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    Babolat Pure Aero Green and Black?

    Hi guys Now I hope you guys don't slate me because to be honest the rackets babolat have been bringing out I lost track and only recall the aeropro drive gt 2010 is the last of them I bought, as I still use the first generation ones.. So I bought 2 Pure Aero tennis rackets and it was a good...
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    Penn Championship Tennis Balls Regular Duty

    Hi everyone I hope you can help before I open a can of these balls. Long story short I bought these 20 cans.. thinking it was the extra duty ones and realised after they are regular duty. I really like the extra duty version of this ball as they do last but from what I so far is they are not...
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    Strung racket, wrong grommet hole..

    So I have strung a Babolat Roland Garros GT racket, and like a muppet I done it as 2 piece and then realised half way down that I have strung it slightly wrong. I will upload a picture if required so the grommets on this racket is not the other babolat aeropro drives that I have this will want...
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    Poly Tour Pro Vs Hyper G

    I thought I would do a review comparing both of these strings which may be helpful for others who are looking to try out these strings. Strings are both 1.30mm/17g Firstly I string both strings on the same day at 25k/55lbs on the first generation Babolat Aeropro Drive, which I have added 6g...
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    For Sale: St Vincents, Original Aeropro Drives And More

    Racquet Item Description (Brand/Model/Year) Wilson Pro Staff 85 St Vincent Grip Size: L4 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 85 Condition (x out of 10): 7 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): Price: £115 Shipping...
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    Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 95 Fake?

    Hi I have 2 different HPS 6.1.95 both are identical, string pattern etc 18x20 however the handle are different one is plastic under buttcap like a sheet of it on top plain black other has foam like the more modern wilson have now. One of them is brand new the other is used had that for a...
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    Head Speed Racket Wide Looking Frame?

    Hello I don't know if it's just me but any other racket that I have strung even a wooden racket they look perfect but for some reason Head rackets the width of the frame looks wider. Thing is I have strung Head prestige Classic a couple of times and thats fine, the Youtek prestige pro was...
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    Tecnifibre NRG2 1.32mm Possible Fake?

    As the title suggests I am not 100% it is or isn't The reel I got was from the bay and at a good price, UK seller 100% feedback etc etc. String came looked genuine was concerned with it being slightly rough what I mean by this when you have string and you move your fingers across it to feel it...
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    Babolat Duralast

    Just been reading all the negatives about this string and how it's stiff as a board and loads of better strings out there etc etc same price range.. I have used a lot of strings on my Aeropro drive original and it's been a while since I got a feeling like I did whilst playing with the...
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    Tecnifibre NRG2 1.32mm

    Hello I can't seem to find many reviews on here for this apart from the 17 and 18g version of it.. Can anyone give me any feedback if the 1.32mm is actually worth getting? I've used X One at 1.18 and think it's brilliant but not the NRG2, I mainly play at baseline and like to hit...
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    Warning! I feel Sick

    I openened several of my rackets to a pic of them as will be posted in racket pic or whatever But I noticed with all the rackets I have its the damn pro staff 85 there is like fungus on the damn grip!! All the other rackets are fine, it just seems to be the 85 I have 5 of them 2 are outside...
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    Selling All Sorts

    Not much time for tennis and simply not as interested as I was before so therefor i'm selling quite a few of my rackets. Would rather post within UK, if you want me to post to Europe will cost higher around £15-£20 tops postage. For sale are, including delivery (within UK) Dunlop Max 200G -...
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    tennis anyone Great Seller

    Bought 2 rackets from this user and his communication was excellent and posted the racket instantly with a tracking number also. No problems at all, would recommend him to other users. Thanks again
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    Babolat Pure Control Original

    Can somone confirm to me that these rackets didn't come with a trapdoor, and that this is authentic I'm not 100% convinced but believe it is legit just want someone else who knows there stuff to confirm it. Here are the pics
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    Babolat Contest Lite fake?

    I've been given this racket to restring for a club member and I realised few hours later (not restrung it yet) that it may actually be a fake? Anyone else have this racket? There is no trapdoor on the buttcap Weight may be ok since it weighs 277grams (with the broken string on it) Head...
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    BiG Clearout

    Few rackets for sale, never get used. Babolat Aeropro Drive Original Grip 3, 16x19, 8/10, 330 strung £80 delivered Dunlop Max 200g Signature Version Grip 2, 18x20, 7/10, 352g unstrung (1 overgrip) £40 delivered Prince Precision Responsi TI (Pat Rafter) Grip 3, 16x20, 8/10, 340g strung £45...
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    Wilson BLX 90

    What strings/combination is best for this racket. Not for me but someone else, got Lux Alu Power half set Was thinking of doing this Alu Power Main/Cross Focus Hex 1.18 Alu Power Main/WC Explosiv Cross Alu Power Main/Gosen OS SUper sheep Alu Power Main/Prince Beast cross Person i'm stringing...
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    No Such Thing As A Dead String

    To all those users out there who said myself included when you have a racket strung about 3-6 months ago and you don't use it, when starting to use it again it's either dead or very stiff or whatever.. I came across a Dunlop 4D300 racket that I had in on my racket bags and checked the inside...
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    Which Strings, Which Racket?

    I'm going to restring either A K90, BLX90 or another APD I was wondering out of the following strings that I have which do you recommend etc. I would say i'ma strong 4.0 and prefers to stay at the baseline, semi western grip and like to play with spin. I usually string my rackets at either...
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    Couple of frames for sale

    Hi guys I have a couple of frames for sale that I hardly use, all rackets are strung apart from K90 Pure Storm and Prince Response freshly strung. I checked the weight on all the rackets I have and these are the actual weight strung and overgrip included if I listed it next to it.. Babolat...
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    Pro Kennex Championship 4 Ball

    Hi guys I've searched the forum and found nothing about these balls and how they play. I decided to risk it on **** and just buy the lot, seemed to good to be true of a deal. But after contacting seller he reassured me these are legit etc etc. Here are the pictures I decided to open...
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    Wilson N Code 90 Fake or Poor QC

    I came across one on the bay and was concerned he listed it as 320grams weight Here is the number 230774020358 I contacted seller and at the same time I won the item since he did not reply beforehand... So he replies and says yes it weighs 320g etc as it says that on racket. He forwarded a...
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    Fs: Babolat, Dunlop, Wilson and Yonex Racket For Sale

    Babolat Pure Drive + Cortex version £55 delivered - I have another identical one also available if you want 2 Grip size 3, 320grams strung, 16x19 string pattern, 27.5 inches length currently strung with bhbr, few scratches and 1-2 chips Condition 8/10, Comes with racket cover Dunlop...
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    Jurgen Melzer Racket

    Can someone confirm what racket he is actually using? Is it a pro stock version of the dunlop aerogel 4d300? What is the specs of his racket also? Thanks
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    FS couple of rackets

    Hello I have the following for sale Babolat Pure Drive Cortex + 8/10, grip 3 asking for £65 delivered Babolat Aeropro Drive Cortex 7/10 grip 2 asking for £65 delivered Babolat Aeropro Drive Original 8/10 grip 4 - £85 delivered Dunlop Aerogel 4D300 Tour 9/10 grip 3 asking for £60 delivered...
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    fx007 Fantastic Seller

    Just want to let everyone know Honest and will answer every email you send to him quickly. Recommended to everyone. I'm from UK and hes from Bulgaria so communication was key and he done a brilliant job of it.
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    Changing Rackets each time you play

    I think most would agree that we would tend to do this quite often but what I want to know is by doing this are you slowing yourself down quite a bit in improving your tennis skills or should it not really matter if you have the right technique etc you can play with any racket at a really good...
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    Wilson Pro Staff 85si?

    Hello guys I have not seen this racket especially it saying si I know what si means just wan to make sure this is not something fake that I won on the bay. Item number is 150703075427 Help would be appreciated.
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    Wilson Pro Staff 85 St Vincent Grommets, POG & PT57A

    Hello guys I would like the above especially the pro staff grommets if anyone has these available let me know. my email is Thank you
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    Head Titanium Ti.S6 Stringing

    Hello Guys I was wondering if anyone has tried stringing one of these rackets? or anything like it. Reason why I ask is im going to string one for a mate at the club, he's previously had synthetic gut in there and since I have polys and Nylon string I wasn't too sure of which to use. I did...