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    Is Kyrgios exploding the myths?

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    Pickleball is spreading

    That's because there are that many out of shape and lame morons who wants to pretend to be Fed but find a real sport too hard so they'd rather make up a fake-mini version of it which is easy and doesn't require any running. If they get enough lazy morons together they can even pretend it's a...
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    Djokovic request for fitness equipment in his quarantine room denied

    I see he has cut down on the number of tibetan monks needed.
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    R.I.P. Tommy Lasorda

    Funniest Baseball-event ever. RIP
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    [Klippermate] Flipping the towers so as to clamp closer to the frame

    Ive done that since I inherited my already beaten, bruised and heavily used klippermate five years ago. I have had no problems and I do feel it's advantageous when doing the first six mains. #fwiw
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    Why can't I get lateral spin on my (tentative) kick serve ? (With video)

    That's pretty much the definition of being confused. "an argument is sound if it is both valid in form and its premises are true" so no. This is just plain wrong I dare anyone to cue something verbally over teh interwebz to ten people they dont know and haven't talked to and get a...
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    Why can't I get lateral spin on my (tentative) kick serve ? (With video)

    Since Im the one responsible for this thread-drift I'll get @Digital Atheist @Chas Tennis and @Dragy in here as well. In @yossarian 's example above I think we all agree that the instructor wouldnt talk like that. But a (hopefully) probable version would be: <-- Take your average tennis player...
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    Why can't I get lateral spin on my (tentative) kick serve ? (With video)

    Where do you get that stated goal from? Are you really claiming that as a truth all through the forum? Did you read the OP of this thread saying; "I'd be glad to read technical advices." ...
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    How do I get more topspin on my 2 handed backhand?

    The timing of the knee-bend is "usually" a factor... #fwiw
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    Forehand Foot Positions of Choice 2021

    Ok. Of course! The answer is yes. True, but also on a heap of other variables. A BIG heap of other variables. I think you are overly fascinated with muscle-length. (see, for example, the summary of this article I also...
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    Does have a John McEnroe-like Service Motion put More or Less Strain on the body?

    Could you please show how and/or confirm that your knees hurt when doing a "regular" platform-stance leg-drive? #curiousity.piqued.again
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    Does have a John McEnroe-like Service Motion put More or Less Strain on the body?

    Since Ive already posted on this above ( I might as well add some more. What he does with his shoulder eg. externally rotating it before...
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    Does have a John McEnroe-like Service Motion put More or Less Strain on the body?

    Hmm... The good thing about the JMac serve is that it requires little flexion/extension of the back and practically no "rotation" (I am assuming you mean twisting? aka rotating the shoulders one way and the hip the other? since everyone can rotate their spine by spinning 360 degrees) JMac's...
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    PINPOINT or PLATFORM stance for Serve?

    Ive always been a huge McEnroe fan so I learned/copied that serve as a kid. I can still bang out a decent copy on a hot day but I do have to follow it to the net for some reason. ;)
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    PINPOINT or PLATFORM stance for Serve?

    Why not? Angle of the stance in relation to the baseline is not relevant.
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    PINPOINT or PLATFORM stance for Serve?
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    Playing by "Design" ... WITH "Feeling"!

    I never said anything about the man. ;) I just said that I didnt find what the man said hard to understand. However, I do appreciate any excuse to post Yardbirds so I'm happy you misinterpreted my response. :cool: (The Faces would have earned you a gold star...)
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    Playing by "Design" ... WITH "Feeling"!

    I did not find that hard to understand at all.
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    Roast my serve (advices are nice too)

    I tried to find another video I saw once but couldnt find it. So I reverted to Salzenstein. Sorry about that. ;) If you get your leg drive fixed 'properly', youll be opening more of your chest to the ball and staying more sideways automatically which will, in turn, help with your kickserve. I...
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    Roast my serve (advices are nice too)

    1. Youre doing great considering the short time youve been playing. 2. You need to re-learn the way you are jumping into the serve aka your leg-drive. This will create lots of positive things for the rest of your serve. I found a video by a former atp-pro where he explains what you are doing and...
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    Weight Shift During Serve

    LOL "Jake Speed", you are now my favourite new troll.
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    Dustin Brown moves to Head like countryman Struff and both move up

    This means that there's a bunch of 100sqinch PT10-layup head-frames lying around... Could someone PLEASE get me in touch with at least a couple of these frames? :D
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    "4-inch Swivel Move" ???

    Since this thread sparked my curiosity about this "4-inch swivel move" I looked into the below Salzenstein vid and at 3.10 he refers to the "first move fix" "which is basically to start the serve motion with a shoulder turn." with "it all starts in the first six inches of the motion". Maybe...
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    Shapo unleashes on the FO as “trash!”

    No. The problem is people not acting responsibly and blaming it on others. You can only ever control your own actions. Not doing what is right, because there's a probability others might be doing what is wrong, places the acting person in the group doing what's wrong. This is true in all...
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    Shapo unleashes on the FO as “trash!”

    Whatever happened to a sense of personal responsibility? You know, doing what's right, all on your own?