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  1. men8ifr

    Why Basalt in Wilson Frames...

    I was interested that Wikipedia lists basalt fibres in its specific strength (strength/weight) tables here: While strength/weight is not as good as carbon or kevlar basalt is stronger than both (Tensile strength Mpa). So perhaps that works best...
  2. men8ifr

    Why Basalt in Wilson Frames...

    I was interested that Wikipedia lists basalt fibres in its specific strength (strength/weight) tables here: While strength/weight is not as good as carbon or kevlar basalt is stronger than both (Tensile strength Mpa). So perhaps that works best...
  3. men8ifr

    Need a Racquet with more power than Blade 98s or 104

    That is not stiff! I tried an APD but is too stiff and hurts my wrist after playing. I'm thinking 64 stiffness or less. I think I actually want a 110sq in racquet - In fact I have one a Prince 110 ESP 14 x 17 - that works great but maybe too powerful for summer and I would like more...
  4. men8ifr

    Hybrids where the crosses don't notch?

    Kevlar & zyex is one the zyex never notched at all. What about poly/ poly I suspect there is a rule where a stiffer poly will notch first and the less stiff one won't. So does using a stiffer poly in the mains prevent the crosses notching? If you can post your hybrid combo s and which...
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    Which Racquets offered adjustable tension?

    I think this is only old Racquets. Please list the Racquets you know and and further info/reviews. Are they illegal now?
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    Do I need to learn open stance bh for wide balls?

    I can hit a decent ohbh if im in position and feet are 90deg to the baseline but if im pulled out wide i struggle to get in that stance and have a choice of a weak slice or a dodgy topspin bh which is prone to errors. I watched Agassis preview video and he was saying if you CAN get your feet...
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    Can you read serve direction and speed at 3.5 to 4 level?

    Only guessing at the level as im in the uk but the servers are consistent and can pick which side of the box or body serve on the 1st serve. But for good rec players can you read their serve direction clearly? What clues do you look for? Can you read some players all the time and others...
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    How much difference does using the left hand on ohbh make?

    So my coach looks at my backhand and says I need to start using my non dominant hand as I dont use it now. This is difficult to learn but possible particularly as I can use a wall to practice. But has anyone done the same and how much did it benefit you. Does it help particular situations? My...
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    My £20 Racquet is out playing all my £100+ racquets

    Until recently my racquet use went Ps 95s 6.1 95s prince warrior 100esp Blade 98s blade 104. Most of the above strung with a control poly or Kevlar zx. I restrung a Prince TT slam which is 27.5 in 110 in2 14 x 17 with Kevlar zx at 60/35 lb and it has become my goto stick. It has lots of power...
  10. men8ifr

    Caroline Wozniacki letter to herself

    This gives a nice insight into growing up as a top player
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    What is your max heart rate playing singles?

    I've bought a garmin vivoactive optical wrist heart rate monitor and it's saying my heart rate only went over 120 four times in the 2 hours of play. Also after a hard point with sweat dripping off me and out of breath it's saying 90bpm That's gotta be wrong hasn't it? I'd consider myself...
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    How do you implement technical changes in your game?

    So I need to fundamentally change some aspects of my game to improve like holding trophy position on serve and moving whilst 90deg to the baseline to hit bh's. But these changes are really hard to do. Is it just practice for more hours or force yourself to do it in games despite the awful...
  13. men8ifr

    Have you transitioned from and aggressive to defensive player or vice versa?

    As I'm now regularly playing defensive players and loosing I'm wondering if that is the way to win games at the rec level or lower team level? Currently if I go into defensive mode I still loose as the other players are better at it than me but if I'm aggressive I make to many mistakes...
  14. men8ifr

    Kite string Kevlar review

    This is 1.5mm Kevlar string available on 100ft lengths. I'm currently stringing this in the mains to go with ashaway zx crosses. I've used ashaway Kevlar mains before so this is a comparison to that. First off you cannot normally thread this through the grommets because the end will fray...
  15. men8ifr

    Change to poly in a blade 104

    For those that own the blade 104 how much less power and comfort do you loose if you use poly and is the increase in spin and control worth it? Standard string is wilson sensation multi.
  16. men8ifr

    Yonex Ezone Rally DR

    This is the 107 sq in low 62 stiffness low 302 sw offering from Yonex. There is almost zero info about this frame. I currently play with Blade 98s but am struggling with serve I would like to try something more powerful APD probably perfect but I have mild elbow and recovering from a wrist...
  17. men8ifr

    YASL - Yet Another Serve Log

    The purpose of this thread is to track any progress with my serve, track what works/what doesn't and maybe get some feedback that helps - also hopefully it may help some people developing from a similar level/with similar errors. My first serve % was probably ~10% 2014-2015 so I gave up...
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    Best way to organise singles games?

    So I have maybe 8 to 10 people in a list i can call up to play singles however a lot of the time they are busy on a given day or time. Currently I send a text to every-one asking if they want to play on a given day/time and see who replies. More recently I've had people ask me to play but...
  19. men8ifr

    Blade 98s to 18 x 20 comparisons

    If you have tested both what are your thoughts? I'm using the 98s but intrigued by the 18 x 20 if it has significantly better control but I'm not sure that it does and the extra sw and low power put me off.
  20. men8ifr

    Where would be the best place on the world to live?

    Maybe Florida for by the weather... Or Thailand because of the culture and most beautiful places I've ever seen and it's so cheap I could house in the uk and retire there at 40. Or Sweden because citizens there are the happiest in the world. Maybe New Zealand because of the laid...
  21. men8ifr

    Shaking the ball on 1st serve

    Any advice on this if you had a similar problem? Shaking at the top of the racquet and my wrist and elbow are sore. I think the problem is it's hard to get all the drive up all the time and time it to the ball height and if it's not perfect it's pain! Ironically practicing more will make it...
  22. men8ifr

    What's up with Novak

    I seems like he was ill or maybe problems at home. Commentators on the BBC said he did not look right warming up. In the post match interview Novak more of less said something was wrong and shrugged the loss off like he didn't care or expected to loose... He also said I have a like outside...
  23. men8ifr

    Thinking of changing FH grip from eastern to semi western

    I would like to play more consistent FH shots with more spin so am considering this grip change. Has anyone else been through the process and what were your experiences? I play social tennis and low level club tournaments and have been playing for 3 years so still learning.
  24. men8ifr

    Which pro has the best serve action to copy?

    I've started comparing my serve to Roger but before I go too far is he a good example to try and copy? I guess some-one with lots of online footage, a simple motion are probably the priority.
  25. men8ifr

    Qlipp - serve speeds, any-one still using this?

    I've had quite a few problems with mine - currently can't use video but the team are looking into it. I can use the speed info - it is still detecting most serves as a forehand. If it detects a FH my speed is ~75mph and if it correctly detects a serve it is maybe +10mph. ~85mph. Does any-one...
  26. men8ifr

    Could Revolve have 'gone off' after 1 easy set?

    I bought a 2015 Blade 98s which will have revolve in it. I have no idea how old the racquet actually is. I compared the snapback of the mains vs my several month old kevlar/zx on my other blade 98s and revolve seemed to have noticeably more force to snapback. I played 1 set and was serving...
  27. men8ifr

    Neha Uberoi

    I watched a few of her videos - all very good IMHO. This one is very interesting - how to recover. Before I saw this I've been trying switching the shower to cold (maybe only +5 deg C) for 1 minute and I notice my legs are not sore the next day when they normally would be. <iframe...
  28. men8ifr

    How did you develop your serve?

    I need to work on my serve and am wondering the best way to go about it. If you have a good dependable serve that can enable you to hold serve confidently how did you achieve it?
  29. men8ifr

    When is the next gen Blades due out?

    I'm thinking of buying a 2015 blade 98s to make a pair with my 2013 98s but wondering if i should wait and see what comes out next I think it will be soon?
  30. men8ifr

    Ivan lendels current racquet

    I'm watching Queens and he has a white racquet that looks hexagonal head shape, white strings n the edges and black strings in the centre or maybe it's a strange stencil. Does anyone know know what it is?