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  1. pantam

    Tsitsipas grip

    1. What grip is that...??? 2. Lost the "Eye on the ball" lesson in Mouratoglou Tennis Academy :)
  2. pantam

    Tennis sounds

    Im trying to make a promo video for my local club, with photos, videos, activities etc... and i want to add some umpires sounds like "time", "GSM" or something ... Any idea were i can find something like these;;; A quick google search give me nothing.
  3. pantam

    8 yo forehand practice (video)

    We working with my son on racket drop, swing from low to high and unit turn. Please critique
  4. pantam

    Give a name to tennis club

    What the title says... Please give me your ideas. Is a tennis club with 70 members. We need to make it official so we need a name. Any ideas???? :)
  5. pantam

    Behave tips for 7 y. o.

    My son just turn seven. He played tennis since he was 4 and he loved it. Recently he use to behave like crap when he lose a ball. He turn crazy and understatement to his self. I'm not behave like this in my games so I don't think he copy my reactions. What do u think guys? Did u face this...
  6. pantam

    slow starter

    Im that type of guy. My game is a level or two upper then the others in my club. But in the court this level evaporated and been in doubt because of my slow start. I use to hount the score from 4-0,4-1,5-2. That makes my game more tide, anxious and not fun. Most of the times I win but I don't...
  7. pantam

    please rate these guys.

    Its an early tournament match..I would be grateful if you give an opinion.
  8. pantam

    Giant coming into the net

    My next game in a local tournament is with a big... a very big guy with huge serve, slice everything and approaching. He covers the net with his hands and lobing is not an option. How does these players can be beaten? Please give some advices.
  9. pantam

    i've got destroyed once more

    I just ended a tournament match and oponent was one of my regular oponent in my club. He never beat me in club matches. We face each other in tournaments and never beat him. Obviously i'm better player. As the others say. I'm solid 4.5 and he 3.0 or lower. I've won the first easily with...
  10. pantam

    Need power/speed in my serve. Plz help (vid) What the title say. I need power. I have good % 1st serve in but i'm lack in power. Tossing bettet is one think. Swing faster is another... Please add some more
  11. pantam

    wall is my friend (videos)

    As long as i'm waiting for my kid to end practicing, i'm practice my self too, against a wall. This is new for me and i have to say that is very facinated. Comments apriciated. I'm the guy in the right Rear view Front view...
  12. pantam

    Flashing Meadows, wimbledon etc

    ... and others big bolcks of courts. What happend to them after the main event over? How did they financin'em. Are they hosting other tournaments? One or couple weeks/year of playing, televised, sponsorised, backing etc are not enough, i suppose.
  13. pantam

    shoulder tondonitis

    I'm posting here for the first time so i dont know if someone have post the same issue before. I'm suffering from what the tittle says for allong time (7 months +), but i didn't want to stop playing until the winter's come. I suffer when i'm serving strong(or not) and i can handle my hand...
  14. pantam

    I'm destroyed by a pusher +1

    ... just want to add my name in the list. Today i was played in my club final against a well known player to me. We have play many times in the past and i have no problems with his pushing. I mean i'm win most of the times. He use to run left and right in the base line, sending the ball up...
  15. pantam

    I just can't watch the ball

    ... just mention it. :) I know many people deal with this prob but today this, makes me nervus brakedown. I dont have particular porblem in groundstrokes but when im closing to the net i play horrible. I play offencive during the point with angles and when the point is to end with an easy...
  16. pantam

    mutch interaption

    Today i was play as a chair umpair in a local club game for q/f. The game was 3-3 in the second set when a player who won as far call for interaption the match because of bad visibility. The lights are poor and the balls are not visible enough. Also he looks very tired and it seems that match...
  17. pantam

    score points

    why they goes 15 30 40 game? 1 2 3 game is more logical. Where does that came from? Any history infos?
  18. pantam

    another service advices topic.

    I would apriciate if you give me your advices in my lousy service. Some of my foults is cleary to me, such as ... no bending, rong contact etc... ... and i feel sorry about my video quality
  19. pantam

    witch are the properly balls for...

    ...asphalt court? Yes there are still exist these courts :( We play tennis in not so high level but we try..
  20. pantam

    need help for solo practice

    Hello people. I'm glad that i've found a place to talk about tennis. I'm from a small town (Florina) in Greece. Tennis here is not so popular so i dont have many options for games with many opponents. Actually i'm only play with my friend and have a hard games with a lot of keenness for win...