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  1. Blitzball

    James Harden and the Brooklyn Nets

    For any hoops fans out there, here are some observations on the recent Harden to Brooklyn news: 1. Steve Nash has his hands full as a first time coach. As a Phoenix native and longtime fan, I'm rooting for him and D'Antoni as they attempt to weave three perennial all-stars into a seamless...
  2. Blitzball

    Improving the Backhand Slice

    Earlier this year a junior player I coach injured their non-dominant wrist after tripping and landing awkwardly. They were very eager to get back on the courts though, so I had them learn to use a backhand slice. In a bit of a humble-brag, my player caught on to the slice exceptionally fast...
  3. Blitzball

    Developing Players with Lighter Racquets

    Having spent about 7 years developing junior players ranging from casual once every two weeks to four days a week to prepare for college tennis, I have come to notice a trend. I'm increasingly doubtful of the effectiveness of lighter junior racquets. I'm mainly talking about the ones that weigh...
  4. Blitzball

    The Phoenix Suns are Reborn - Fans Unite!

    The Phoenix Suns are back to playing decent basketball. We have a whopping winning record of 1-0 with many positive signs pointing forward. Devin Booker had a clutch performance in the 4th quarter. He scored 17 points in 5 minutes, and the Suns won 121-100 thanks to his combustion of 3's...
  5. Blitzball

    Monster Hunter World Talk

    MHW is fantastic. The sheer depth, the beautiful environments, the variety of monsters and their fights with each other, the weapons and their distinct mechanics, all the harvesting and crafting. And so much more! I have five friends who just bought it that are overwhelmed by everything, but...
  6. Blitzball

    New Wilson Limited Blade & Burn Paintjob

    Reverse colorways AND texture for limited Burn and Blade models AND another all-black special edition throwback release of a racquet Federer may have used in the past (forgot to mention that in thread title). They look and feel fantastic. Coming out this summer.
  7. Blitzball

    Thoughts on Revolve Spin

    First Impressions: I got my new Blade CV 18x20 strung with green Revolve Spin at 52lbs two days ago and have hit with it for close to two hours now. I've used regular Revolve many times, and I'm surprised with how similar Revolve Spin feels to it. Revolve Spin is slightly less powerful than...
  8. Blitzball

    Westworld Season 1

    I just gotta say, wow. This has been one heck of a ride, and I'm really looking forward to the next season. Apparently season 2 will explore Ford's true motives. And speaking of his true motives, I was absolutely not expecting that in the finale. It's been a long time since I've watched a show...
  9. Blitzball

    RF97 Autograph Question

    I'm considering switching back to the RF97 and purchasing one of the Autographs because it looks extremely slick. One of my RF97's is very heavy and has too high a swingweight while another that I have is whippier and lighter overall. I don't need a perfect match with the lighter one, but are...
  10. Blitzball

    Serious Question for Andy

    Andy I have a problem and I think you can help. Tell me your secret: how do you grow and maintain such a lush beard? I try and fail again and again. Is there hope?
  11. Blitzball

    Serena Autograph Blade Racquet

    I've seen and held it. Still a 104 Blade with similar specs, but with new space technology and a fantastic paintjob resembling Fed's new Autograph PJ.
  12. Blitzball


    It's happening. Made from grass-fed cows only. The perfect hybrid gut.
  13. Blitzball

    Trying out the New Burn 95

    Take note: this is the non-FST version that I'm talking about. I had one strung up with black Revolve @ 55lbs and hit some serves with it yesterday-- it felt very nice. The string pattern allows for much more spin generation than the Blade 93 and the RF97, two racquets I'm used to playing with...
  14. Blitzball

    Luxilon M2 Pro/Prince Premier Touch Hybrid Review

    The review no one asked for. But it's Christmas! So I'm giving it to you anyway. CONTEXT String being Tested: Luxilon M2 Pro & Prince Premier Touch 16g Hybrid My Racquet of Choice: Prostaff RF97 Tension: Luxilon mains @ 52lbs / PPT crosses @ 57lbs My Level: I'm a 4.5 player. Eastern...
  15. Blitzball

    The RF97 is Perfect, but I can't find the right Strings

    ***Skip to the last sentence if you don't care about sorry-sob-stories. The Wilson Pro Staff RF97 is an amazing racquet. It ended my search for a racquet that I could stick with and not have second thoughts about. Now, while I love the RF97, it's not without 2 major problems, at least for me...
  16. Blitzball

    New Wilson Racquet: Ultra XP 100s

    My boss met with a Wilson rep and they gave us a cool demo to try out from their new Ultra lineup. I didn't see another thread so I'm sorry if this is a repeat. There's a 110 that weighs around 9oz strung, a 100ls or uls that weighs around 10oz I think, and then the 100s, which is what we got...
  17. Blitzball

    ATP Player Page Wrong Name

    Hi TW, I just thought I'd point out that Lucas Pouille's page on the ATP feature players page has the name Nicolas Almagro written on his image. Unless Almagro has somehow lost his tan complexion and undergone drastic facial reconstruction, I don't think that's him, haha. (sorry if this...
  18. Blitzball

    Babolat M7 String

    Just happened upon this string on TW a few minutes ago. New stuff. Sounds similar to Origin: 7 polyamide monofilament strands. Will this end my lifelong search for a multifilament under 20 bucks that won't break in 2 and a half hours? Fingers crossed. I'll be trying them next week and I'll keep...
  19. Blitzball

    Let's settle it: What is the best hybrid of all time?

    For years I've been experimenting with hybrids. Most of them have been multifilament and poly hybrids, but none of them really stood out from the pack. So let's settle it. The hybrid set-up can be poly & poly or gut & poly or kevlar & multi, whatever. The only requirement is that the...
  20. Blitzball

    Solinco X-Wire

    I didn't see another thread on it (sorry if there is). It's new, low-powered multifilament that I'm really interested in. Check it out:
  21. Blitzball

    Is a Macbook Pro Worth the Price?

    I'm a college student who does video editing, some graphic design, and a lot of writing. I already have an ASUS Gamer's Republic laptop, but it's 17.3in and very bulky/heavy, so taking it places is very difficult. Not to mention it has awful battery life. So several friends have urged me to...
  22. Blitzball

    Shoes Ready for Durability Guarantee?

    Hi TW, I have some Lunar Ballistecs that I bought a few months back and I was wondering if they look ready to be sent back for the guarantee. Thanks. (Sorry about the huge size of the pics.)
  23. Blitzball

    Federer Limited Edition US Open Vapors

    Here they are. Black with punch colored accents. I don't know the release date nor the exact price, but of course they'll be ridiculously expensive. EDIT: I've taken down the image (heeding the advice of JoshT). But to see them, go to "Tennis Spree's" page on Facebook.
  24. Blitzball

    The Best Silver Polyester on the Market

    In my opinion, the greatest silver polyester (and possibly the greatest polyester string period) is Luxilon ALU Power. But I tried Silver String recently and really enjoyed the touch and feel it offered. Maybe I was just honeymooning, but I was curious what everyone's thoughts are on this.
  25. Blitzball

    One Strings -- Interesting New Brand!

    The new brand has Carbon Tour strings which seem like Red Code or something low-powered. Carbon NRG sounds similar to Cyclone or RPM Blast since, apparently, they have easy access to spin. Has anyone given either a go yet?
  26. Blitzball

    Thinking of buying a Wilson Kobra Tour

    I heard a lot of great reviews of the Kobra Tour, despite it being Wilson's copy of the Aero Pro Drive. But if what I've heard is true, it's the perfect combination of whippiness and control. Plus, I'm not bothered by the paint scheme like some people are. Anyway, I happened upon a few online...
  27. Blitzball

    Pure Strike Video Review Grip

    Hi, Just a quick question. What is that red overgrip used on the Pure Strike racquets in the video review for the 18x20?
  28. Blitzball

    Who has the GOAT smile, Fed, Djoker, or Nadal?

    These men all have great smiles, so lets answer the question of the millennium and make the final decision, once and for all: WHO HAS THE GOAT SMILE?!
  29. Blitzball

    Tsonga's Red Strings

    Abu Dhabi. He was using what looks like a gut/silver poly hybrid against Murray but red strings against Nadal. Anyone know what these red strings might be?
  30. Blitzball

    New Brand: Y-Tex Strings

    I just saw the new page for this brand. Some interesting variety of polys. Has anyone tried them out? Share your experiences!