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    Is this Djokovic's next Sergio Tacchini outfit?

    Does anyone have pics of the new line?Im so curious.
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    Adidas Spring/Summer 2010

    Comp line is avilabile for pre-order on p r o d i r e c t t e n n i s and its very nice....But nothing about edge and djokovic line( if he stays with adidas)...I hope that shoes and the rest of the stuff will be there soon.
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    Adidas Spring/Summer 2010

    Can you please post some pics?
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    Adidas Fall/Winter 2009

    I didnt know that there are red CC Genius... Maybe for US Open or maybe earlier for Canada and Cincinnati.
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    Adidas Fall/Winter 2009 I think this is for Wimbledon...
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    Adidas Fall/Winter 2009

    Master_stringer_mitchy do you have pics of apparel for Wimbledon and US Open maybe?
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    Adidas Fall/Winter 2009

    Any updates????
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    Fastest forehand/backhand ever recorded?

    Djokovic hit a 186 km/h forehand vs Tsonga in Marseille....I watched it on TV...It is in tie-break in the second set, point begins at 8:50 in this video....
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    Who is the hardest hitter on the ATP tour?

    You forgot Marin Cilic...He also hits hard and flat.
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    Djokovic using a new racquet---Head

    Maybe he is also changing his racquet (his PJ)...
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    Djokovic using a new racquet---Head****************.com/showthread.php?t=84929&page=42&feature=p This is the exibition match from St. Anton played yesterday...Nole is using blacked out racquet(paintjob) and that confirmes that he is switching to head (maybe not head but...
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    Nike Summer 2009

    Those shoes with the pink logo are awful...And the pink polo is so ugly, i think its something ugliest from nike in last couple of years.
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    Which player will win the Career Grand Slam?

    I think Nadal... Because he has allready won Wimbledon and French Open and also he is getting better on hard courts.
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    Build your perfect player.

    First serve - Roddick Second serve - Federer Forehand - Djokovic Backhand - Gasquet Volleyes - Federer Speed - Nadal Return of serve - Djokovic Mental Toughness - Nadal Anticipation - Djokovic Drop shot - Murray