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    winter workouts?

    does anyone have any suggestions for workouts to do when its cold as s**T outside? especially since im a huge baby when it comes to cold (If you ask me it should never go below 90 degrees and high humidity, but im weird like that). Anyway, what are some ways to get a good workout indoors at a...
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    % body fat?

    I know there have been posts about this, but from the info I still wasnt sure.... Sooo... if i can very, very easily see my upper abs even when relaxed, but can only slightly see the outer edge of what i guess you could call the lowest "line" across the abs, what would be an approximate % body...
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    how to avoid overtraining?

    hey I was just wondering if anyone had any tips to keep myself from actually training too much. It seems like whenever I decide to have a "day off" I end up feeling like I'm being unproductive and lazy and then I go and do some running or sprints at a track or something. Also, I just came home...
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    Im sure this has been asked before, but where is Guillermo Coria? He was a lot of fun to watch play and then he seemed to disappear..