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  1. austinjbrunner

    Prince Neos 1000 Racket Moving

    Hey all, So I bought a used Prince Neos 1000 and thus far it's been great. However, I think one of the racket clasps seems to be a little loose. The racket moves ever so slightly sometimes when I pull strings... Tightening those clasps isn't rocket science... I mean you put the racket in, you...
  2. austinjbrunner

    FS: 2 HEAD Youtek IG Radial Pro's

    Item Description: HEAD Youtek IG Radial Pro Grip Size / Size: 4 1/4 Quantity: 2 Head Size: 98 Condition (8 out of 10): I've used these for years. Some scuffs and could probably use a new grommet bed but it's in great shape. *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes)...
  3. austinjbrunner

    FS - 2 Head Youtek IG Radical Pro

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Head Youtek IG Radical Pro Grip Size: 1/4 Quantity: 2 Head Size: 98 Condition (x out of 10): 8/10 Price: Looking for 150 + Shipping or Best Offer Will post pictures.
  4. austinjbrunner

    Looking for Head Youtek Radical Pro

    Looking for Grip Size 4 1/4. Have one, other one just cracked some how. Post here please.
  5. austinjbrunner

    Prince Neos 1000 Help

    Recently just bought a used Neos 1000. Love it, but I'm having issues turning it. There's a circular metal disc underneath that seemed to get caught on a screw. So I took the screw out... Now the disc turns and knocks into the machine itself, and I have to pull the disc around just to turn it...
  6. austinjbrunner

    Stringing Machine Suggestions

    I recently sold my drop weight Alpha String Pal, and am looking to upgrade. Now, I have used a Prince Neos 1000 and love it. It's a pretty great machine. However the pricetag is steep. However I have been looking at the Wise 2086 on TW and wondering if it would be easier and more efficient...
  7. austinjbrunner

    Wanted: Prince Neos 1000

    I realize stringing machines are not as likely to be traded or sold on this, but I am looking for a Prince Neos 1000 if someone is looking to sell one. Buying one new is a bit pricey so if anyone is looking to sell theirs, let me know at
  8. austinjbrunner

    Luxilon Alu Power/ Premier Attack Review

    I recently bought two Youtek Radical Pros. And I figured I would try a new set up in those that I had never tried before (why not right?). I put Luxilon Alu Power 16L, a string I had been against since tennis elbow problems, in the mains, and Premier Attack 16 in the crosses. Struck at 56 all...
  9. austinjbrunner

    Yourtenniscoach :)

    Was an absolute pleasure buying from him. Gave great photos and a fair price. Shipped it right away. Got here over a weekend. Bought two IG RP's from him and they were just as described. 9.5/10 rackets and for the price...couldn't be happier. Would buy from him anytime.
  10. austinjbrunner

    2 Microgel Radical Pros 1/4 FS 8.5/10

    Two MG RP for sale: Both 8.5/10...minor scuffs and paint chips but nothing major...bumper guard is in good shape. Both have Hurricane Tour mains/Syn Gut crosses at 56 lbs. Tournagrip on one, Wilson Pro Overgrip on the other. Looking to sell so I can upgrade. Contact...
  11. austinjbrunner

    2 Head Rackets FS/T

    2 Rackets for Sale or Trade.. Head Liquidmetal Heat... 7/10 4/5 grip Some paint chips...but it's a decent racket. Strung with Polystar Energy currently Head Flexpoint Radical OS 7/10 3/5 grip Some paint chips...Still in pretty decent shape. Heat: 60$ /OBO Radical: 60$ /OBO...
  12. austinjbrunner

    Clamp Issue Alpha String Pal

    I tried stringing my racket 3 different times. Each time the floating clamp just let go of the string. So I tightened the clamps a bit more to ensure it wasn't that. Sure enough, it let go again. First set of mains ruined. Tightened both clamps just enough so that the string could fit. Took...
  13. austinjbrunner

    Need to upgrade

    I currently use Polystar Energy 17g. I find myself breaking strings too often. 5 or 6 hours and boom, the string is gone. I love Energy because it's cheap for a poly, soft on my arm for the most part, and gives me decent pop, spin, and control. Energy is cheap but if I keep breaking strings...
  14. austinjbrunner

    String between Hurricane and Polystar

    All right, so I loved Polystar string. Problem was that I would break it too often. I broke two strings during the warm up one match, forcing me to use a back-up racket that I rarely use. Realistically I can't play matches like that, worrying I will run through my two rackets consistently. So I...
  15. austinjbrunner

    tennisplayer20002000 = Great Seller

    I had a fantastic experience buying from tennisplayer20002000/Pete. I was new to paypal, and he helped me through the process of searching his credentials on both this site (TW) and pay pal, as well how to send money and all that fun stuff. He walked me through everything and could have...
  16. austinjbrunner

    Wanted: Head Microgel Radical Pro 1/4

    I have one already, and need a second to go with it. Please contact if looking to sell. I wish tennis warehouse still sold these....:(
  17. austinjbrunner

    Shoe Cloth Holes

    I just bought a pair of the Adidas Pulse and go them today. To my dismay, they had the cloth eyelet holes to thread and tie the laces. Normally, I am very good at recognizing this and not buying shoes with these, yet this time I missed this feature for whatever reason. So my question is: is...
  18. austinjbrunner

    Polystar Energy Review

    gauge: 17 PolyStar Energy racquet: Head Microgel Radical Pro tension: 57 lbs surface: Outdoor Hardcourt power – 9/10 Very powerful string. Taking cracks at the ball with this string is not hard to do. I would compare this string to the last string in my racket, which was Pro Hurricane...
  19. austinjbrunner

    RPM Blast Package, but no string?

    I recently ordered two sets of RPM Blast string. They came in today. Too my excitement, everything was in it's place. Then, to my astonishment, there was no string in one of the Babolat packages, it was just empty. Has this ever happened to anyone?
  20. austinjbrunner

    Confirmation Email?

    Already emailed TW but never got a response so I am trying this method. I ordered some new shoes and never got a confirmation email. What should I do?
  21. austinjbrunner

    My experience adding Lead Tape

    All right, so I decided to experiment with lead tape and this is what I have found after 2 weeks of hitting with it. First of all, I guess I should declare what I'm trying. I bought the gamma 1/4 strips. I cut 2 inch strips, and put one on each side of the strings at 3 and 9. Therefore, since...
  22. austinjbrunner

    Lead on Microgel Radical Pro

    Tried to piggy back off a different post about lead but didn't really get an answer. I've done some searching as well but I confuse myself from time to time so here it is: I have a Microgel Radical Pro, as stated, and am just now getting some tennis elbow from it. I've had it about a year...
  23. austinjbrunner

    Lux Alu and Elbow

    I had my Head Microgel Radical Pro with a full set of Lux Alu BB Rough and I absolutely loved it aside from when I went for big serves, and after matches. It didn't kill my arm but it hurt none the less, and that is pain I'd rather not have. I have Duralast in my racket now (I use Duralast for...
  24. austinjbrunner

    Starting the mains

    I have an Alpha String Pal and I am struggling to start my mains. I have watched all of YuLitle's videos, and he usually pulls both center mains and then sets an anchor clamp. Pulling both mains is not an option with this machine, at least I haven't found a way to do it because I have tried...
  25. austinjbrunner

    Pingy noise

    I have a Microgel Radical Pro and sometimes it will ping as if the strings did not have a dampener on them. The strings have a dampener, I've gone through 2 or 3 string jobs and it's still pingy, and there are no dents or chips in the racket (I hope, I don't throw or hit my rackets). The only...
  26. austinjbrunner

    Klippermate vs. Gamma X2

    I am looking to getting a stringer and I feel like these two would be great starters for me, mainly because of cost. I don't know how to string rackets, but I am am now thinking it's a good idea considering I'm in college and paying to get my rackets strung is getting a bit ridiculous cost wise...