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  1. Devilito

    Best Rivalry, not what many think abourt.

    *no clue how to edit the title for typo"
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    AO, problem solved!

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    The nightmare is finally over...

    Clay Season Grass Season
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    just tuned into a match on Louis Armstrong...

    we might need to point the Hubble towards earth to see what's going on.
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    This is the strongest era. Players keep getting better. Old players don't stand a chance!

    These old players are pathetic. Wouldn't stand a chance against today's high paced game!
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    do people find this fun / exciting?

    Would you rather see the best players in the world being dethroned while at their peak by a new up and comer that's even better than they are? Or would you rather continue to see, "the best of what's left", and have bottom rung players move up the ranking because the good players finally had...
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    Remember when Federer could hit winners?

    and flatten out his shots and not be bothered by big hitters? needs to go back to his 85 or 90 and go back to hitting the ball. His, "I'm 33 and want to turn into a grinder at this point of my career" seems rather silly. When Petros won his last...
  8. Devilito

    Wilson Pro Staff 85 to Canada

    can I oder these to Canada? I know Wilson has the export restrictions but this isn't really a retail item available in stores. It's a TW exclusive and makes no sense to restrict something you can't buy anywhere else. Let me know so I don't waste time putting in an order to have it rejected...
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    Luxilon Alu Power 138

    anyone use this in spin effect ESP racquets yet? Want to make sure it has the same feel as the 125 before plunking down a huge chunk of cash
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    shame on Nadal

    for making this AO final about him and not about how Stan would have rickrolled him regardless of his Oscar winning acting job. He took from Stan what should have been a moment of joy and dropping down on his knees to one where he made Stan feel sorry for him instead. Unmatched level of...
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    Dimitrov testing / switching to Pro Staff 95S?
  12. Devilito

    No more tennis racquets to Canada?

    so I see you have expanded the list to no Wilson, Head, Prince, Babolat and Tecnifibre. That pretty much means you stopped selling racquets to Canada right? on another note. Prince no longer has dealers in Canada. Now that you no longer ship Prince to Canada does that mean it is now...
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    Fed needs to...

    stop playing on Clay. Yes in his prime he was the 2nd best clay courter. He had amazing movement, wasn't shanking every 2nd shot and hit through his shots. Now a days he's much slower, has worse timing, and is not hitting through the ball as much. He needs to stick to faster courts where he can...
  14. Devilito

    Murray vs Prime Lendl

    80s courts and 80s equipment. Who wins and where. Thinking Lendl would clean him up on pretty much every surface including Wimbledon
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    terms that are now gone from the tennis vernacular

    “pusher”… This one used to be a pejorative against players that won by doing little more than putting the ball back in the court and waiting for their opponents errors. Nobody wanted to play a pusher or watch a pusher play. Even on TV pushers were the least popular players. Now the term pusher...
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    Pistole Petros... not prime but now at 41... Wimbledon 2013 champ?

    now that the top players have been exposed as complete frauds I think Pistol wishes he took a wildcard this year
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    String Patterns 16x19 and 18x20

    relics of a bygone generation of natural and synthetic gut. I'm surprised it took racquet companies 15 years to finally start really innovating racquets to match the string technology. With all the junk "tech" racquet companies have been throwing at consumers every single year why has it taken...
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    Prince EXO3 Tour ESP

    so these racquets are out in parts of Asia. Any reviews?
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    Custom String Patterns

    lots of places offer "custom racquets" which aren't really custom, just a generic mold with different weight placements. Who else wishes they could get a custom string pattern done up? For example i'd love a Prostaff 90 mold with a 14x16. I think in a 90 with full poly it would work fine. Maybe...
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    thanks for the 85, now re-release the Prostaff 6.0 95

    that is all. Thanks
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    cure for those who just sat through Murray vs Ferrer
  22. Devilito

    cure for those who just sat through Murray vs Ferrer

    moved thread to General Pro Player Discussion
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    Wimbledon - no play on Sunday

    Wimbledon is nothing more than another avenue for entertainment. When you offer entertainment it makes sense to do so at a time when the majority of people have time off from the most common type of work which is Monday – Friday 8pm-5pm. For such an event that only occurs once/year does it make...
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    Luxilon buy 2 get 1 free

    Past few years I’ve haven’t had the right timing or opportunity to cash in on the yearly buy 2 get 1 free Luxilon and Babolat Sales. This year I’ve been waiting 4 months now for a sale to pop up so I can hit up a big order but nothing seems to be popping up. Anyone have any word on upcoming...
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    ATP San Jose some great 1st round matches. Dimitrov, The Don, and a nice exo tonight. Anyone know if they're going to stream the exo anywhere? I see streams for Dimitrov later tonight. Gonna be a barn burner. Still waiting to get an update on Raonic see if he's...
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    Dolgopolov strings and tension

    i'm experimenting with hybrids and most that string poly mains / syngut cross, usually string the syngut at slightly higher to make up for the stiffness of the poly or the same. But i found stringing even the syngut a few lbs less on the cross adds a lot more comfort and pop on my shots. Then i...
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    Do people refer to the TW String Performance Database?

    Just a little pet peeve of mine, because of my elbow I had a few concerns over poly stiffness a while back and used this forum to gauge people’s opinions on what is a stiff and what is a soft poly. From experience my assessment was pretty much the opposite of what people were saying on this...
  28. Devilito

    3 x custom "zombie" Wilson ProStaff 6.0 85

    3 x custom modified "zombie" Pro Staff 85 4 3/8 7/10??? please refer to thread for all details; $300 shipped from Canada for all 3. Not splitting up
  29. Devilito

    (3) Head Youtek Prestige MP 4 3/8

    (3) Head Youtek Prestige MP 4 3/8 8.5 / 10 . Just some bumper rash only. No damage to the frame. $300 shipped from Canada only selling as a set due to exessive shipping costs from Canada
  30. Devilito

    (3) K Pro Staff 88 + (3) Pro Staff 6.0 85

    **Package price $500 shipped for all 6 racquets (from Canada)** 3 x KPS 88 9/10 condition 4 1/4 Grip Size $300 Shipped *NOTE* The only thing "wrong" with these racquets is that i'm OCD and sharpied over the specs on the inside throat of the racquet to black it out. So if you're...