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    Best 95 sq in 18x20 frames?

    I've been enjoying the Tecnifibre 315 XTC LTD in both 18x20 and 16x19. My all-time favorite in this category is the Dunlop Muscleweave 200g, though it is a bit underpowered and certainly benefits from a hybrid setup.
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    Is Berdych a WTA Player?

    The flat groundies, high ball toss and fear of the net all say yes. What do you think?
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    Preparing for a late night match

    I once played in an indoor tournament that started at 10 pm and ended at 2 am. The only thing I did differently was that I sipped a coke on some changeovers instead of my usual sportsdrink. I'd probably go with your regular dinner, in my mind it'd be worse to be hungry that late at night.
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    Slice Backhand vs Netrusher

    This might work if your opponent sets up relatively far away from the net as the slice will make the ball dip. That being said, if they're right on top of the net you'd be feeding them an easy volley.
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    What's Was Your Favorite Wooden Racket?

    Has to be the Dunlop Maxply Fort, got it from my grandfather, only woodie I keep in my bag.
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    Treasure Trove of full matches on YouTube!

    Thanks Limp! That Agassi-Sampras match takes me back, it was the first one I ever saw on TV.