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    hitting off the back leg

    I was somewhat bothered seeing a lot of instruction given today by a father working with his 20+ year son. I'll stick with the "forehand instruction" although the "talk" never seemed to stop and covered just about every aspect of the game. It was my day off and I was just hitting some serves...
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    Louis Cayer "Doubles Tennis Tactics"

    During a previous thread, Louis Cayer's "Doubles Tennis Tactics" book was mentioned several times. After a rather prolonged/tedious delivery process, I finally received the book and have since gone through it along with several articles people have shared with me since his name surfaced. Its...
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    Serve question

    Although there are a variety of serve styles, I often pick up an element on the stroke that has always made me curious and I don't think it gets discussed much/any. In talking with players, some aren't even aware they do it. When the server is about to serve they bend their wrist (racquet...
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    Tension idea:

    Over the years tennis equipment has certainly changed as we all know. New racquets, shoes, training devices appear weekly but I've never seen anyone invent/market an "adjustable" tension device - I think that would be neat. Now, I also realize it probably is against the rules because...
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    racquet size & age

    Along with many others I've tried to keep some semblence of my game by changing to larger racquets and different strings - type and tensions. However, I find myself playing worse with these new combinations - or think I am. Presently, I'm using the O3 blue with big banger at 55#'s but the ball...
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    Wilson racquets

    Kinda got myself into a little bind that maybe some of you can help me out with. To encourage "new" players into the sport, I've often suggested that they purchase a cheap racquet because most don't want a big outlay of money just to try something out. I've often suggested a Wal-Mart Wilson...
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    Logix racquets.

    Anyone familiar with the Logix racquet - two handles.
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    ATP tennis

    Why professional tennis can't get their act together is amazing. Either there is a general lack of interest within the public for the sport or the tennis world just feels they can act without considering the public - one or the other but maybe both. Today for example, there was no mention of...
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    slider serve

    Seems to have been several references to the "slider serve" during the Montreal coverage this last week. Is this just an extreme slice or have we developed something new? Just don't remember hearing about it before but my memory leaves a lot to be desired.
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    using more than one racquet

    The rules of tennis allow one to replace a racquet if a string breaks (etc) but prohibits the use of more than one racquet at any one time. My question is whether a "different" racquet can be used for serving and then exchanged at the end of the service game for a another racquet - going back...
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    Is this a site that is primarily devoted to womens tennis and is it complete or still under construction? I have looked at their "sample" pages but have not seen any of the "regular" information.
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    I've often wondered about the effects of medications on a persons play - concentration, mood, reflexes, stamima, balance, sun, heat, etc. Many take over the counter medications such as asprin, Aleve and so forth prior to playing but many others are on prescription drugs. Do any of you have...
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    Wilson racquets

    Has anyone used the new ROK 100 (103?) and how it might compare with the Surge 100. Seem to be hitting more and more toward the upper limits of the sweet spot and might consider using something different. Have used the ROK 93 and like it but find I need something a little bigger. Presently...