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    Atp finals draw?

    Hi guys, any ideas when the draw will be released today? Thanks in advance! I will go on Monday, so please put Roger in that group:D Cheers
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    I need a recommendation for a beginner's racket for a woman

    Hi, I would be grateful for an advice regarding a new racket for my girlfriend. Since I personally like to play with heavy player's rackets, I don't know much about a potential racket for her. She's 30, normal fitness level and a total beginner, currently learning the correct technique. For...
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    2 x Angell TC97, 16x19, L3.

    Angell TC 97 16x19 L3 Head Size: 97 String pattern: 16x19 Length: 27 inch Weight 310 g Balance: 315 mm Grip Size: L3 (4 3/8) black grommets A handle shape One with Angell synthetic grip, one with Fairway leather Condition (x out of 10): 8/10 no severe damage. Just a few scratches. Specific...
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    Better shot right now, DelPo's BH or Gasquet's FH?

    This isn't a troll thread, I'm actually serious. As we all probably know, I think what's one of the reasons, why Gasquet never really lived up to his potential, is his mediocre forehand. Sure, serve and so on...but let's stick with his forehand for now. And since I'm watching more or less...
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    Pro Staff 97S, L2, red/black/gold (2015 version)

    Item Description - Pro Staff 97S, red/black/gold (2015 version) Grip Size: 2 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 97" Condition (x out of 10): 7.5 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): Used for a clay and a carpet season in rotation with another 97S. *General Description...
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    State of the grass? Stuttgart and 's-Hertogenbosch

    Hi, just a quick question. I just watches matches of both tournaments and while the surface in 's-Hertogenbosch looks quite fresh, green and well playable, it's almost completely gone in Stuttgart. Can somebody explain this to me? Obviously not the same grass, but still remarkable, and I...
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    Question regarding the weight of back packs

    Hi TW Staff, I really appreciate the work you do and now I have kind of a strange question... Maybe you can help me out. I have some serious back issues and need a back pack that's lightweight, but still offers plenty of room. I'm thinking about the Tecnifibre Ergonomy back pack and the new...
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    Angell TC 97

    Hi, I'm looking for one of these highly praised sticks. Please just offer anything you have, I guess I cannot be too picky about the specs, so please let me know what you got. Thanks in advance.
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    Question for Jason regarding shoes

    Hi! Just a quick question, because I saw that you used to wear Solution Speed 2, but changed to the Ubersonic 2. Since I have rather wide feet I couldn't find a proper replacement for the Asics so far, but it seems like the Ubersonic 2 might fit the bill. Since your feet seem to have a...
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    Is this allcourt sole suited for red clay?

    Hi, I just noticed that my Asics SS2 clay are pretty much done. Holes in the upper and so on. I cannot buy new shows today, but our clay season starts tomorrow and I do only have Asics Challenger 9 shoes here (this sole...
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    Shoes like the Solution Speed 2 for insoles?

    Hey, I used the Asics Solution Speed 2 shoes for two years, but they are finally not wearable anymore. They fit just perfectly, which isn't a given, because I use orthopedic insoles. So...are there shoes which fit just like the Speed 2s? I ordered a Speed 3, but they are too narrow (Why the...
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    Racquet bag for back problems?

    Hi, I'm looking for a bag that's suited for someone with some back issues. I used the Tecnifibre ergonomy 9 bag pack (the last one, not the current one, which is an awful upgrade). Any suggestions? Should be light and comfortable to wear. Thanks in advance!
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    Angell TC97 16/19, L3, 330 g, 305 mm

    Hi, I want to sell my Angell racquet. Racquet: Angell TC97 Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): The specs of this model are: 330 gr. unstrung; 30.5 cm. balance; 97 sq. in. headsize Grip Size: L3 (4 3/8) Quantity: 1 Head Size: 97 Condition (x out of 10): 8.5/10 *Specific Time Used...
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    Galdust is a great seller

    @Galdust is a great seller. Easy communication, he sent the racket super quickly after payment and everything went well. Thank you!
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    Possible to successfully serve and volley at 5'7"?

    Hi, this obviously depends on your particular serve and volley skills, but would you recommend doing this or is it basically nonsense, because you just don't have the proper reach? Please discuss.
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    Tecnifibre Black Code?

    Hi, I didn't find much using the search function. My stringer recently recommended Black Code for my PS97S. Can somebody comment on this string? Thank you very much.
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    PS97S, adding weight to the handle?

    Hi, I got a quick question. A few months ago I added 15 g of Blu Tack into the handle of my PS97S. Just removed the cap, tool some foam out and replaced it. Then I sold the stick unfortunately... So I bought one again and just wanted to to the same again, but underneath the cap, it looks...
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    More than one racquet to measure the specs?

    Hello, I just got a quick question out of curiosity. How do you measure the posted specs like weight, balance, sweet zone, power potential and so on. Is it based on one playtest racquet, or does every playtester get his own racquet and you measure all four of them? Thank you very much! Surion
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    Poly/Poly hybrid for Prince Tour 100 16/18?

    Hi, I decided to go back to my Prince Tour 100 16/18. Now I have to decide which strings to use. Before I used Yonex PTP 1.25 in this frame, but for some reason I didn't like it 100 %. It was okay, but not great. I am looking for a bit more spin (although the frame provides plenty already). Do...
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    FS: Wilson Pro Staff 97S, L2

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Wilson Pro Staff 97S (2015) Grip Size: 2 (4 1/4) Quantity: 1 Head Size: 97 square inches Condition (x out of 10): 8.5 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): Used for approximately 30 hours, only indoors. *General...
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    Angell TC95 or TC97

    Hi, I am eager to buy an Angell, but I'd like to see first, if I like the feel of those frames. That's why weight, grip and everything else doesn't matter here. Please just tell me, if you got one for sale. Thanks a lot in advance.
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    Prince Textreme Tour 95, small sweetspot?

    Hi, due to some serious golfer arm, I changed to the Exo3 Tour 100 16/18 strung with YPTP. I can finally play without pain again, no other frame let me do that... But sometimes I miss power (just a tad) and control over my shots. But at the same time, I totally fell in love with that insane...
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    Mains 10 % tighter than crosses?

    Hi, recently I had a little discussion with my stringer about the right tension. He said, the mains have to be strung 10 % tighter than the crosses to achieve a smooth string bed. I said that many pros or other guys string both the same or maybe 2 lbs difference. What do you think?
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    Stiffness of Head Youtek Speed Mp 315 16/19

    Hi, I couldn't find anything on the internet. I'm referring to the non IG version (2009/2010 model I think) Can anyone help me out?
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    String for Prince Exo3 Tour 100 310g

    Hi, I'd like some advice. I bought the Exo Tour due to some upcoming elbow issues and am now looking for a well suited poly. I recently played gut/poly, but that's no option for the Exo, since the pattern is so open. Multi isn't an option either, since it breaks after 2 hours. I am...
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    Any thoughts on the Pro Kennex Q5 Kinetic 315?

    Hi, I need a new racquet, since my PS90 with gut/poly bothers my elbow (and shoulder). Did andone try the Q5? And might even compare it to the Ai98? Thanks a lot.
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    Question for Chris (or anyone, who played both the PS90 and the RF97)

    Hello, I got a small question. I know, that the theoretical spin potential of the RF97 should be higher than the spin potential of the 90. Is that true or won't the superior maneuverability of the 90 win over the clubby RF in this department? Thanks a lot in advance!
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    Any experience with Discho?

    Hey, did anyone here ever try a string made by Discho and could provide some feedback? Thank you.
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    Wilson Premium Leather thinner than Wilson Leather replacement?

    Hi, I got a stupid question. I use a PS90 in L2, which I installed the Premium Leather on. Now, I bought another 90 in L2, which feels exactly 1 size bigger. Is it possible, that it got the Wilson replacement grip (leather) on it, which is thicker or does Wilson only sell one leather...
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    Armfriendly string for ProKennex Ionic Ki 5 315 g?

    Hi, a good friend is suffering from serious arm pain after tennis and just switched to the Ki5. What string and tension do you recommend? Soft poly like Sonic Pro or Multifilament, Hexy Fiber, RIP Control? Thanks in advance!