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  1. Jules

    Andrey Rublev: A Force of Nature. .. Racquet and Specs

    It was Alexander Bublik in the ATP Tennis "Scariest Shot in Tennis Video". :)
  2. Jules

    Head Codes [Updated list]

    Thanks guys, I sure will! And thank you so much for the info. I knew I could count on you guys here on tt. :)
  3. Jules

    Head Codes [Updated list]

    Oh wow, thanks @Lavs! Sounds awesome. They do play very nicely. I bought them from two different sellers as regular Youtek Extreme Pros. Played them for a while, suspected the lower RA, and since I want to change to TK82S pallets I thought I might as well just check the code. Can't believe the...
  4. Jules

    Head Codes [Updated list]

    Hi guys! So I've got three Head TGK 219.15 To be honest I thought they were just regular Head Youtek Extreme Pros, but when I checked the code here I saw, that they are registered as having softer lay up. If anyone has any additional info on these frames I would be very grateful. :) Maybe...
  5. Jules

    Slowest racquet head speed (since 1985)

    I was just wondering. Who had the slowest average racquet head speed in "recent" times? Top 100 minimum. I'm by no means an expert on pre 90s tennis, but I coundn't think of anyone with a slower racquet head speed than the great Mecir. Take it...
  6. Jules

    Will Julien Benneteau win a single title before retirement?

    No, he won't win. But he should have at least taken a 250 or two. Good all-round game.
  7. Jules

    Davydenko on the AeroPro Drive bandwagon

    Davy actually played with the Pure Drive for a short while around 2002.
  8. Jules

    How's Fed going with the new Racquet?

    On his day, Hewitt is still a really good player. World class (to me goat-level) lob, excellent returns, excellent passing shots, excellent consistency from the baseline, excellent volleyer, excellent shot selection, excellent mental attitude, good serve for his height, good fitness level for...
  9. Jules

    All PRO players racquet SPECS

    Haha, sorry! Actually I'm not as angry as I sound. It came out wrong. I agree. Posters should post source. I'm just REALLY tired. Apologies.
  10. Jules

    All PRO players racquet SPECS

    Ok, since the thred is ****ed up now - and you are right - I will reply. The Muster specs are not from one specific source. Different old threads here on tt and from an old i.Prestige paint job that was sold on string forum.
  11. Jules

    All PRO players racquet SPECS

    Thomas Muster Head Pro Tour 630 Head size: 95 sq. inches Weight: 372 g (unstrung) Balance: 32.8 cm (unstrung) String pattern: 18 x 20 Stiffness: 68 (custom) Grip size: 6 (with a build up at the buttcap) Strings: Isospeed Professional Tension: 40 kg (around)
  12. Jules

    You decide to turn pro tomorrow...

    For technical coaching: Peter Lundgren. Would want to work on the backhand primarily. For tactical coaching: Brad Gilbert. Would want to work on transitioning from baseline to net.
  13. Jules

    RAFA by rafael nadal

    Off topic. The statue designer fcuked up big time when he put PWS on Rafa' racquet, hehe. :)
  14. Jules

    Need a 100 head size to be in the top 10?

    LOL. 10 lols 10 lols more
  15. Jules

    Pat Rafter

    Greg Raven measured his sticks some years ago. Probably never used the Response Ti. At least flex appears to be custom. Weight: 360 Balance: 32.35 Flex: 69 Swingweight: 355
  16. Jules

    Do you remember of Thomas Muster's setup ?

    Nice picture! To me that looks like a PT630 mold in disguise, but I could be wrong.
  17. Jules

    Do you remember of Thomas Muster's setup ?

    Yes, you are right, some of the specs are from there. :) Never actually saw the picture of the racquet though. Can you (or anyone else for that matter) verify that it is a PT630 paintjob...or did he actually use the i.Prestige after retirement?
  18. Jules

    Do you remember of Thomas Muster's setup ?

    As far as I know his Head Pro Tour was always standard length. When he did in fact switch to the Kneissl Tom's Reach Machine it was extended in order to give more power to his hardcourt game. While he did have some succes with that, he felt that the extra length hurt his claycourt game. There's...
  19. Jules

    Do you remember of Thomas Muster's setup ?

    Accumulated specs from this and another forum. Seems legit to me and they are at least close, but I wouldn't bet my life on every single detail: Head Pro Tour 630 372 g (unstrung) 32.8 cm balance (unstrung) Custom stiffness of 68 Grip size 6 with a build up at the buttcap Isospeed Professional...
  20. Jules

    Tipsarevic won't be able to win top5 players...

    Trololo...not about the racquet, bro! 10lolz
  21. Jules

    What was it like when you had the chance to watch Fed play in front of you??

    I saw all of Fed's 4 matches in Copenhagen Open 2000. Immensely talented. Still struggling with his temper back then. I had never seen a player hit with so much topspin on the forehand. The occasional shank on the backhand side. In terms of skill clearly the best player in the draw, but things...
  22. Jules

    Rosen88 a set up against Monfils in Stockholm

    Yeah, the stats read only 1 unforced error to 13 winners. I would recommend some sauce with that. Any sauce really, hehe.
  23. Jules

    Rosen88 a set up against Monfils in Stockholm

    Bon appetit! :P GREAT job Rosen!
  24. Jules

    Rosen88 a set up against Monfils in Stockholm

    Wow, he's playing great. No sign of nerves! BIG forehand! :D
  25. Jules

    Rosen88 a set up against Monfils in Stockholm

    Awesome! Nice to have it confirmed. Third set now...go Rosen88! His last post was february 22nd 2011. Probably too busy playing to post. Or maybe he's just lurking. :)
  26. Jules

    Rosen88 a set up against Monfils in Stockholm

    If my memory is not failing me completely Patrik Rosenholm, who has just won first set against Monfils in Stockholm, is Rosen88 on these boards. Would be fun if he could take the win. Don't remember seeing him post in a while though.
  27. Jules

    Andy Murray's Practice Session Indian Wells

    Thanks for the vid! :)