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  1. Shashwat

    Smooth trade with Josh Lustig

    His responses were prompt and racquet was just as described. Very smooth transaction.
  2. Shashwat

    FS/FT: Head Microgel Radical MP

    Hey I have a Head Microgel Radical MP for sale. Grip size is 4 1/4. It's in great condition, not a scratch on it. There is 3 grams of lead on 3 and 9. It's pretty much like new so i'll sell it for $80 shipped. I'm interested in trades.
  3. Shashwat

    Going to Indian. Tennis in India.

    Hey i'm going to India this monday and will stay there till August 3rd. I'm going to be in Hyderabad with my fam. My cousins said they'll try to hook me up with some tennis but i'm not too sure. I know that's where Sania Mirza lives :). So i was just wondering how the system is there and if...
  4. Shashwat

    Hmmm should i get a K90 just to have a K90?

    I used this frame for about a month a few months ago but i just don't think i'm good enough for it yet, it just limits my game in certain areas. I'm 4.0 to 4.5 (rated by a legit teaching pro), 15 and play high school tennis. My racquets are in my sig but i'm currently using a leaded up MG...
  5. Shashwat

    FS/FT: K95 and Microgel Radical MP

    K95 4 1/4 6/10 - only cosmetically, frame is excellent Fresh string on there - Bab PHT $75 shipped MG rad MP 4 1/4 9/10 - a few scuffs on bumper guard. Pretty old strings - Gamma Durablast $120 shipped Trades: Interested in Babolat Pure Storm Tour in 4 1/4 or 4 3/8 only...
  6. Shashwat

    Wanted: Babolat Pure Storm Tour

    4 1/4 or 4 3/8 for less than 100 shipped. Sorry i'm a high school student and can only pay up to that much. Looking for atleast 7/10 condition. I can trade it for a K95 in about 6/10 condition. Thank you
  7. Shashwat

    Microgel Radical?

    I just bought this racquet, brand new in a garage sale for 30 bucks. Unstrung, with cover and everything. I asked them why they were selling it and they just said, they had it in their closet and were wanting to get rid of it :???:. I use a K95 right now, i just wanted to know a little bit...
  8. Shashwat

    Is this a good routine for my profile?

    I'm 15 132 lbs 5'10 - 5'11 1 mile run on treadmill Curls - 30lbs, 10 reps, 3 sets Bench - 65lbs, 10 reps, 3 sets (I know, weak!) Leg press - 100lbs, 10 reps, 3 sets Leg curls? - 50 lbs, 10 reps, 3 sets Ab machine - 15 reps, 3 sets Do you think that's a good routine? I do it 3 times...
  9. Shashwat

    Andy Roddick To New Friend Phil Mickelson: 'We're Just Like Roger Federer And Tiger W

    LOS ANGELES—Despite having a combined 56 fewer career victories, professional tennis player Andy Roddick informed professional golfer Phil Mickelson yesterday during a Make-A-Wish Foundation charity dinner that the two athletes are "just like" professional golfer Tiger Woods and professional...
  10. Shashwat

    FS/FT: Head Liquidmetal Prestige MID (Cheap!)

    Head Liquidmetal Prestige MID 4 5/8 Only hit with for about 10 hours. 9/10 condition I'm asking $70 plus shipping, i need to sell or trade this quickly please. I'm interested in: K95, Prince O3 Tour Midsize, Babalot Pure Storm Tour. Thanks.
  11. Shashwat

    Doubles Strategies

    What are some higher level doubles strategies other than - Get your first serve in. - Go to the net. - Try to serve and volley. - Be aggresive. and all the regular ones, what are some other good strategies? I know it kind of depends on your opponents but are there any strategies that...
  12. Shashwat

    FT: Head Liquidmetal Prestige MID 4 5/8

    Head Liquidmetal Prestige MID 4 5/8 9/10 or probably better, only hit with it for about 8 hours. Mainly looking for: Babolat Pure Storm Tour, Yonex RDS 002 Tour, K95 Will consider other offers.
  13. Shashwat

    Talked to a Wilson rep today about Djokovic and Tsonga's frames.

    There was a Wilson Rep yesterday at my club. We were talking and the conversation slowly went towards pro's racquets. He told me that Djokovic is using a custom mold N-blade pj'ed like a K-blade and that Tsonga was using a K95 pj'ed as a K-blade. I was confused about why they would paint a K95...
  14. Shashwat

    Ever pushed against a pusher?

    I was playing yesterday against this kid who goes to my rival school. I know his style of play. Consistent on both wings and a consistent serve. So i just felt like pushing and the match went on for a little more than three and a half hours. I ended up winning 7-5, 6-7 (3-7), 7-6 (9-7) :D...
  15. Shashwat

    How to be gangster lol
  16. Shashwat

    My serve Sorry it's sideways and bad quality but you can atleast see my form and motion. I have clocked upto 112 mph at the same place when a guy brought a radar gun. I'll try to get some more videos with my powershot cam.
  17. Shashwat

    Mirror Upon Tennis (really cool) Fed left handed and Nadal right handed from the website i think 10isdude cited. It's really cool.
  18. Shashwat

    FS/FT: Head Liquidmetal Prestige MID

    Hey i have a Head Liquidmetal Prestige MID i acquired here on the boards. Just had 3 hitting sessions with it and didn't really like it. So it is in 9/10 condition and grip 4 5/8. $107 shipped or interested in K95, K90, RDS 002 tour
  19. Shashwat

    Volkl Guys: V tour 10 vs DNX 10 MID

    Hey i recently tried the V tour 10 MID and really liked it. But a DNX 10 mid has been made and i just wanted to know the pros and cons. Sorry if this has been discussed a million times, i couldn't search because of the (10), the search engine doesn't allow two characters. I currently use the...
  20. Shashwat

    FS/FT: LM Prestige MID

    LM Prestige MID (Lux mains, VS Gut crosses @ 56, strung a week ago) 9/10 4 5/8 107 shipped Interested in: 4 1/2 or 4 3/8 please, 5/8 is too big for me. K95 16x18 K90 Volkl V tour 10 MID or DNX 10 MID AG 200 I have only one reference but its good...
  21. Shashwat


    It was a great movie, if you like Little Miss Sunshine, you will probably like this. This is one of my favorite movies now and the soundtrack is just fun to listen to. Everyone should go watch it!
  22. Shashwat


    Pats did it, but it kinda sucks that they will lose to the Cowboys in the Superbowl :twisted:
  23. Shashwat

    Which phone should i get?

    Alright well i narrowed down my choices to these two. Apple iPhone 8GB or Sony Ericsson P990i well both of them are really good phones but iPhone has some features the sony ericsson doesn't and vice versa. here are the video reviews and reviews welll you guys are fond of the...
  24. Shashwat

    WTT: K90 or K95

    Hey i have a 9/10 LM Prestige MID in grip 4 5/8 but feels like a 1/2 since there are only two overgrips on it. I would like to trade it either for a K90 or a K95 16x18 in similar condition. I live in San Antonio, TX. Thank you!
  25. Shashwat

    The official what you got for Christmas thread!

    Alright its a few hours away here in the US. But if you are somewhere else, tell us what you you got, and the Americans post tomorrow!
  26. Shashwat

    Dunlop Max Touch Hybrid 17g Review That's the string, i used it on my K95 16x18 and strung it up at 55 lbs. Background: 15 year old junior, roughly rated by a teaching pro 4.5 semi - western forehand and two handed backhand. I usually use full poly but it was a...
  27. Shashwat

    FS/FT: Head Liquidmetal Prestige MID

    Head Liquidmetal Prestige MID 9/10 condition 4 5/8 but original grip was removed and it has two overgrips so it feels like a 1/2 Strung with Luxilon Big Banger/Babolat VS gut It was aquired very recently in a trade but i hate it. I would prefer to trade but will also outright sell it for...
  28. Shashwat

    Excellent trade with Joseph Nguyen (vndesu)

    Joseph Nguyen (vndesu) <> Traded racquets with him, and everything went really smooth. Fast communication, shipping, and very nice. He didn't hesitate that it was my first trade and trusted me! I definately recommend him to anyone and wouldn't hesitate to deal with him...
  29. Shashwat

    Workout Routine for a month.

    Alright, my friend and I got a free one month package to Lifetime (pretty much one of the best gyms in Texas). I'm 5'10, 138, and 15. My friend is 16. Is there a plan you can reccomend to make us get cut :twisted:? Or just toned, you know. Thanks!