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  1. Apollo17

    Ash Barty caught without a mask after telling her colleagues to respect the quarantine rules

    It seems like Miss Barty doesn't care enough about the Victorians health :eek:.
  2. Apollo17

    Djokovic W15 vs Murray OG12

    Who do you think would win this another beatiful and definitely not overdone hypothetical ? I summon @Nole Slam, @BackhandDTL, @Mainad and @Lew II for this debate, as I know they're the most unbiased poasters on this forum and I trust their objectiveness regarding this topic.
  3. Apollo17

    USO : Wawrinka vs Murray

    Muzza threads are in trend right now, so why not add more fuel to the fire :whistle:. Surprisingly, Muzza hasn't really been all that much consistent than Stanimal at USO USO Murray : 1 W, 1 F, 1 SF, 3 QF USO Wawrinka : 1 W, 2 SF, 3 QF. Both have 2 wins over Big 3, but Wawrinka has more wins...
  4. Apollo17

    Wawrinka has won 4 of his 5 last meetings against Djokovic in Slams

    Stan has pigeonized Nole in Slams ever since 2014 (should've been from 2013 if the umpire didn't rob him in their AO13 meeting). Most of these meetings were in 2014-2016, considered some of Djokovic's best years, so we can safely assume Stanimal owns Peakovic. Djokovic is lucky Stan isn't...
  5. Apollo17

    2019 Djokovic vs 2013 Murray at Wimbledon

    What would Christmas Eve be without another fun little hypothetical debate :). I'm bringing the champagne
  6. Apollo17

    What was the biggest choke in a Slam final ?

  7. Apollo17

    Hypothetical Djokovic - Federer Wimbledon 2011 match

    I know everyone is really enjoying all these kind of threads, so here's another one : had Fed not choked from 2-0 sets lead over Tsonga, who would've won this match ?
  8. Apollo17

    Who would win a hypothetical RG final between 2009 Federer and 2016 Djokovic ?

    This is revenge for all the AO09 Nadal hypotheticals ! Now, fight !
  9. Apollo17

    What would you choose between winning a Career Slam and winning 6 consecutive titles at the same Slam ?

    What do you think is a greater feat ? The Career Slam shows versatility among all surfaces, but winning 6 consecutive titles at the same Slam is a feat that hasn't been done by anybody ( in the Open Era at least, not sure all time ). You can even choose at what Slam would you want to do this...
  10. Apollo17

    In a possible Djokovic-Kyrgios R1 showdown at AO21, who would win ?

    The double DQ seems the most likely option :cool:.
  11. Apollo17

    Prediction : SoneGOAT will save tennis and beat Djokovic at AO21.

    You heard it here first ;).
  12. Apollo17

    Who's greater, Angelique Kerber or Simona Halep ?

    Angelique Kerber : 3 GS titles ( 1 AO, 1 Wimbledon, 1 USO ) 1 GS final lost 1 Silver Medal 0 PM/P5 titles 34 weeks at no.1 1 YE1. Simona Halep : 2 GS titles ( 1 RG, 1 Wimbledon ) 3 GS finals lost 8 PM/P5 titles 64 weeks at no.1 2 YE1. Does Simona's superior consistency puts her above or 3>2...