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  1. Devilito

    Martina vs Martina

    Navratilova is a living legend in tennis. Yes Hingis was good, but in terms of men's tennis, we're comparing someone like Edberg and Becker with Federer, Nadal, etc. Martina will go down as a god in women's tennis. On hard, at the US Open? Navratilova no question.
  2. Devilito

    If Wawrinka could beat a prime/peak Djokovic at AO/RG then why could Roddick and Hewitt not at Wim/USO ?

    Weapons / variety / pressure. Apart from Roddick's serve, he doesn't have the game to pressure someone like Novak. Stan has weapons on both wings and knows how to move forward to finish points. As for Hewitt, he doesn't do a single thing better than Novak.
  3. Devilito

    Best Rivalry, not what many think abourt.

    *no clue how to edit the title for typo"
  4. Devilito

    Where does Nadal's slices and volleys rank?

    %99 of those are drop volleys which are fairly easy to hit relatively speaking. Nothing compared to someone like Fed, Sampras, Edberg etc. who have a wide range of net abilities that go beyond a drop volley.
  5. Devilito

    Reasons for European domination?

    The US focuses on team sports all throughout grade school at almost no cost to the student and if good enough you can get a sponsorship for college. If you're good, you can pretty much make the NFL and NBA at zero cost to you or your family. Tennis basically requires you to be born into at least...
  6. Devilito

    ATP players' council around Roger Federer wants to redistribute the prize money: "Take it from the poor and give it to the rich"!

    Pop quiz hotshot. How much money do you have left from $100,000 after $200,000 in expenses?
  7. Devilito

    ATP players' council around Roger Federer wants to redistribute the prize money: "Take it from the poor and give it to the rich"!

    this is a grade 8 kid's understanding of economics summed up. If you have a system based on top players drawing in huge amounts of money, to keep it going you need to consistently produce good players. To continually produce good players you want the most amount of humans playing your sport. If...
  8. Devilito

    How has Nadal passed Sampras?

    How many people are going to remember the 2020 French Open tournament? lol. I don't think i remember any of the matches. I remember certain local futures matches more than the 2020 FO.
  9. Devilito

    How has Nadal passed Sampras?

    Imagine making your entire career off of the current iteration of the French Open which would hardly qualify as a 250 event in the 90s.
  10. Devilito

    Keurten weighs in on the debate

    i don't think he understands evolution. The other parts about training and medicine, sure.
  11. Devilito

    Margaret Court's Inflated Record Down Under

    dumbest take ever. Seles was stabbed because someone was insane. Not because of rational reasons.
  12. Devilito

    Margaret Court's Inflated Record Down Under

    Hehe yeah. But also, meh, i just don't buy the era argument, look at this match between Steffi and Martina. They're playing similar to the style men were playing. Really aggressive. Women's tennis regressed after this era and why i would put Serena below them.
  13. Devilito

    Margaret Court's Inflated Record Down Under

    That was absolutely brutal tennis. If i go to my local club today i'll see random 50 year olds playing at a higher level even if i gave them wooden racquets. Court just slid 100 places after seeing that.
  14. Devilito

    Margaret Court's Inflated Record Down Under

    Yeah... no. Steffi played in a far deeper field than Serena. Also, Seles dominating Steffi is the biggest fake news story in tennis. Yes it's horrible Seles got stabbed and i would consider Seles one of the tennis GOATs, however, she never "dominated" Steffi. I would put both Steffi and Martina...
  15. Devilito

    The One-Handed Backhand

    poly makes one handers more effective now than in the past. A good reason for 2 handers was stability and control with heavier racquets and natural gut. Now control comes from the poly and spin. You can swing all out with a 1 hander and still keep the ball in the court while hitting with a lot...
  16. Devilito

    Margaret Court's Inflated Record Down Under

    1. Steffi Graf 2. Martina Navratilova 3. Serena Williams 4. Chris Evert 5. Monica Seles
  17. Devilito

    20 > 19

    better tennis player > lesser tennis player. I can tell how good someone is by watching them play. I don't need to go on wikipedia to look at their stats to figure out how good someone is. Fed's tennis skillset is above both Novak and Rafa regardless of slam count. I can make the same argument...
  18. Devilito

    If Federer wins AO 2021

    Yeah, Nadal and Novak can win 20 more slams each and they'll never be as good and have the level of skill Federer has. Slam count is just one factor, not the only one. It's the same reason i'd put Graf and Navratilova over Serena and Court far behind Evert and Seles. I look at tennis skill and...
  19. Devilito

    What will Tsitsipas achieve at the end of his tennis career?

    Tennis players are the cringiest douchebags known to man. And that's coming from someone that's played futures/challengers with top players. If you want a heavy dose of narcissism, there is no better than hanging around pro tennis players.
  20. Devilito

    What will Tsitsipas achieve at the end of his tennis career?

    I have a feeling he'll win a few later on after he grows up and gets over his ego. He has all the skills, he just needs his brain to acquire another 10 years of maturity.
  21. Devilito

    Diego Schwartzmann

    Schwartzman is lucky that he's peaking while the golden age of the big 3 is coming to an end. Ferrer was unfortunately in the middle of the prime of all 3 tennis greats.
  22. Devilito

    Pickleball is spreading

    As someone that has played tennis at high levels in my teens/early 20s, the largest gap as you get older is not skill but physicality. If i take 3-5 years off from tennis and want to come back, i need about 6 months of fitness, weight training, stretching to get my muscles, tendons and ligements...
  23. Devilito

    Wilander questions future wildcards for Andy Murray

    i remember when Andre came back in 98 and had to play low level challengers without ballboys. He was a 3 time slam champion and nobody was doling out wildcards to him.
  24. Devilito

    Who will win more slams?...Osaka or Andreescu?

    Can't win tennis tournaments if you don't play tennis
  25. Devilito

    Did Pete Sampras EVER smash a racquet?

    When Pete was playing, Wilson was no longer making the St Vincent version of the Pro Staff he played with. He had a limited supply saved up. It's not like new players that can destroy 100 racquets and just get more made. That probably played a pretty big role in it
  26. Devilito

    The Greek philosopher Stefanos Tsitsipas has been plagiarizing stuff agai

    too bad he doesn't have the faculty to not be an anti-vaccine loon that thinks 5G is responsible for the covid19 outbreak and that telepathy and telekinesis are real. Highly intelligent my ass lol.
  27. Devilito

    The Greek philosopher Stefanos Tsitsipas has been plagiarizing stuff agai

    Tennis is full of top tier cringelosophers
  28. Devilito

    Edberg vs Courier

    Courier's game is a bit underrated. He had decent volleys, a good serve and a good return. He wasn't completely one dimensional like a lot of the baseline bashers back then. There is a reason he was the youngest player ever to make all 4 grand slam finals and won 4 slams by the age of 22.
  29. Devilito

    Haas able to hang with the doors to the US Open

    At a certain level and age, tennis skill alone becomes a smaller part of being successful on tour. Age doesn't kill your skill level as much as it kills your endurance and propencity for injury. The problem is not Haas playing well or not for a best 2 of 3. It's playing well match after match...