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  1. ironaufschlag

    Tennishaus- zimmer mieten in Florida und trainieren

    Hallo alle, Bin Deutscher/Amerikaner. 10-11 UTR Level Spieler und arbeite professionell, während ich immer noch sportlich und wettbewerbsfähig bin. Ich habe kürzlich ein Haus in Zentralflorida gekauft, um Spieler dazu zu bringen, im Tennishaus zu leben und zusammen zu trainieren und an den...
  2. ironaufschlag

    Tennis House room rental. Live, train and compete in Florida

    Hi, I'm a 10 UTR level player and working professional while still staying athletic and competitive. I recently bought a house in Central Florida with the goal of bringing in players to live in and train together at the tennis house and compete in the pro events scattered throughout Florida. So...
  3. ironaufschlag

    Tennis elbow and diet?

    Great screen name, ByeByePoly. Yeah I had given my elbow a rest from competitive tennis for a solid 2 years. Just taught kids and fed balls for a solid year and really didn't play at all. The second year I slowly got back into it and didn't hit any serves. Once I started serving again (hybrid...
  4. ironaufschlag

    Odd Wrist Injury

    See a medical professional. You may need imaging.
  5. ironaufschlag

    Tennis elbow and diet?

    Just noticed that he wrote low flex. That is an interesting and counter-intuitive idea and one that I have discussed with an aerospace engineer. I had described my tennis elbow and the racket technology. I explained that I used a the prokennex kinetic which has a low stiffness and more flex and...
  6. ironaufschlag

    Tennis elbow and diet?

    Hi TW forums. I'm a 5.5NTRP (UTR 10.50) and have experienced tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) pretty much ever since I began serving over 110mph about 4 years ago. I say serving because my tennis elbow only occurs when I try to hit above 110 (max speed 128 recorded recently). I can rally...
  7. ironaufschlag

    ITF level Hitting partner available in Northeast to train for a week

    Hey, I'm a 5.5-6.0 NTRP level player with ITF men's tour level experience. 24 yrs old and I go to grad school in Massachusetts and have a week off from Feb 25th-March 5th 2017 available to travel in the Northeastern USA. I'd like to use that time to train with another pro preparing for the next...