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    what do you think about jannik sinner ?

    He's already 19 so his game is mature and there's no room for any improvements. He seems incredibly overrated to me and I think his lone ATP 250 title this year will be his crowning achievement when his careers all said and done; I don't think he'll ever win another title.
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    Greater: Soderling or Johansson

    Slam > no Slam. Even a player with 5 billion consecutive Slam finals is infinitely worse than a player who won 1 Slam and then never won a single point again ever in his life.
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    2 Hander BH Appreciation

    2 handed backhand is better on returns, most one-handers have horrible returns. But once the rally gets going, the one-hander has many more options to go on offence out of nowhere because the stroke is longer, freer and more dynamic. Just try to hit a 100mph winner off a no-pace slice with a...
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    How can umpires prove lack of effort?

    I recall a situation where Medvedev was down 0-6 in a tiebreak and had to hit a second serve. He swung as hard as he could to smash the ball directly into the floor about 2 feet away from himself. Similar situation where Davindadochkovic Fokinina (can't be bothered to look up the correct...
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    Thiem is now 2-7 in big finals

    Exactly. Tennis is a game of natural athleticism and power. If you don't have it at the start, you never will regardless of what coaches or 'tactics' you use.
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    Thiem is now 2-7 in big finals

    What I'm trying to say is that the entire 'art' of tennis coaching can be distilled into two words: do better.
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    Thiem is now 2-7 in big finals

    Replace 'hard' with 'fast', 'brutal', 'quick', 'extreme', whatever. The point is do BETTER. Run BETTER, hit BETTER. DO BETTER.
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    Thiem is now 2-7 in big finals

    Since when does 'Next Gen' apply to people over the age of 18? You're physically and technically mature by 18. If you haven't showed much potential by then, you're never going to. Next Gen should be reserved for 10 - 17 year olds.
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    Thiem is now 2-7 in big finals

    There is no such thing as point construction. Tennis is a sport of doing, not one of thinking. The only 'point construction' that occurs in tennis is: hit as hard as you can, run as hard as you can.
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    Who will become ATP No 1 first-Thiem or Medvedev ?

    Neither Medvedev, Thiem, Sinner or Shapovalov will ever reach it. The next new number 1 and next new Slam winner hasn't even been born yet.
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    2021 TTW Census

    By the start of 2021, COVID will have infiltrated every atom in the universe. Tennis will no longer exist.
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    Thiem and Medvedev will win more slams than Murray and Wawrinka

    Neither of them (or Sinner, Tsitsipas, Alliasime, Rublev or Shapovalov) will ever win a Slam. The next new Slam winner hasn't even been born yet.
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    Why does Nadal try to change his game when playing Medvedev?

    Without irony, you are exactly correct.
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    Memo to Rafa's coaches: end that BH slice ! It's killing him.

    Nadal could have beaten Medvedev love and love if he had simply hit high topspins to Medvedev's backhand liek he does to 100% of other players on tour. Why change his game for Medvedev? Medvedev is a nobody.
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    Why does Nadal try to change his game when playing Medvedev?

    Lol, he could have won it 6-0, 6-0 if he stuck to his normal tactics and hit topspin bombs to break Medvedev's backhand down.
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    Why does Nadal try to change his game when playing Medvedev?

    Tennis is not a game of thinking, it is a game of doing. Anyone could be a tennis coach if they wanted to. All you've got to say is: "Go for your shots, run every ball down, never give up...etc..." Doesn't get much deeper than that, it's just about who can actually do that better.
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    I have a feeling that Roger is safe

    If Djokovic loses a bit of his edge (which it looks like he has done), Nadal is now the favorite at EVERY Slam, not just the French Open. Would not be suprised in fact if he won all 4 Slams next year.
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    Why does Nadal try to change his game when playing Medvedev?

    For a 20 time Slam champion to change his game for a nobody like Medvedev is showing Medvedev way too much respect. He should just pound him to submission with his normal tactic. Normal tactic isn't working well? Just execute it better. If normally it takes 3200rpm of topspin and 6ft bounce off...
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    At Medvedev's current age....

    Yep, that's right. EVERYONE who isn't the Big Three is just pathetic, it's depressing. We're hyping up guys like Sinner who won an ATP 250 when they were 19 when an actual future great would have already won 15 Slams in a row by the age of 19.
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    Why does Nadal try to change his game when playing Medvedev?

    Why not just bully the opponent to make them adapt to you? For example, Djokovic is losing the power game, why doesn't he just... hit harder so he wins the power game. Genius I know. That's what the best players in the world are able to do. What happened to targetting the strength of your...
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    Why does Nadal try to change his game when playing Medvedev?

    So why not just ramp up the topspins to 8000rpm and kick it 15ft in the air off the bounce? Medvedev wouldn't even be able to reach the ball in that case...
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    Why does Nadal try to change his game when playing Medvedev?

    When Nadal plays Medvedev he uses a lot of slice, S&V and net rushes. The thing that makes Nadal great is that he (other than Medvedev for some reason) uses the same tactic against every player; hit high topspins to the backhand, no? Get your opponent to adapt to you; never adapt to them. If...
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    Prime Hewitt beats prime Djokovic on HC.

    Peak Garcia-Lopez would also edge Djokovic out on hard.
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    What's wrong with Novak? Has he gone to 2012-14 Mode?

    Seems like he's trying extra careful not to hit anymore officials and get defaulted so he's trying to suppress his psychopathic anger on court. However, that was the thing that made him intimidating and gave him the mental edge over his opponents.
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    Thiem is a nightmare to play

    There are 3 types of mental strength; 1). Front-runner (Federer) 2). Clutch (Djokovic) 3). Tenacity (Nadal)
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    Thiem is the best player in the world currently

    He's much worse than Rublev so how can he be the best in the world?
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    Thiem now 15-18 against the Big Three

    I dont get your point? ALL the above applies, hence it's not an impressive victory.
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    The reason Thiem is a grand slam champion

    If Djokovic makes the USO final, he beats Thiem without losing a single point. Today's result just proved it.
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    Sinner will never win another title

    Absolutely no-one at all until the Big Three are in their 50's. The next new Slam winner hasn't even been born yet.