnea ANY DAY. I would sleep on my side but my wife says I snore much less face down and my watch with pulse ox built in confirms I get best sleep face down. I haven't tried compression sleeves mostly...
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    Shoes for plantar fasciitis

    I saw that while looking for a fix but the problem is I sleep on my stomach so I don't snore. It might work if I sleep with my feet hanging over the edge. I should probably get on cpap but I get by on my stomach with a mouth guard
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    Shoes for plantar fasciitis

    That boot someone posted works well if you can sleep on your back. The shoe you choose is less important than the rehab. I tried all kinds of things but what helped me the most strangely was adding daily, long walks. Actually I bought a knockoff theragun on prime day for other aches and it's...