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  1. TJfederer16

    Is Djokovic the most complete player ever?

    the most complete spiritual nutcase yes
  2. TJfederer16

    The Splendid Seven - Federer 2015

    You put may too much stock into that off the cuff quote from Roger in 2015.
  3. TJfederer16

    do you think roger federer 's ground stroke is overrated sometimes ?

    USO 07' final is not a good representation of Roger's ground strokes. He played pretty average but was incredibly clutch in the big moments. Just because you watched one match where his ground strokes weren't at their best does not suddenly equate to them being overrated....
  4. TJfederer16

    AO 2012 Fed vs AO 2012 Djokovic ?

    Lol early 2010 Djokovic was a train wreck, peak of his awful bowling action serve, could barely play a 5 setter without throwing up and a mental wreck.
  5. TJfederer16

    When Nadal saved 5 MP's to win a title.....

    Not as epic as David's 07' Paris/Madrid double demolition though
  6. TJfederer16

    Roger Federer hits practice court on a Melbournelike surface

    Doesn't matter?:unsure: The most recent matchups are always the most relevant. Since that Australian Open bar Roland Garros he dropped just one set in their last four meetings.
  7. TJfederer16

    Borna Coric

    In the words of Nick, "he's a boring peanut-brain player who brings zero to tennis".
  8. TJfederer16

    Best prime?

    Peak Bjorkman was the scariest thing we've ever seen on a tennis court
  9. TJfederer16

    Djokovic visits "energy pyramids" I can't come up with this stuff

    He needs a word with this guy to set him straight
  10. TJfederer16

    2020 Roland Garros SF: [5]Stefanos 'The Philosopher' Tsitsipas vs [1]Novak 'The Tournament Director' Djokovic

    It’s a joke that a 22 year old can’t hang with a 33 year old physically
  11. TJfederer16

    Nadal very beatable

    How can you have so little belief in someone that has won this tournament 12 times and never lost a final?
  12. TJfederer16

    Wimbledon is Novak’s safest bet

    Except when he had a mental breakdown against PCB
  13. TJfederer16

    Crispiness.... Federer/Nadal Miami 05

    Yet nobody calls this one a choke
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    Thinking of Maserati?
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    I’ve lost count, could be pre pre nextgen?
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    Only caught the highlights of the Wawrinka match and was really impressed and watching him against Nishikori now he looks like he has huge potential. Great off both wings, lot of power, has variety, touch, good mentality, the lot. Really exciting to watch this guy. Got a very bright future.
  17. TJfederer16

    Slam Counts but it’s only the Slams that matter

    Did you really go and take that seriously?
  18. TJfederer16

    Should Federer be stripped of the 2006 AO title?

    Its pretty simple really. If Novak hadn't have hit her in the throat he probably wouldn't have been disqualified. Unluckily for Novak it did. Intentional or not that doesn't really matter. Shapovalov didn't mean to hit the umpire in the eye but it did.
  19. TJfederer16

    Explain this

    Because he’s an unbearably religious/spiritual weirdo that professes bizarre beliefs that go against science and reason. That’s where my main dislike comes from. He just comes across as one of those preachy nutjobs.
  20. TJfederer16

    Slow-mo video of Djokovic hitting the line judge

    Another thing to add is that a linesperson isn't a ball boy/girl. Its not her job to run after and catch balls and be aware of this. Clearly she wasn't looking/expecting a ball to come straight at her after the point/game had already been played.
  21. TJfederer16

    Slow-mo video of Djokovic hitting the line judge

    Clearly hit her in the throat. I would love to see all the people calling her a drama queen get hit in the throat with the same ball and see how they react. A ball going at any speed that hits you in the throat would stun anyone.
  22. TJfederer16

    Federer vs Davydenko IW’s 2004 Rare

    Found this rare gem to feast your eyes on. Never seen these highlights before. Subscribe to this guy, he uploads so many rare matches. *My bad this was in Miami.
  23. TJfederer16

    If at first you don't succeed...

    Yeah that performance was up there with the Miami 09' SF
  24. TJfederer16

    Djokovic tested negative for Covid-19

    Are we sure this wasn't a psychological test rather than a physical one? We all know with all those positive thoughts he possesses he thinks he is negative.
  25. TJfederer16

    Most minor big 4 matches

    Wimbledon 2008:)
  26. TJfederer16

    Who are the most popular players in history?

    Even though I don't believe social media is a great indication of overall popularity as a huge majority of people are young people. But on facebook Roger has 3 million more follows and 500k more likes than Rafa. Facebook is still the most popular social media platform.....