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    The Cult of PT57

    this is my contribution to the cult:)
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    outta'time is a great buyer

    feedback for rjp1977 Got what I needed for a fair price :) He is nice and the transaction process went well.
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    Head Radical Tour MP Zebra

    Message sent. :)
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    Murray unveils Under Armour's shoe prototype

    I'm still waiting. B8+s started to get hard to find in webshops. These are said to be the clay season ones from this year, however, I recall Andy wore something forest greenish outfit with shoes matching that shade like this year's WTF. MicroG cushioning is praised by many of my acquaintances...
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    Murray unveils Under Armour's shoe prototype

    B8+ was one of my favourite pair of shoes (still have a pair in the closet for the future), it is sad that we are not able to purchase such a stability oriented shoe like that; now I'm using a Head Revolt Pro until these sweet UAs become available. These are terrific.
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    Pro Players Using Non-Leather Grips

    Murray using Karakal PU Grip.
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    Head YOUTEK IG Radical Pro compared to Head Graphene Radical Pro?

    The IG is one of the flexiest frames I've tried, I recommend applying some lead into the handle. In the case of the GRad, you get a crispier, stiffer frame. Aaand full poly is not the string choice to go with. But it's not a bad frame. At least not that bad in the way some people reviewed it. I...
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    Any tennis bags that don't look like running shoes?

    Head's Limited Edition All Black Monstercombi 2012 and Andy Murray Monstercombi from 2013.
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    Murray Testing Gut Mains

    I think it's a matter of individual preference. I started out with full synthetic gut, then switched to full poly with tecnifibre's black code (used that for two years). After some time, I began to experiment, I tried out hybriding with multi+poly, with multifilaments in the mains. I never...
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    Authentic or Fake IG Radical Pro?

    Got the same exact sticker here. (One starts with 036, while the other with 043.) :)
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    Favorite Rackets from HEAD

    I don't want to include pro stocks on my list, so here's how it looks: Microgel Radical MP (the Walmart/Decathlon version too, which I think is called Radical Classic) Youtek IG Radical Pro (one of the best frames in terms of comfort that I can recall) YouTek Prestige Pro (best mold and paint -...
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    The Cult of PT57

    It's a custom handle by P1 without a buttcap. I know it looks it is made of wood. The dark spot is actually a hole where the silicon (or somekind of other "magic") was injected.
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    Murray Testing Gut Mains

    I am almost 100% sure that this is nothing more than a practice test-racquet. Andy likes to try numerous setups. At one time, he had a heavier racquet to try in practice. It's not a big deal. The real thing was when he came to the 2014 European clay court-swing wielding an 18x20. That was...
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    Built Up Grips

    It would fit more precisely into their hands. Imagine the racquet's handle like a cockpit or the saddle and the handlebar of a bicycle. That's the only thing you are connected with. At P1 they think that creating a massive handle is essential. Basically almost every Pro has custom "built-up"...
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    Graphene Rad Pro Flex Issues

    Try putting some lead tape under the replacement grip. I recommend applying it on the handle in a spiral way with even spacing. This should eliminate some of the inconvenient, uncomfy vibration. And you can get a nice headlight balance. You can get a firm, "sturdier" feel as a result. However, I...
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    Graphene Rad Pro Flex Issues

    Also, I've read here in talktennis somewhere (and I cannot really judge whether it's true or not) that there can be huge manufacturing differences in terms of flex between Graphene Radicals depending on when they were produced. Someone said that the early ones were extra stiff, so HEAD decided...
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    Graphene Rad Pro Flex Issues

    The Graphene Radical Pro is not as stiff as most people say and you would expect from the reviews. Removing the replacement grip (and maybe the pallets) should enlighten the problem if there is any at all. A full bed of poly in this racquet can be quite harsh - I suggest you should string it...
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    IG Radical Replacement?

    Let me reply to this. I played the XT Prestige S last week - it's pretty similar to the microgel radical line. The IG Prestige S is a flexy frame too, I liked that one too. I cannot say a word about the Graphene Prestige S, I have not played any of those prestiges. The Pure Strike was a bit...
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    IG Radical Replacement?

    I had the same exact conversation last summer in real life :D The guy ended up with a stock Graphene Radical Pro. Both racquets are good for a start, however, I would recommend you some more: Wilson Ultra 97 Head YouTek IG Speed MP 18x20 (the once "Djokovic-model"; but the egg-like headshape is...
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    Slim fit tennis pants?

    Adidas Barricade bermudas are slimmer than most tennis shorts. Hope you can find them on sale.
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    Murray with the graphene radical pro PJ vs Ferrer

    double post- delete this please
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    Murray with the graphene radical pro PJ vs Ferrer

    Probably had a couple of 2014 Radical paintjobbed racquets left from Q4-2015 and his training camp (which he interestingly not did in Miami this year). Or maybe he dislikes the new paintjob - he did that in 2014, when his racquets had an orange cap grommet during the AO, but he ditched those and...
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    Post Close-Up Pictures of Pros' Shoes

    Although the shoes look like Barricade 8 and 8+, the upper seems to be pretty unique. If I had to compare it something I would say the Barricade 7's synthetic upper. It's not as rubbery as the B8+ upper which Andy actually used. Nice and simple modified herringbone pattern on a pretty sweet...
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    Stan's AO '16 outfit is awesome!

    Tsonga used to wear a similar Adidas kit at the 2012 AO. To my mind, this kit got a large amount of inspiration from last year's Nike "highlighter" uniforms. Maybe both designer teams are on the same type of X. :)
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    Post Close-Up Pictures of Pros' Shoes

    I've written "carbon-like", as far as I'm concerned it's plastic. The new thing is his outsole: his shoes used to have the vapor9 pattern.
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    Post Close-Up Pictures of Pros' Shoes

    Looks like Grigor is now sporting a Vapor with a carbon-fiber-like shank similar to Federer. Mind the outsole pattern! :)
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    HEAD Penn Official page 13 and 78 for Radical Cap Grommets.
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    HEAD Penn Official

    Just sayin. The old cap grommet fits the new XT Radical, despite having said that it won't. This means that the new black ones will definitely fit the previous Radicals. When will the black cap grommets be available for purchase?